Friday, July 31, 2015

Laney: 3 Months


We are now past the three month mark which means we are officially out of the fourth trimester. The pediatrician suggested at Laney's one month appointment that the fussiness we were experiencing at that time could very well be just normal newborn fussiness and that if so we should see a reprieve around 3 months. Well, my little over achiever decided to make that happen several weeks early and she has been the easiest baby ever since. Yay Laney!

Here is what else she's been up to this month.



Sleep is still really great. She now goes down around 9:15-9:30 and sleeps straight through until 6:30 when we wake her during the week. Weekends she'll either sleep a little later, or she'll decide to play a little game of revenge and wake ME at 6:30 since she's used to waking at that time. She usually goes back down for a nap very soon afterwards.

We are still swaddling for sleep at night and most naps during the day too. Charley grew tired of the swaddle way sooner than this so we never had to wean her from the swaddle. I'm starting to wonder if we will have to with Laney.

She takes two really great naps (2, 3 or even 4 hours sometimes) during the day and then a couple of little shorter ones too.

She also now goes down really easily too. No more bouncing and shushing. I can even lay her down drowsy but awake these days and she'll fall asleep on her own.

A++ in the sleep department, Laney Bug!


I am officially back at work and have been for several weeks. With that came the pump and I was worried about how that would go since I remember the struggles to keep up with Charley's demands. However, I was told that your supply is just better with the second kid and that so far has been true for me. I'm staying about 4-5 ounces ahead of what she's taking every single day. Meaning, on Fridays when I collect all the milk from my sister's house and bring it back home I get to freeze a whole lot. A couple weeks ago was insane and I ended up freezing 44 ounces on Saturday. I don't believe I ever even had 44 ounces at one time with Charley. But I keep telling myself that the number one rule of pumping is: NEVER think you are getting ahead.

In the same department, bottle feeding at my sister's house is going good too. She took a couple of days to adjust where she protested a little bit but she seems to be fine now with the bottle over there and the boob when she's with me. We went with the glass Dr. Brown's bottles this time because we try not to use plastics with anything that will be heated. Thankfully we didn't have to play the find-the-right-bottle game because there really aren't that many brands of glass bottles and they aren't cheap either! Glad she was accepting of the ones we had already purchased/were gifted!

So on the weekdays her feeding schedule looks like this: nurse first thing when I wake her at 6:30, 3 bottles at my sister's house throughout the day containing a total of 10-14 ounces or so, nurse right when we get home at 6ish, again at 7:30, again at 8:30 and then again for just a few minutes at 9:15 or so. She usually falls asleep during those last few minutes of nursing and is out for the night.


It is officially official: Laney is a happy baby!

Except when she's not. Ha. Which thankfully, isn't very often anymore. But these things will make her grumpy: being in her carseat and not moving, being in the Beco and not moving, sitting on the couch and not moving (get the idea?), and being held in a position that is not to her liking. Haha. She loves to look out still, and also likes to be upright looking over your shoulder. Not a fan of the cradle position unless you have milk and are wanting to feed her!


LOVES the play mat. Really truly loves it. She likes to be laid down and left alone to play. She will kick and grab the toys and talk talk talk.

And if there isn't a play mat available, she is happy to just lay on the floor. I remember John's aunt telling us that as a baby John didn't like to be held much and would just want to be left in his crib to play. I can see some of that in Laney, and I remember saying the same about Charley too. Another independent girl - oh boy!



We've hit smiles and laughter, but she's not yet rolling over or holding her head up. We don't really do tummy time except when she's laying on our chests so really not worried about it. Charley was the same - hadn't done either at 3 months but had started picking her head up by 4 months and was rolling by 5 months. So far they seem similar with the milestones.


And then other random Laney things:

  • Still seeing some similarities between Charley and Laney, but I still don't think they look exactly alike. 

047 copy390106_10150590117254325_810434324_11643403_239998458_n

  • Laney has now started to like the ugly pacifier again. She really likes it in the car and it cuts down on the carseat crying too. I'm sort of torn with it - she obviously didn't need it and doesn't need it the majority of the time, so I don't want to invite a habit I'll only have to eventually break. But, she does like it and eliminates crying in the car so why wouldn't I use it, you know? Maybe it can be a car only thing?
  • According to the home scale, she's 13 pounds! I think the home scale wasn't terribly accurate before her last appointment though so we'll revisit that next month when she officially gets weighed at the doctor. 
  • We've yet to buy diapers thanks to the generous people at John's work, and so far we've been able to size up right when we run out of a size. Ran out of size 1 last week and size 2 fits so 2's it is! We have a lot of size 2 though so hope she stays in this size for a bit!
  • Mainly wearing 3-6 month stuff right now, but still wearing a few 0-3 things too. Despite her and Charley being opposite seasons (September and April) she's able to wear some of the stuff Charley were in her first spring/summer since she's been about 1 size bigger than Charley was at the same ages. Yay!


JEN said...

SHe is gorgeous! I love the big toothless grins.

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Those cheeks! so cute. And way to go on the sleeping! Best baby ever!