Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Day In The Life

Per usual, I like to do these when something major has changed up our routine and it just so happens that something major named Laney has changed things up around here. So! I figured it was time to document a day in the life of maternity leave with Laney. I did one while on leave with Charley but things are different this time around!

This was Tuesday, June 18, 2015.
Charley is 3 years 9 months old.
Laney is 7 weeks old.

5:50 AM

Baby monitor sounds. Laney is waking up so I make my way to her room to nurse her. I use an app on my phone to monitor which side to nurse from and also how long it has been since the last time she nursed and it has been 8 hours and 8 minutes! Wahoo! That's the longest stretch yet. Not too shabby for a 7 week old baby.

6:08 AM

Laney is done & back asleep in her crib so I make my way back to my bed and back to sleep.

7:45 AM or so

(I'm guessing here - because I hadn't decided I was going to do a Day in the Life post yet at this point, so no pictures yet or actual times unless I use the nursing app on my phone.)

Charley makes her way into our room. I think John was just leaving for work too, or maybe he had already left. I don't remember. I go start a cartoon for Charley in the living room so I can have a few minutes to wake up myself.

8:15 AM or so

Charley and I make pancakes for breakfast and eat them together. She insists on a Mickey Mouse and a snowman pancakes. I like when the timing works out with Laney's sleep that Charley and I get some time together in the mornings. Makes me feel slightly less neglectful since Laney needs so much attention the rest of the day.

9:16 AM

Laney wakes up from a 3 hour nap and I get her dressed for the day. She sleeps really well at night and in the mornings, but the daytime naps are more sporadic and she nurses quite a bit more often too. So, don't shoot me just yet. She nurses for just 6 minutes. So.......

9:46 AM

She realizes she wasn't full and nurses for another 10 minutes here.

Which brings us to

10:05 AM


A face-planted nap on the couch after nursing, and the moment when I decide to do this post. Whew. Now the timestamp on the pictures can guide the rest of the day for me. Charley is to my left watching another cartoon.


10:15 AM

That tiny catnap is over and I need to pump because it is impossible for Laney to catch up after going for that long stretch at night. I need some relief! If I was smart and not lazy, I would wake up in the night to pump to keep my supply nice and healthy and build my stash even more for when I return to work, but I am not either of those things (smart and not lazy). Oh well.


10:30 AM

Whoa it has been a good half hour so Laney must be STARVING. Ha. Nurses again for 15 minutes this time. I've turned off the TV too and ushered Charley to her room to play a little Waffle Town - my favorite toy from my childhood. We set up the town last night so it is all ready to be played with.


10:50 AM

I attempt to put Laney down for her nap in a 'drowsy but awake' state. I've had some luck with this lately so I at least try it at every nap. This time was a dud though, so I ended up rocking her to sleep. Can't win them all.


11:00 AM

For the next half hour I start typing this blog post. I'm on a blogging roll lately because I have at least 6 drafts and a couple other ideas too that I've been itching to type up. Finally getting a chance to write them this week so it has been a very bloggy week.

11:30 AM

I get myself dressed for the day. Nursing tank, very light tank to go over that and some shorts. So fashionable, right? Ha.

Makes mental note to clean mirror.
I then go outside to check the mail. I'm so anxious to check the mail every day because we haven't gotten any hospital bills yet. I'm so strange. I'm really curious how much we are going to owe. But, mail hasn't even come yet so I take a picture of one of my pretty dahlias instead.


I came back inside and got Charley dressed and brushed her teeth. She's been asking for a haircut ("my hair is getting as long at Tootunzel (Rapunzel) Mama!") so I tell her we can go today after Laney wakes up and eats.

12:03 PM

Laney's up! Nurses for 26 whole minutes this time. During that, I make an appointment for Charley's haircut at Great Clips. We go there or take advantage of my friend Melissa's skills when we are with her for haircuts. I of course prefer Melissa, but Great Clips works for now since we are just really cutting it straight across.

12:35 PM

Charley gets her hair cut and is so wiggly. I wear Laney in the Beco during the haircut because girlfriend hates the car seat. The man cutting Charley's hair doesn't have a ton of patience and basically tells me he will do the best he can and even has me hold her head still at one point. I try to get her to be still but it doesn't work much. Definitely prefer the girl we had the other time we came - if only I wrote down her name. Oh well. It still looks cute.

1:00 PM

We walk next door to Target to do our grocery shopping since Laney is snoozing in the Beco. It is also lunch time and we are hungry so we have some nutritious snacks from the snack bar. Icee, popcorn and a soft pretzel for me. Also, don't mind the empty shelves - our Target lost power to their refrigerated cases on Sunday (when we originally came to grocery shop) and had to toss ALL refrigerated items and they are still trying to get everything back in stock. They estimated a half-million dollar loss. Whoa.


1:58 PM

Home from the grocery store. Laney is hungry, but lets me lay her down on her play mat while I put away the refrigerated items at least. I then nurse her for 10 minutes.


2:33 PM

She wasn't full. Nurse her again for 20 minutes and then put her down for another nap.

Charley has some rest time and watches a couple shows. I cleaned up the kitchen and then had to vacuum our bedroom after Charley threw a handful of cat food on the carpet (don't ask) so I cleaned up that room also.

4:12 PM

Laney is up again and nurses again for 7 minutes. Charley goes outside to play on the deck with her water table. We definitely need the awning out because it is hot, hot, hot. Even the thermostat tells me that it is 'Extremely hot.'


4:45 PM

Charley has some fruit and more of the popcorn from Target. We kind of skipped lunch today. I'm not much of a lunch eater when I'm home and today Charley wasn't either.


5:00 PM

We go down to my parent's house for a visit. My mom has a summer cold and doesn't feel well so we don't stay long.

5:18 PM

Back home and Laney's hungry again. While I'm nursing her John gets home from work and we decide to go out for Mexican for dinner.

7:35 PM

We are back home (actually had been home for 45 minutes at this point) and Charley is in the bath and I'm nursing Laney again. She tends to load up in the evenings before bed so 25 minutes this time. I lay her down in the Boppy Lounger after she's done.


8:00 PM

The next hour consists of getting Charley out of the bath and in her nightgown and then she wanted her hair dried also. John takes Laney and I take on Charley. Charley then watches a cartoon to wind down, and we start to get Laney ready for bed.


9:00 PM

Charley's ready for bed. John and I each read her a book at night so we do that and kiss her goodnight. I then make my way to the couch with a drowsy Laney. She falls asleep on me, but I know it's not for the night just yet so I just let her sleep on me.

10:09 PM

Laney's up and ready for her last meal. Nurses for 27 minutes and she's out for the night. John watches some of the NBA finals and I go finish the blog I started 11 hours ago. At 11:00 I post the blog and then I'm off to bed too. 


Glad I documented a day in the life of maternity leave because it will be over pretty soon and a whole new adventure begins - getting to work on time after getting TWO babies up and ready for the day. I'll have to do another one of these posts once that starts and we get in a new routine. Right now I feel like it takes me FOREVER to get us out of the door and that's usually with me looking a mess (see Target photo above). Let's hope that I can not look like that when I return to work.

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diana bowers said...

I read this post while eating Target snack bar popcorn.

Laney looks unsure of Charley holding her! Hah