Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Laney: 2 Months


Another month older for my little thing! 2 whole months!



Let's start with the part she's excelling in. Sleep. Well, sleep at night. She is sleeping through the night and I couldn't be more thankful. I nurse her one last time around 10 and she wakes up every morning around 6:30, so about 8.5 hours on average. Which is PERFECT for when I go back to work very shortly. Of course, I hope that the 10:00 becomes 9:00 or so but I am not messing with a good thing right now. She started consistently sleeping through the night right when Charley did too, at 6 weeks or so. Yay sleep!

Naps though. Naps are a bit tougher with Laney. She seems like she's just content to fuss to sleep for every single nap during the day. So that requires lots of bouncing and shushing and when all else fails, I have to just put her in the Beco until she's out. And she needs to be OUT out too, not just out, or else her eyes will pop open the second her head hits the bouncer/crib/boppy/bed. So, naps are a bit more tough and I do wonder if they'd be as easy as night time if she was swaddled for those also, but I hesitate to do that since I want her to know the distinction of nighttime sleep versus daytime sleep. Who knows. All I know is that IF there has to be some sleep issues, I'd much rather fight to get her to sleep during the day than at night so I'll take what I've got!



Yay play! Laney is really starting to enjoy her play mats! She will happily lay on them for a good 10-15 minutes, and even longer if someone is down there with her.


Nursing is still going awesome. However, I start back to work really soon so that is when things are really put to the test when the pump becomes part of the routine. Ughhhhhhh that darn pump. I have right at 100 ounces in the freezer, but I really could have had so much more if I wasn't a lazy pumper. If I woke up in the middle of the night to pump, I could easily have doubled that since Laney's been sleeping through the night, but woulda coulda shoulda. It is what it is, and I'm just going to go as long as I can go.

In fact, on one particularly fussy day where Laney nursed every hour the entire day and I was completely spent by bedtime, I mixed up 2 ounces of formula because I needed a break. And of course, she wouldn't take it because she's still finicky about bottles in the first place, and that was NOT the same flavor apparently. So, I'm no where near as much of a stickler about nursing as I was with Charley. I'm just glad things are going well and have been going well thus far.



Whew. I really think we turned a corner in this department since the 1 month update. Laney is no where near as fussy as she was that first month, and even the first week or two of month two. Her fusses really seem to stem from a couple of explainable and identifiable reasons now and there isn't quite as much "I don't know". She still fusses, don't get me wrong, but it is a lot easier to manage when you know WHY she's fussing.

So, her fussing tends to be 1 of these things: she's tired or she wants Mama. She almost always (except at night) fusses to sleep. So every nap begins with bouncing and shushing a fussy baby. Not the worst thing in the world because it isn't CRYing, just fussing, you know? But at night time she usually just nurses to sleep and I lay her down, likely because she's swaddled and understands that one better. She does cry some (most) times when other people hold her right now. I think this one will be solved once she's at my sister's for a bit and she gets more comfortable with getting nourishment from someone else, and just getting held by someone else. But man - WORLD of a difference from last month wondering if it was tummy troubles from something I was eating or if she was in pain from something else or colic or silent reflux or what! Glad that didn't last very long, but of course it felt long while going through it.

Other random things about Laney at two months old:


- The girl likes to be extra warm. She falls asleep really easily when we are outside, especially if I'm carrying her and her face is against my chest where we both sweat so much that we stick together. THAT is her favorite thing. Bleh. She constantly gets a heat rash on whichever cheek she rests against me because of it.

- She still loves to be carried in the Beco Gemini and I've really started using that a lot when going out shopping. I used to think it was too much of a hassle to put it on for a quicker run into a grocery store, but if it saves me from having her wake up in her carseat and start screaming, it is really worth it. Plus, I can pick her up sleeping out of her carseat, put her in the Beco, do all shopping, and put her back in her carseat still sleeping. Pretty awesome.

- She's up to 10 pounds and 14 ounces and 22.5" from 7 pounds 9 ounces and 19" at birth. She's wearing all 0-3 month clothing, which Charley didn't fit into until 3 months old! Wearing size 1 diapers too.

- She is pretty smiley lately (except apparently not for my mom, who nervously asked me as she handed a fussy baby back to me yesterday if she EVER smiled? Ha!) and I don't think giggles are that far off. She can kick those legs a mile a minute and does so quite a bit on her changing table, just like Charley used to do. But, again, just like Charley, she has no interest in picking her head up yet. She has great control when I'm holding her upright, but definitely not picking her head and upper body up off of the floor yet.

- Comparison time. EVERYone says how much Laney looks just like baby Charley, but I have such a hard time seeing it sometimes. In size comparison, Laney is just a half inch longer and 7 ounces bigger than Charley was at the same age, even though they started out 1 pounds 7 ounces different. That definitely surprised me at Laney's two month doctor's appointment.

And in the looks department...


Ok so maybe they do resemble each other a bit. 

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