Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Charley Lately


My big girl is three quarters of the way to FOUR and is such a joy. Here are some of my favorite things about her right now.


She still has a few adorable mispronunciations that I'm in no hurry to correct. They all seem to correct on their own anyways. Oddly, many of them seem to be around the letter "p", though she has no trouble with the letter in most words.

Clause it! - Pause it! (Very thankful she can work the pause button on her own so she doesn't miss any of her beloved cartoons when a potty break must be taken.)

Tootunzel - Rapunzel

Tuhtend - Pretend

Clastic - Plastic

Membered - Remember

Last Morning - Yesterday, or any time in the past, not even necessarily morning

Ballilla - Vanilla. Loves ballilla ice cream or these ballilla granola bars we buy her.

Lellow - Yellow


Charley is such a girly girl when it comes to toys especially. She loves all things princesses (Ariel and Rapunzel are favorites) and My Little Pony and Barbies. She is constantly in a princess dress and wearing a tiara. She's really into art these days too, and her desk is a constant disaster which only means she's having fun. I mean, we made her her own personal space for stuff like that so I try to not worry about the mess she makes over there so much.



She is still very particular about her clothing too. Though she isn't AS stubborn about only wearing dresses or skirts these days as she was (was able to convince her to have at least a couple of pairs of shorts this summer), she still has quite a bit of push when it comes to clothing. Unless I want to waste my money I just bring her with me when I go shopping these days. Didn't expect that to happen until the pre-teen years at the earliest. Definitely not at age 3!

But! Jackets are back in the picture. After going through an ENTIRE winter without once wearing a jacket or coat, I somehow convinced her to wear a rain jacket one rainy day and ever since all jackets have been approved. Not that we NEED jackets much when it is 100 degrees outside at the moment, but hopefully that hurdle is over before fall and winter get here again. It sure is embarrassing to walk into a store when I'm wearing a heavier coat and my child has nothing on her arms!



She's not a complete girly girl though. She still loves to play outside in the dirt. Give her some dirt, buckets and water and she's entertained for a long time.


She also loves planting flowers and picking flowers and seems like she will have a green thumb already. She's my mom's little gardening buddy for sure.


On the big sister front, Charley is doing so awesome so far. It has only been 8 weeks but the normal jealousy issues haven't really been much of an issue. They aren't completely non-existent, but instead of her taking them out on Laney, she instead makes the saddest little face and sheds a couple of tears when she thinks it his her turn for some Mama time. And, it works every time so who can blame her?

She adores Laney though. Yesterday in the library I was carrying Laney in her car seat and set her on top of a low shelf of books while I picked out some books for Charley. Charley didn't see her and immediately panicked and asked me where Laney was. I could see the fear in her little face for that split second and as sad as it was it made me so happy to see. Already looking out for her little sister. I hope they have a great sisterly relationship growing up but we'll just have to wait and see.

She always wants to hold her too, so almost every night I have pictures like this because I can't resist.



Charley has definitely entered the "three-nager" phase. (Please say it is a phase!) She's sassy and emotional and constantly testing us. One thing I've learned about her on this maternity leave is that she thrives on routine and does so much better when she has one. We are sleeping until 8:30 or so daily, lots of TV time and just whatever floats our boats right now. Charley gets bored with that it seems and acts out much more on those types of days versus days where I take her to my sisters.

Her sass includes anything from just talking back or having a sassy inflection in her words, to outright doing things she knows she's not allowed to do, and hiding when I'm steps away from discovering her wrong-doings. Meaning, she KNOWS it was something she wasn't allowed to do but did it anyways. I know this is very normal though. I'm perfectly fine with her testing boundaries by say, cutting Barbie hair and stuffed animal's ears rather than hurting Laney or ruining something of mine. So, I'll take what we've got right now for this phase.


On the emotional end of things, again, it is mainly when she thinks it is her rightful turn for some Mama time versus Laney. I feel like I've been good about taking Charley out to do things with just us, well, as good as I can be with an 8 week old that depends on me for nourishment so it isn't that she's not getting any dedicated time for just us at all. She's just using her emotions to her advantage when she wants some extra cuddles because she knows I have a hard time when I see that lip quiver. But that is fine. A few extra fusses isn't going to hurt Laney and a few extra minutes of Mama snuggles certainly isn't going to hurt Charley.

Charley LOVED preschool so much this past year. She was in the two year old class because she misses the cutoff by 4 days so this fall she will be in the three year old class. She made a couple of friends in her class that she talks about all of the time which made me thrilled for her because Charley is all about making friends. She for sure didn't get that from me, because my shy demeanor has always worked to my disadvantage in that department. But Charley tries to make a friend no matter if we are at a playground, pool, or even if I just saw a high school classmate and her children in Home Depot. She wanted me to follow them so bad so she could make a friend. Ha! Whoops, sorry, tangent.

Charley's best buddy Ella

She still doesn't really recognize any letters at all and has NO interest in learning them at the moment. I think the three year old class at preschool should help with that, not that there is any hurry really. She's got a full 2 years left before Kindergarten because of the cutoff.

We have recently looked at signing her up for both dance and swim lessons. Swim lessons are a must do, and of all the extra-curriculars we could think of, dance seemed like the thing she would like the most so we are going to give that a try soon.


A few changes from the last Charley update - she hasn't had any night terrors in a few months and she can now take her shirt off and put it on and often gets dressed on her own. And a few things that haven't changed much - we still fight with brushing teeth unless we are using a sticker chart, she still paints almost daily, and she still throws the crab and the shark toys out of the bathtub for being too mean.

Charley has always been a Mama's girl and I would say she still is for the most part, but she's been a Daddy's girl more and more too. At the end of my pregnancy and of course now with Laney being so needy, she and John have played together so much. He does the things that I just don't enjoy as much - playing tag (ugh running!), letting her drive her car around, or setting up her kiddy pool or slip n slide or sprinkler for her. Basically, outdoor activities - Daddy's her guy. They also work out together in the basement pretty often (I think she rides her tricycle or other toys around while he exercises for the most part) and she gives him the best welcomes when he comes home every day. I love seeing him with a lap full of his babies when he gets home.

I swear John is wearing shorts. Ha!

And finally - the basic Charley stats that I know I'll refer to when Laney is the same age -

Charley is 41" tall and around 36 pounds. She's wearing 4T for the most part, but has several 5T or just size 4 things from the girl's department too. She wears a size 9 shoe. Her height is ALL legs because she's still not even to the top notch in her convertible car seat. She's my skinny mini little thing and I just love her to pieces!

That's a "ballilla" bar in her hand!

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