Monday, May 18, 2015


Some blogs are comprised 100% of bragging, some have a good mix, and others are more of a general life log with not much bragging at all. I think it is impossible to have an outlet where you talk about your life and yourself, and more than likely, POSITIVE things about your life and yourself where you will never come across as bragging, but I truly don't believe that bragging is the intention most of the time. In my case, my blog is A) a way for me to write in a casual manner which I enjoy doing and B) a backup for my poor memory. I use that search box over in the sidebar a LOT. Honestly. Especially lately trying to remember when Charley did what in comparison to what Laney is doing at the same ages. Super helpful, except when it isn't because they aren't the same child. Anyways, digression IS something I'm particularly good at.

So back to bragging. This post in particular - 100% bragging. Bragging on both Charley and John.


So Laney. You would know how she was doing if I ever got around to posting the blog I promised you telling you how she was doing. But I haven't. So, to be quick - she's doing pretty good, with a side of newborn fussiness. Fussiness that I may think is attributed to something in my diet - maybe dairy - that I may try and eliminate to see if that makes a difference. But it may just be normal newborn fussiness because it really isn't daily or even all day - so I don't know. But overall she's doing awesome and we are adjusting to life as a family of four just swimmingly.


But. Last night was our roughest night yet. Laney fell asleep after nursing at 9:15. Usually I don't like these early-to-bed times because sometimes I try to stay up and have some me time waiting on the next nursing session, and then she goes for a few hours and I end up kicking myself for not going to bed when she did. Last night however, I chose wisely and went to sleep right when she did at 9:15. She slept until midnight so both of us got a solid three hours of sleep and I was feeling good.

I nursed her for 16 minutes at midnight. She nursed herself back to sleep and I was just about to place her back in her bassinet when I thought - "well, her diaper IS wet and I really should have changed her prior to nursing her but usually she sleeps through diaper changes so I can totally change her and lay her back down without waking her." WRONG. She woke up bright-eyed during that diaper change. The easiest way to get her back to sleep is to nurse her again, so I did that for a few minutes hoping that would do the trick. NO. NO NO NO NO NO. It did no tricks.

She turned from bright-eyed to MAD in 2 seconds flat. She cried. I shushed. She cried. I bounced. She cried some more. I kept trying to nurse her more. She starting going crazy at the boob so I knew she wasn't hungry and that tummy troubles were paying us a visit again. I could get her to quiet down with some leg bicycling and colic holding and all, but as soon as I'd stop the crying would start back up.

At 1:00 John came into our bedroom (he's been sleeping on the couch while Laney is in our room for the time being) to help. Can I just say how awesome he's been already? On top of what I'm about to brag about him for, he's just been awesome in general and I am so thankful. Anyways, so he came in and tried to help for a while. I think he may have gotten a little gas moving over the NEXT hour or so and then went back to the couch. I think this may have happened a couple of times because this whole process kept going on for three and a half hours. Lots of pacing, bouncing, shushing, googling, analyzing of prior day's diet (way high in dairy), shushing, butt patting, the works. FINALLY we got some gas out of her and then some poop and I was able to nurse her again and lay her down. It was 3:40 a.m.

John got up to go to work around 6 something, and Laney woke to nurse again at 6:30 so I saw John while he was getting ready to leave. He kissed us both and asked if there was anything he could do to help since he knew I was tired and even offered to arrange my parents to keep Charley so I could sleep. I told him no thank you and he left for work, and Laney and I went back to sleep. I knew Charley would be up soon, but I wanted to squeeze in any extra sleep at all so back to sleep I went.

At EIGHT FORTY FIVE, I woke up to the sweetest little face placing a card on the pillow next to me. She was being so quiet but I think I just felt her presence in the room and woke up. Plus, it was 8:45 so, I was actually pretty rested anyways. Charley had been up for a while and had made me a card while she waited for Laney and I to get up. She drew the prettiest little rainbow on the envelope and "wrote" a long note on the inside of the card saying how much she loved me. I had tears in my eyes. She is just the sweetest little thing to let me sleep. I love that child.


She then went on to tell me how it was John who woke her up before he left, and he told her the iPad was on the couch and she could watch Netflix on it until I woke up. He told her I was really tired and to let me sleep. So she did. And when she got tired of watching Netflix, she went to her desk and made me a card. MY GOODNESS HOW DID I GET SO LUCKY TO HAVE BOTH JOHN AND CHARLEY IN MY LIFE? So freaking lucky. He just wanted to make sure I got enough rest and she is just the best listener and sweetest thing in the world.

So yeah. I'm bragging. I think we all deserve to brag here and there. And John and Charley definitely earned my praises today. I was up for 3.5 hours in the middle of the night and didn't even need a nap today thanks to my thoughtful family.


I'm a lucky, lucky girl.


Rachael said...

Aw, that is so sweet! And not braggy at all. We definitely need to sing the praises of our loved ones when they have been earned. How good of Charley and John to take such good care of you.

Nicole Tully said...

Oh my goodness, what a lucky mama you are! Brag away…it is well deserved. This is just the sweetest :) Totally made me cry!!! They are both the BEST! Treasure that card forever…what a little doll of a girl you have :)

Jessica said...

That's about the cutest baby. And such a sweet big sister and daddy!!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Well that is just about the sweetest ending to a night of crying ever! Nothing wrong with a brag every now and again. Totally deserving. That card is the best and what an above and beyond daddy to get her set up so you could sleep in. Amazing.