Sunday, June 14, 2015

Laney: 1 Month


Whew. One month already! I obviously am not doing a great job in keeping up the ol' blog, and for that I apologize. Two kids took things to a whole new level!

Here is where we are at at one month old.

(Some of this has been typed up for a couple of weeks already, and some I'm having to remember because I'm just now finishing this up at 6.5 weeks old. So some of this has already changed but oh well. I'll let you know what changed when I get the two month update up in a couple of weeks. Ha.)

Just FYI - we do put her on her back to sleep at night. I let her nap on her tummy during the day if I'm near her.

Sleep really isn't too bad! For the first 3 weeks, Laney slept in the Pack N Play next to our bed in our bedroom and John, who is a light sleeper and can't sleep through baby grunts or the frequent wake-ups of a newborn, slept on the couch. When Laney was 3.5 weeks old we went camping in the mountains for the week so she slept in a travel bassinet thing. So our first night back home after that just seemed like a good time to let John back in our room and let Laney sleep in her crib for the first time. She had given me several 4-5 hour stretches already so I wanted to continue our good sleep success. When we transitioned Charley to her crib, it was amazing how much better both of us slept. That very first night Laney gave me a five and a half hour stretch and she hadn't even quite woken up crying to nurse yet - she was just being awfully grunty and I knew it was coming so I went to her anyways. Not too shabby for the first month!


She's obviously a little young for much play time yet, I just wanted to use that picture and make this heading for months to come. Ha! But she will let me put her on the play mats for approximately 42 seconds before crying, so plenty of time to get something done during that break. Something like shaking my arm muscles out from holding her all day long.

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Nursing is going awesome. I had no crazy issues like I did with Charley at the very beginning, likely because I sort of knew what I was doing this time. I also saw a lactation consultant this time because the pediatrician has one in office and I thought it couldn't hurt. I did learn a thing or two and it just boosted my confidence if nothing else. I've also been able to pump quite a bit already and have a nice stash in the freezer which will help when I'm back at work and it gets so much harder to keep up because my oversupply will definitely drop at that point.

But, I have wondered whether or not things I'm eating are negatively affecting Laney's temperament. I'll get to her temperament in a minute, but she does cry an awful lot and have a very gurgly tummy at times. I've toyed with the idea of quitting dairy and have spoken to her pediatrician about it and I'm still just unsure. A couple of Laney's worst days were following dairy heavier days, but it doesn't seem to be the ONLY cause. It is kind of a mystery at this point, and could very well be just an immature digestive system working the kinks out. Time will tell for sure.

And finally, nursing in public. I never did this with Charley, ESPECIALLY at the beginning (because I may have startled people when I screamed out in pain from the initial latch) but times have changed. While I'm not comfortable nursing without a cover, I have gotten really comfortable with the cover and thankfully Laney doesn't mind it even in our hot southern summer. We went to some caverns during our mountain trip and midway through the tour Laney started screaming. Screaming in caverns is definitely very echoey just so you know. I was wearing her in the Beco carrier and somehow was able to change her position and begin nursing her to quiet her right there among the rest of the cavern tour-goers. Whew!

Maybe next month I'll find a picture to use here - oddly I haven't taken many crying pictures despite plenty of opportunity to do so.

So Laney. She already seems to be a more difficult baby than Charley was so far, or at least from what I remember about Charley's early days. She has bouts of crying in the evenings, sometimes lasting a couple of hours, where the only thing that seems to soothe her is holding her like a sack of potatoes and bouncing. It seems that pressure on her tummy helps her feel better and often times she falls asleep in that position and then I can lay her down for the evening.  But yes. The crying. It definitely seems tummy related as gripe water usually helps and I can feel all the gurgling when holding her that way. But it isn't constipation as we have no problems in that department. I don't know.

In fact, "I don't know" is a good way to describe so much about Laney. While I feel like at this point you would think you'd start figuring things out about a baby like what they like and dislike and their rough schedule, Laney keeps us guessing. While that one hold I mentioned normally is something she likes, there are often times that she doesn't like that. And she likes to sleep on my chest, except when she doesn't. And likes to be extra warm except when she doesn't. And likes to be on her belly, except when she doesn't. When I get her to sleep during the day for her naps, I feel like my mind starts going crazy trying to figure out what position/baby device/location/warmth she may prefer for this nap before I lay her down anywhere. Should I put her in the bouncy chair? Inside or outside? (at least while we were camping) Belly or back? Blanket or no? Or maybe the swing? Crib? Her room or ours? And on and on and on. Because if I guess wrong and she wakes up when I lay her down, I start back over. There definitely is no 'drowsy but awake' with her yet. I don't remember when that started with Charley either so maybe it is too early, but I definitely don't remember her being as difficult. And often times I give up and she gets to nap on Mama. Which, yes, is pretty awesome especially at her young age, but, I definitely don't want to make a habit of that.


I would definitely describe her temperament as "fussy" if I had to choose one word. Which, is probably fair given how easy Charley was and remains to be, but man. I was really hoping for a Charley 2.0. Ha. I'm also really hoping that this is just a part of her newborn-ness and after these first few months we will turn a corner and have a better adjective to use to describe her. 

Other random things about Laney at one month old:

- She, like her sister used to be, isn't the biggest fan of the car seat. ESPECIALLY one that isn't moving. She usually cries when she's being buckled and before the car starts moving, but usually falls asleep soon thereafter. In fact, she slept the entire 3 hour drive to the mountains without even needing one stop. But, per usual, this isn't always the case. Sometimes she cries even when we are moving and there's really not a lot you can do about that. Although Charley holding her hand did seem to help when their seats were next to each other in my dad's truck.


- She likes to be carried in the Beco Gemini carrier. When all else fails, I can usually calm her and get her to nap in that.

- She's up to 9 pounds and 4 ounces and 22" from 7 pounds 9 ounces and 19" at birth. She's still wearing mostly newborn clothing but can already fit into some 0-3 month clothing, which Charley didn't fit into until 3 months old! Already moved out of the newborn diapers into size 1 also.

We love our little fussy girl and love that she completes our family.


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