Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Stuff We Like So Far - Laney edition

So I know I posted a list like this for Charley way back in January 2012. But three years, three months and a different child makes a huge difference apparently because I just went back to read that one and NONE of the stuff in that list are on this list. Ha! While I do still love the City Mini stroller on Charley's list, we haven't even used it one time yet with Laney. Anyways, on to the stuff we are liking so far this time.

Miracle Blanket Swaddle


Although I just went to the Miracle Blanket website and saw we've been doing it wrong all along, I still love this thing and so does Laney. At first she gets a little grunty when she realizes she can't.move.her.arms!! but it really does calm her down and let her sleep soundly at night. The only bad part is that we only have ONE of these, so one spit-up or diaper that gets overfull at night and it makes for a laundry must the next day. I hesitate to buy another because they really don't stay swaddled for too long. But for now we love it!

On Charley's list we had the SwaddleMe, and that one really just didn't work as well for Laney. I didn't like the sound of the loud velcro that could wake her up in the middle of the night as I changed her diaper and Laney just preferred the other one more. So I have a stack of SwaddleMe blankets that aren't getting used this time. Oh well!

In that same picture above, we also love the

Eddie Bauer Infant Travel Bed

Since we've spent 2 weeks of Laney's 7 weeks on vacation, this thing has gotten a ton of use. I love that it folds up so small and can really just go anywhere. When I used it when Charley was 6 weeks old I had it next to me in a double bed because it was just me and her. This time John vacationed with us too so he and I shared the bed and I had Laney in her little bed beside me on the floor. She slept great in it and therefore we slept great too! Of course, the pack n play would give us the same results, but since our vacations are usually in a camper, limited space makes this little travel bed make much more sense. I'm just a little sad that we are probably done with this piece of baby gear now as we have no other vacations planned in the immediate future. Sad! First thing that we are done with.

Udder Covers Nursing Cover

I think this is the nursing cover I have. My sister actually gave it to me before I had Charley and I never really used it until this time. And I've used it A LOT this time and I really love it.

I actually have another nursing cover I was really excited to use this time and turns out I really don't like it all that much. The difference being the top of them. The Udder Cover one (can I just say I hate that name?) has a rigid top neckline so you can see what you are doing under there really easily and the Oslo one doesn't. I used the Oslo one only once and basically had to pull it up over my face to see what I was doing when trying to get her latched. That doesn't look awkward at all. Ha. Maybe other people don't need to see to get their babies latched, but I'm just not that talented.

Boppy Newborn Lounger


Another thing I have really loved this time is this Boppy Lounger. I didn't have this when Charley was a baby but I knew how much I loved letting Charley nap in the regular Boppy so figured this would be good to have because it is made for that. (Even though it says it should only be used for newborns and infants that are awake.)

I wasn't going to buy any new baby gear because we really didn't need it, but I found this for only $10 at a garage sale and you can throw the whole thing in the washing machine so I figured why not? And it definitely was worth the $10. Laney had some nice naps in this thing, and in the first couple of weeks she even slept part of the night in this next to me in the bed. I'm not saying anyone else should do that since they say they shouldn't nap in them, I'm just saying I chose to take that risk myself and Laney really seemed to like it. BUT, I took that picture tonight and I can see it really won't last that long. So, worth $10 for sure, but not sure I would have felt it was worth the $30+ had I paid retail.

Regardless, another thing we've loved so far.

Schylling Infant UV Play Shade


Since we already have a beach trip under our belts I can already recommend this beach tent. It was so easy to put up (well, I think it looked easy as John put it up) and take down (again - looked easy enough to me as I watched him do it!) and it was the perfect place for Laney to nap. The sound of the ocean and the nice breeze knocked her out every time. I loved how the wind could blow through with the window opening in the back too. Hope we get a few more chances to use it this summer!

Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water


Hey remember how I said we had avoided ever using Gripe Water with Charley? Well Laney is a whole 'nother baby. She's griped quite a bit so we gripe watered her often. We're on our second bottle already and the stuff really seems to work to calm a gurgly tummy. Gurgly tummy = crying baby so anything to relieve that is a win in my book.

Beco Gemini Carrier


I am sure I've mentioned this carrier on the ol' blog at some point before but the search wasn't pulling anything up. Anyways, I LOVE THIS CARRIER. We got it later on in Charley's babyhood, so never got to test out a carrier with a newborn but man. This thing is awesome. I love that you don't need an infant insert because it is good from 7 pounds and up and it is really so easy to put on yourself. I feel very secure with it also, which is why I was able to take a 4 week old baby hiking in it. If nothing else calms Laney while she's fussy this thing will do it for sure. In fact, I wore it today during Charley's haircut and then we walked next door to Target and did grocery shopping afterwards and she slept the entire time. Well over an hour. It was the best grocery shopping trip to date. I will wear her here or there, I will wear her anywhere!

And the whole reason I chose this one in the first place with Charley was that Charley NEEDED to see out and not face me. I had heard about the crotch dangling thing and still don't know if is a real thing but figured I'd buy one of the carriers that didn't carry that risk anyways just in case it was a real thing. And with this carrier they can look out forward facing or you can wear them on your back also. I think there is a side carry too but we've never tried that one. Versatile and both kiddos have loved it.

Fisher Price Comfy Time Bouncer


Charley, Laney

Another thing both girls loved. Forget all of the expensive baby seat type gear. Swings, Bumbo and even the Rock N Play (that I purchased and then returned when I realized it did nothing for us). This $35 bouncer is where it's at for my girls. Both have loved it and it is another easy thing to take on vacation too.

So. That's the stuff we're loving so far. And just within the last couple of days she's really started to like the Kick And Play Piano Playmat, but since it has only been a couple of days I'll wait to see if it is hit or just a couple days' flukes. Another piece of baby gear where she will happily lay instead of being in my arms all day? Sign me up!

Not that I'm really willing to buy much more baby stuff at this point (I'm more counting down the days until I can start selling some of this stuff!) but if you have something you really love and think I must have - tell me about it! I kind of like that I got to try out a few different things this time!


Heather said...

I have the Beco, too, and I love it. The side carry is super awesome for older babies -- I prefer to carry Aden that way to this day as the carrier goes up to 30 lbs. On days when he's teething or wants to be held all day, that's my go-to carrier/position.

JEN said...

the baby swaddled up like a burrito is so cute!

Rachael said...

I love the Miracle Blanket too, and with Timmy I would just keep re-using the same one again and again. And I remember the bigger he got the faster he could wiggle out of it. But I think he still slept better with it than without it.

I think we're going to have to invest in that UV sun shade. We love our trips to the beach and a few weeks ago I was saying to Tim, "This time next year we're going to have a five-month-old. What do we do with a five-month-old at the beach?" His reply was, "Uh, you avoid taking a five-month-old to the beach." I know we'll at least give it a try. Hopefully we have an easy baby who naps in that little tent!