Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Laney's Birth: Part II: Laney's Birthday

We had to be at the hospital on the morning of April 29th at 7:30 a.m. Again, I wasn't given much instruction other than "be at the hospital at 7:30 a.m. for your induction" so I assumed I couldn't eat and therefore didn't eat. We all got up, got our stuff together for the hospital (way too much stuff) and Charley's stuff for my parent's house and headed out. Sure, it would have been easier to let Charley spend the prior night at my parent's house also, but I knew I'd want to see her this morning so I selfishly kept her home and woke her up early. She rode down to my parent's house in my lap (we just have to drive down the driveway) and apparently I was squeezing her too hard because she told me "Mama, you are squeezing me too much and choking me." Ha. Whoops! Sorry, love! We left her with my parents, had a good round of hugs, and we were on our way.

Turns out there was quite a bit of traffic at that hour so we took lots of shortcuts and back roads and finally got to the hospital at 7:35. Whoops. But made sense to be late to an induction for a late baby, no?

We met our nurses (one brand new nurse that was still learning the ropes along with another nurse with tons of experience) and got the show on the road. IV, blood taken, set me up with the monitors and all that. They also brought me graham crackers and peanut butter since I didn't eat. It was actually pretty relaxing and I played around on Facebook chatting with friends and all. John was doing much of the same - well, not the Facebook part. He was actually probably working knowing him.


Around 8:50 we were finally ready to go and Pitocin was started. I was still just 3 centimeters which I had been for 4 weeks already.

In the meantime, I was still chatting with a group of friends and everyone was throwing out baby weight, height, and birth time guesses. Most of the guesses were in the 1:00 - 4:00 range and it was seriously boggling my mind that I was going to have a real live baby in such a short amount of time. You'd think after this long that I would have had time to get used to the idea, but apparently not. I felt like I was making my guess for someone else to deliver a baby - definitely not for myself. My official guess was 7 lbs 6 oz, 21" at 1:45pm and I thought for sure I'd have another bald baby.

An hour later they had turned up Pitocin for the second time (turned it up every half hour to make sure Laney was tolerating them well) and I was definitely having contractions but they were more uncomfortable than anything. I was not in pain yet.


Another hour later at 11:00 I gave the go ahead to order the epidural. The contractions were still just uncomfortable, but I'd been down this road before and knew that it would be much easier to sit through "just uncomfortable" contractions while the epidural was placed versus sitting through "HOLY MOLY PAINFUL CONTRACTIONS" which I knew would be coming shortly. Again, ohhhhhhh what a leisurely labor I was leading. The only painful part so far was that they had me propped up on my side because Laney wasn't tolerating me on my back very well and that halfway on my side halfway on my back position - even with the pillow stuffed under me - was SO UNCOMFORTABLE. That was my biggest complaint thus far. My poor back was hurting - wahhhh!

Before they could place the epidural though they had to give me a fluid bolus (no idea if I'm using this grammatically correct or not) to prevent a drop in blood pressure once the epidural was placed. They needed to give me 1.5 bags, so we waited on that to take place. They weren't turning up the pitocin any longer until after the epidural was placed so they wouldn't get too painful pre-epidural. However, at 11:30 the contractions were getting pretty brutal. 2 minutes apart and definitely painful. HURRY UP PEOPLE! I want to continue my labor of luxury over here!

At some point in the next half hour (between 11;30 and 12) the anesthesiologist was in and was placing the epidural for me. I was sitting up on the side of the bed while I braced myself on John and the contractions were coming for real now. The doctor yelled at me once that every time I moved she lost her place and had to start all over. And I was trying to be such a good girl and sit still but I physically couldn't do it through a couple of those contractions. In fact, during the last one before the epidural was finally placed, I had one of my proudest moments in my lifetime. I screamed out "I THINK I'M GOING TO POOP" and then that contraction let up and I laid back down trying to joke around with everyone about it. Ohhh Lacey. Always one with words, you are. I am positive the nurses and anesthesiologist all thought I was being a huge baby because I was only 3 centimeters dilated and were thinking "Really lady? You are in that much pain already?" It was 12:02 p.m. when the epidural was officially placed.

But, to humor me and to see where we were at at this point just 3 hours into the induction, the nurse decided to check my dilation progress once I had laid back down. She felt around, and then continued to feel around and then in a very stern but very hurried tone she said to the other nurse "GO. Get a table and call the midwife. She's complete and this baby's head is coming down beneath my hand." I felt an instant sense of relief that I hadn't been imagining the intensity of those contractions I had to sit still(ish) through, and immediately following that I felt a sense of panic instead because oh my gosh now I need to push out a baby and this epidural for sure has not kicked in yet. AHHHHHHHH!

As the midwife and nurses then began to scramble to get the room ready for delivery my water broke and there was Meconium in the waters. So in came a couple more nurses as the midwife explained that Laney may not cry after birth and they may not be able to hand her to me immediately as they would need to check to be sure she didn't aspirate any of the Meconium. I had about .02 seconds to process that when a contraction came on and I immediately started pushing.

Three pushes later and Laney was here at 12:16 p.m., just 14 minutes after the anesthesiologist had left the room. And then she cleared her own lungs without the help of the extra nurses and the midwife determined her fine to hand straight to me instead.

Laney Beth ~ Born 4/29/15 at 12:16 p.m. 
7 pounds 9 ounces and 19" long


It was quick, it was unexpected, and it was definitely felt. That epidural that was placed? Yeah, they never even got a chance to hook it up or even put the catheter in. The anesthesiologist gave an initial dose of pain medication when she placed it, but the nurses say that maybe just took the edge off because of how quickly Laney came afterwards. They said I probably got the most effect from it during the stitching up time. Too little, too late! That for sure was a waste of my money. Ha!


So the stitches. Or I think just one stitch she said. The midwife told me afterwards that she doesn't think I would have needed stitches at all - except! Sweet little Laney made her entrance into the world with her hand up by her shoulder, thus increasing the width of her body which gave me a slight tear. And you want to know how exactly that hand came out? It came out with just one finger up and the other four down. The MIDDLE finger up, in fact. Yes, Laney came out flipping the bird. And at that point while the nurses laughed at the state in which she came out, I prayed that this wasn't some sign of what was to come. Laney, darling. Please be a sweetheart like Charley has been so far. I'm shaking in my boots over here on whether or not that was a sign!

105 copy

She looks an awful lot like Charley except for one major thing: she has hair! When a nurse mentioned she saw dark hair during one of those pushes I continued pushing until it let up, and as soon as I could breathe again I questioned her to be sure I heard her right. "SHE HAS HAIR? DARK HAIR!?" I was so shocked. My mom has said all along that she hoped Laney would have dark hair (granted - she said the same thing throughout Charley's whole pregnancy too) and I couldn't wait to tell her that her wish came true!


One other cool thing that I forgot to mention - they said Laney was also born partially in the sac still. Obviously not fully since my water had broken, but I think that would have been really cool to see!


My parents brought Charley to the hospital just a couple of hours later and I was so anxious to see my girls together and to see Charley's reaction to Laney. Charley was so excited that morning that she was finally going to get to meet Laney that day so I couldn't wait to see if her excitement changed to uneasiness or if she would still walk into that hospital room with as much excitement as she awoke with.

126 copy
Please note the shirt change between these two pictures. Courtesy of Laney's first spit-up which went all over Daddy!
   136 copy

She ended up being pretty intimidated by the whole thing - the hospital room, me in a hospital bed, just all of it. John and I talked later how her initial reaction and uneasiness just about broke both of our hearts. We love that little girl so much! She was so good though even if a little apprehensive. & she's since come around of course. So far being a big sister is very exciting for her and she loves to help out. I know very well that can change at any moment though!


For the rest of the day we just played pass the baby with our family and friends that visited. I just soaked it all up. So much love for the little Laney girl, and so much love from me to my friends and family that came to see her. This picture in particular is a favorite. Vince is my oldest nephew and the first grandchild and Laney is the youngest (obviously) and the last. 17 and a half years separate the two yet he still loves my two little ones much like I loved him and his brother when they were itty bitties and I was his age.


I'll post a part 3 to overshare way too many more pictures and tell how Laney's first week has been, but I'm not going to promise tomorrow like I did a couple days ago - that only seems to doom me to failure! And I know I'm going to remember a million more details that I'll want to add to this so you should probably continue checking back daily to see any revisions. Ha. 

And that, my friends, is how we became a family of four. 


diana bowers said...

I've read this three times now, just so happy for y'all and I can't imagine the excitement of it all especially with Laney coming so quickly.
Love the pictures of y'all with Charley and Laney!

Kristen said...

Lacey - you are the most glowing and beautiful Mama I've ever seen right after birth. Wow. I can feel the love through your words here. Congratulations to the whole family. XO

Megan said...

I love this!! You did amazing! I am cracking up at her flipping the bird on the way out. Congrats again :)

Jessica said...

The same thing happened to me with my second birth! I was checked right after the epidural was placed and, whoops, complete and ready to push. Baby was born before the epidural kicked in.

I loved all the pictures :) Congratulations again!!