Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Charley Speaks

This little girl right here - she makes me laugh every single day. Here are a few of the conversations I've remembered to jot down.



While driving and listening to Pandora in my car with Charley and Laney in the backseat, I picked up my phone to see the name of the song that came on when a little voice piped up from the back seat.

Charley: You know Mama, it's really important to watch the road when you are driving.
Me, with my tail tucked between my legs: You're right baby I'm sorry.

She's totally right, but man. Didn't expect to get scolded by my 4 year old! And for the record, I do not text and drive but I guess any attention away from the road, even a split second to read a song title, is equally bad. I'll do better.


We are having some dinner battles lately with getting Charley to eat things that she's always eaten. This particular night lasagna was on the yucky list.

We finally got her to agree to eat five bites of ground beef out of the lasagna and of course she ate her entire slice of garlic bread, too. After she finished eating that she asked to be excused and I asked her if she would just have a few more bites of ground beef for me. Her reply:
I really wish I could Mama but I just cannot.

We are all in Charley's room getting her ready for bed. I open the wardrobe drawer that contains her nightgowns and ask her if she'd rather wear the popsicle or flamingo nightgown.

Charley: Neither. I want to wear the ballerina one from last night.
Me: No, you've worn that one for a couple of days already; let me get you one of these clean ones.
Charley: We're not talking about you here! We're talking about me!

I mean, I HAD to laugh. It wasn't quite used in the correct context, but she basically meant let's talk about what I want not what YOU want. That little sassy pants. & of course she wore that ballerina nightgown to sleep.


Charley accidentally hit me in the lip and it really hurt.
Charley: do you need a band-baid?
Me: no I'll be ok, I think I just need a kiss.
Charley: and a hug?
Me: sure a hug too.
Charley: OH DADDY!!


Charley is walking along the railroad ties that line our driveway as if they are a balance beam. I'm walking alongside her on the gravel driveway holding her hand to help her balance and realizing the difficulty of walking on gravel with thin shoes and a broken toe. (Obviously this is an older story as my toe was broken over a year ago.) I switch to her other side which is in the grass instead and without missing a beat Charley says "Now we're talking!"


If you catch Charley when she's nearly falling asleep on the couch with watery red eyes and say something like ohh you are so tired, she will always reply with
"no, I'm just crying because I miss LoriLindsay." 

Lori & Lindsay are her big 11 year old cousins that she adores so much. She does know which is which, but still prefers to just refer to them as one name, LoriLindsay.


And finally, from this morning:

I've gotten her dressed in a Carolina Panther's shirt for preschool today because it was team spirit day. It is the FIRST time I've gotten her to participate and the only reason I got her to participate was because I paired the team apparel with a skirt.

After getting dressed we head into the bathroom to do her hair and brush her teeth.

I open the hairbow drawer to find a bow that matches and she grabs my hand like she's telling me to stop and says:
I'll pick a bow, Mama. After all, I'm the fancy one around here.



diana bowers said...

Lol, you have you hands full already! I was laughing the whole time esp about getting John for the lip and her being the "fancy" one

sharon mercier said...

That last pic is NOT cool. She doesn't look her age. She is still just a baby, so I do not know why it looks like a tiny woman. Please refrain from posting any pics where our baby looks old. Also please do something to keep her from growing up so very fast, thank you. Seriously is it just me, or does she seem really older here?????

MillerMama said...

Amelia will now only wear sports apparel if it involves a skirt (i.e., cheerleading outfit) or "if it has sparkles".