Monday, August 31, 2015

Laney: 4 Months

Sweet little Laney Bug is 4 months old! Here's what she's been up to this month.


Laney is still sleeping like a champ. She falls asleep while nursing at exactly 9:30 every night it seems and we wake her on weekdays at 6:30. On weekends she sleeps later - sometimes just until 7:30 or so but sometimes! Sometimes she sleeps until 9 or 9:30. Both weekend days this past weekend she slept past 9:00. It was great timing too as we had Charley's birthday party and I had a ton to do that morning. So, I still woke at 7, but sweet Laney gave me the morning off and I was very grateful.


She's still exclusively breastfed and probably will be for 2 more months depending on what the pediatrician says at her appointment next week. I have no reason to believe that they will suggest starting solids any earlier than 6 months since she is chunking up quite nicely with just breast milk.

She's a very slowwwwwwwww nurser though with each nursing session taking at least 20-25 minutes. Charley was VERY quick - 8-9 minutes tops - so I'm not used to being stuck under a baby on the couch for so long. Pumping takes about the same amount of time so I spend a good part of my day dedicated to feeding Laney. I'm flying through some Soda Crush levels and am completely 100% caught up on all Facebook and Instagram activity. Ha.

This month she's found her hands and feet and has been seen with either in her mouth at any time. She loves to throw her legs up in the air and when I take her out of her swaddle blanket in the morning those legs shoot straight up.


Speaking of swaddle blanket, we no longer are swaddling arms since Laney has rolled over a few times from back to belly. We did a few nights with the Aden & Anais sleep sacks and either they were too thin (her room does get a little chilly) or she missed the tight squeeze of a swaddle so I switched to the Swaddle Me blankets Charley loved and just velcro them under her arms so she still gets covered up and she still gets the tight swaddle squeeze.

She also really found her voice within the last week or two. While she's been babbling for a while, she's really amped it up lately with LOUD and LONG conversations.

She's happiest to play on the floor and not be held (wahhhhhhh!) and still loves the bouncy chair. If she is held, she either needs to be facing outwards and held between her legs (know what I mean?) or held upright looking over your shoulder. Absolutely no cradle holding for this one unless you plan to nurse her. I sold the baby swing at a consignment sale last week (happy that one big piece of baby gear has moved out because SPACE!/sad that baby gear is moving out already) and we've set up the Jumperoo. She is happy in it, but just not quite there yet to interact with the toys and jump. I imagine that by the time the spring consignment sale is here that she will either be done with the jumperoo or pretty close to it. Hand me a tissue.


In the milestone department, I've already mentioned rolling over and finding her feet. She's also picking her head up and not hating tummy time quite as much. My FAVORITE baby pictures are from this angle when they hold their heads up.

11884088_10154118170364325_1357018339757969774_o DSC_0298

Laney seems to be a part time paci user. She doesn't use it to fall asleep at night (probably because she falls asleep nursing) and just here and there otherwise. I give it to her in the car seat most often or if we are out somewhere and I'm trying to buy 15 more minutes of her time. I thought I'd be able to switch out the ugly pacifier for something cuter at this point and tried it one evening. No dice. She spit every single one we have out except that ugly paci. She likes what she likes!


She's still in 3-6 month clothing and wearing a size 2 diaper. I'll get her weight and height and all at her appointment next week. She definitely seems chunkier than I remember Charley being. I just went back to read about Charley at 4 months and it was basically an identical update. So besides some differences in look and size, Laney is following suit in development so far. 

4 months old10005872_10154122938194325_3894564770734002773_o

(Charley on the left, Laney on the right)

We love this little baby SO much. Cannot wait to see her little personality coming out more and more in the coming months. She's the perfect piece to complete our family.


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