Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lugging Stuff Around

And I used to think THIS was a lot of crap to lug in each day.

The stuff. Ohhhhhh the stuff. The amount of stuff being taken from place to place to place these days is insane. The daily car emptying takes at a minimum three trips. 

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Today wasn't AS bad as some days. The pump bag is hiding behind the diaper bag but don't mistake it's ability to be hidden for it being small and/or light. Those things it is most definitely not.

The list of stuff always includes:

Laney + carseat
Milk Cooler Bag
Diaper Bag
The Mail

And often also includes:

My lunch box
Charley's Lunch box
Cooler bag used to transport yesterday's milk to my sister's house
Charley's toys she's chosen to bring home
Preschool Papers
Charley's shoes she has taken off in the car
An Amazon package or two

And sometimes also includes:

Library books (I usually go get us new books on lunch hour)
Target bags (I also sometimes go to Target during lunch hour)
Other shopping bags (there is also an outlet mall near my workplace, so duh)
Trash from my lunch because I prefer to eat in my car ALONE

And will soon also include:

My jacket or coat
Charley's jacket or coat
A blanket for Laney. 

Actually scratch that blanket for Laney. I'll just keep her blanket in the car this winter. ONE less item on my list of stuff to cart around.

Insane right? I really do not like leaving stuff in my car and having a cluttery car but it of course happens sometimes. How could it not with all this junk? I do manage to drag it all inside about 75% of the time and the other 25% of the time it doesn't happen because Laney is super hungry right when we get home or something else along those lines so I end up forgetting to go back out and get everything.

& then the next morning, John does the opposite by taking all of this crap out to his car.

His list of stuff includes: 

Laney + carseat
Any toys Charley wants to take that day/Owlie
Charley's Lunch
Milk in a cooler bag (unless I remember to leave it at my sister's the previous afternoon)
Diaper Bag
His Lunch
His work stuff (he brings work home pretty often)
And soon, jackets + blanket, too.

We do keep stuff at my sister's house (toys for Charley, diapers and such for Laney) but a diaper bag is still needed in case they go anywhere during the day or I plan on going anywhere with them after I pick them up. 

Anyways. this is only temporary, I know. & soon enough so much of this stuff will be replaced with backpacks and I'll be sad so I'll gladly keep lugging this stuff around for my babies. Plus anyways, Charley is of age to be able to help me with some of it so it can't be that bad.


Thanks for carrying in that Barbie, girlfriend. You are just too helpful.

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