Monday, June 15, 2015

Poor Chooser

During one of the middle of the night nursing sessions last week I had an epiphany about myself. I realized right then and there in the dark that I am a poor chooser. My choosing ability is just really not up to par. Here's how.

First, my car. I think this is what I was thinking about which led to all my other examples of being a poor chooser. I know when most people go out looking for a new vehicle, they car shop. Compare brands. Test drive different cars and do a lot of research. Me? Nope. My brother-in-law used to work for a Honda dealership so I let that be my way of choosing a vehicle because it would have been silly to go to another dealership and not use his connections. I once wanted a sedan type of car - boom. Bought a Civic. Then wanted a large SUV just a few weeks after Charley was born - boom. Bought the Pilot. Never even gave a thought to choosing something else. Limited choices make me happy. 


Decorating my house is one of my favorite things to do. While I don't agree with the statement, people have told me I missed my calling and could have gone into interior design. That would never work because of my poor choosing abilities. I realized this recently at a trip to a new HomeGoods store near me. I was so excited about going to a HomeGoods for the first time after seeing some of the things other bloggers have gotten from there before. But, I was so overwhelmed. It occurred to me that I wasn't able to pick and choose things from a store full of so many things I liked. I couldn't focus. I couldn't remember what spaces needed decor items in our house, and the couple things I did remember I couldn't pick anything that would work in a store that probably had a thousand different things that would work. I truly loved so much of what I saw but that was exactly the problem. There were TOO MANY THINGS I liked. Isn't that ridiculous?

Instead, garage sales do the choosing for me. With garage sales, there is a driveway full of stuff - most of it that I DON'T like and just a few things that I do. So I snag all of the things I like whether or not I currently have a place for it and I'm out a whopping $3 or something. If I snagged all of the things I liked in HomeGoods I would spend several thousand dollars. Don't make me choose! I'll go broke!

Where all of those things are stored until they find a home. 

And then clothing. It is the exact same thing there. When I go into a store if I don't have a specific item in mind that I'm looking for I just wander around. There are so many things I like that I just cannot pick a few to try. Those darn dressing room limits hinder that too. Even with Charley and Laney's clothing I struggle to just pick a few things. I need to have something specific in mind before I go into clothing stores or it just doesn't work and I walk out with nothing instead.

One way I remedy that for myself is with Twice. (that's a referral link) I know I've talked about that website a million times before, but it is truly how I've done MOST of my shopping for the last few years, minus the maternity part. Someone already has made the choices, (and then chose they didn't want it anymore, but we'll just forget about that part) and then I can just choose among the things in my size. Much easier.

And then, I added a new way to let somebody else do the choosing for me. I'm late to the game because I've been pregnant (and then not pregnant and then pregnant again) for as long as it has been around, but I didn't waste much time after having Laney to try it out. Stitch Fix. (also a referral link) If you don't know about it, it is a service where a personal stylist picks 5 things to send you at an interval of your choosing (I'm starting out by doing monthly) and then you pick what you like of those things and send the rest back. They try to give you things that you maybe would not have picked up yourself in a store. I got my first one on Saturday and it was a decent start. Here's what someone else CHOSE FOR ME. (Those words are just magic to my poor choosing ears)

#1 - Jersey dress. It is actually navy and white and I did like the fit and the pattern, but it was way too short. Especially in the back. Sent back.


#2 - Necklace. This is actually just my style. I like statement necklaces and I especially like this one since it is pretty neutral and can go with so much. KEPT.


#3 - Printed top. The jeans are maternity because I'm not quite into my regular jeans yet. Womp womp. Hope to get a nice Stitch Fix pair of jeans in the next few months. 

Anyways, this top is my favorite thing I got. The fit is perfect and I really like the design too. It has a zipper in the back too that I also liked. The only thing I don't like about it is that the sleeves go in at the back so a regular bra shows. I'll have to criss cross straps in the back to avoid that, so not a huge deal, but nursing bras typically aren't versatile like that so may not be able to wear it much right now. Regardless, I kept it. I do love it!


#4 - Dolman top. (again, same maternity jeans so don't judge those) This top is very flattering and I love the fit and the weight of it too. It WOULD be great for a postpartum body except that it is a little hot for a southern summer, so again, may not get a ton of use out of it right away. But I liked it enough that I kept it too. Next time I need to send a note to my stylist to be sure to account for how hot it is here right now. 


#5 - Maxi skirt. (that shirt is mine - they had it paired with the Dolman top but it didn't look right together). This skirt was just okay. I'm widest at my hips, so maxi skirts, while GREAT for postpartum, don't do much for my body type. It essentially starts at the widest part of me and goes straight down from there. Not exactly ideal. I sent this one back.


So! One more way to get around choosing things myself. Any other services I should know about for poor choosers? Anyone else suck at choosing too?


Heather said...

I'm so glad you liked Stitch Fix! It's one of my very favorite things right now -- it feels like such a treat to focus on myself and well-being. That statement necklace is FAB, and I love the tank too. I got a Dolman top in my very first Fix and I've worn it dozens of times. I bet you will, too, once it's not so flippin' hot in the South!

Also - my secret to Home Goods overwhelmingness (I agree, it's a real thing) is to visit often. Oh, and returning. Sometimes they have lots of things I want and other times I walk away with nothing. The store's stock is always rotating and you can never count on something being there the next time you go. I always buy whatever I like, save the receipt and return it if it doesn't work in my house or at the cabin. Sometimes, you don't know for sure until you see it.

TiffyDun said...

You picked out some very nice clothes. You should have kept that maxi skirt. It looks nice on you and plus they are so versatile. I have a choosing problem too. I tend to buy it all with intentions to return what doesn't work. The problem is, I usually end up keeping it. LOL

april said...

I disagree with your assessment of your body v a maxi skirt. I think it is quite flattering on you!

Jessica said...

Well, you can tell how fashion conscious I am - one of my favorite shirts is a dolman style and I had no idea there was a name for it! I've had it for a very long time and it's almost coming apart. Now that I know how to search for a new one I can replace it :)