Friday, April 24, 2015

Twenty Dollars

Garage sale season has officially started within the last couple of weeks and seeing as how I'll likely need to take a few weeks off really, REALLY soon, I have been doing my best to take advantage of easily being able to go to garage sales in the mean time. Not only do I love them so, but getting in and out of a car on top of all of the walking and bending over that is involved while shopping in people's driveways and garages certainly can't hurt, right?

We haven't had the kind of luck yet this year that we sometimes have where we have to make a pit stop at home mid-morning because we absolutely cannot fit another thing in the car, but last Saturday started to make up for that. We didn't get a TON of stuff, but the things I found in particular were eerily things I have been looking for or were planning to purchase otherwise. It is so weird when that happens! And fun! That's what makes it so fun!

So Saturday, I took my 39 and a half week pregnant self garage saling and here are the lucky things I found. I spent a total of $20 and here's what I came home with.


When decorating Laney's nursery, I mentioned that one of the last things I wanted to find was a little round accent rug. I either wanted it to place underneath the rocking horse in her room, or to put right in front of her crib. I just thought a little rug was just one more thing that the room could use. I looked EVERYWHERE for a little rug that I liked. I polled several friends on 5 different ones that are still currently in my shopping cart on Overstock that ranged in price from $35-$60. These little rugs were only 3-4' wide, so I had a hard time pulling the trigger, err, pushing that checkout button and deciding on one. Not only because of the price, but also because I just didn't LOVE any of them. 

What I really loved were the cute little rag rugs on Etsy, but again, the price (due to them being handmade) just didn't fit in my (cheapo) budget. I never did pull the trigger on those either.

Finally I found a rug at HomeGoods for $8 that I thought might work and I bought it and brought it home. The colors weren't quite what I had in mind, but I thought that once in the room it may go more than I was envisioning so for $8 I'd give it a go. But no. I really hated it in the room and it just wasn't big enough either. I returned it.

And then Saturday. Found a rug in the perfect colors. It was oval. It was a rag rug. It was clean and it didn't smell. (And turned out I knew the sister of the seller!) And when I asked the price she told me only TWO DOLLARS. I kept my composure, but inside I was jumping for joy. It is perfect! Perfect!

And, I promise not every item I purchased is going to need 4 paragraphs of commentary. Sheesh Lacey.


I updated my mantel for spring recently and for the immediate-must-share Instagram picture I ran out and grabbed some dogwood blooms off a tree out front and plopped them in the vases real quick.. Of course, those lasted all of 2 hours and I was once again left with empty vases. (And fun fact: all of those white vases were obtained at garage sales over the past year also) So all week during lunch I kept telling myself to stop by the craft store to pick up some artificial springy flower to put in the vases because a'int nobody got time for real flowers. I never made it though.

And then, this bundle of flowers was found for just $1 for them all. I had to pull the artificial leaves off because they made them look way too artificial, but I think they work! I think white flowers with some greenery would have been my first choice, but given yellow flowers and the price tag - I think these will work justttt fine. And who knows - I may find just that when I am back out at garage sales with a 3 day old baby next week. ::wink wink::


John is OBSESSED with his garden this year. So when I saw those two children for sale I thought they would be great helpers for him. Justtt kidding. They were way overpriced. Anyways, he had mentioned needing tomato cages for the FIFTEEN tomato plants he is growing this year so this was just a practical purchase. They aren't that expensive new (according to Home Depot's website they are $4 each) but I got all 4 for $4, so saved us a little there. And then, when I got home and took them apart - bonus! - there were 5 there instead of 4. So, saved 80% on these 5 at least.

Okay $2 + $1 + $4 = $7 so far. For the next $13 I got....

2 pair of play shoes for Charley. They both look barely used and when she's outside getting dirty as often as she is play shoes are always needed. Both are in a bigger size so we'll stock them away for a few months. The Nikes were $2 and the Osh Kosh $1. It's a lot easier to see her tramping through mud in shoes that didn't cost me hardly anything at all.


RAPUNZEL. Do you know how much my child loves "Tootunzel"? A whole lot. Definitely her favorite princess. (Followed closely by Ariel and Anna) So, included in her big sister gift we are giving her at the hospital was a Rapunzel dress up dress because somehow she didn't have one of those. I knew she would be thrilled with it. I paid ~$18 for it from Amazon.

And then, here was the exact same dress, lying there all clean and pretty on a table in this family's garage. The daughter apparently had 2 of this one so they were just selling one. It was $3 and I could easily still return the one I bought, so, I had to buy it. And I'm a sucker and gave it to her right when we got home that afternoon because while I'm all for used things - I'm not much of a used thing gifter and it just didn't seem right to stick that in the big sister gift bag. She's worn it all week I think. She loves it.

At the same sale as the Rapunzel dress score were these "glass" Cinderella slippers for $.50. The dad just let me have these to go along with the Rapunzel dress, so FREE! She LOVES these too, and they aren't slippery on the floors like the other dress up shoes she's had. No picture of these - so very sorry.


A pretty little candle stick that looks nice in our bedroom that will be decorated some day. Just $1 for this too - can't beat it.


And this glass pitcher. We don't have guests often, but we actually don't have any pretty pitchers at all. I have a easy place to store it in the china cabinet so it was an easy purchase for just $2. I can see water with limes in it or lemonade or even just tea in it one day at a possible get together at our house. Or maybe something with vodka. That seems more reasonable.

So starting with the $7 from above,

$7 + $3 + $3 + free! + $1 + $2 = we are up to $16 so far.


Remember how I shared way back when about the whole Pampered Chef saga and how even though I liked the products that they were pretty easy to find really cheap at garage sales? (By the way, sorry Pampered Chef, but that review is one of my most viewed and read posts of all times, still getting about 200 views per month 1.5 years later) Well, I guess the same holds true for Thirty-One Gifts items for some people. I actually really like their stuff too but do struggle to spend so much on the bags from the catalog, especially after they tack on the hefty shipping charges. So, when I saw these 2 bags for sale and the HUSBAND running the garage sale (the husband never knows how much we can drop at those kinds of parties), I knew I had to ask how much he wanted for them. One was the cosmetic bag ($30 in the catalog) and the other was the square utility tote (which they don't sell anymore but used to be $24) which will work perfect to house toys between the car seats in the back seat. He said he'd take ONE DOLLAR for each of them. Hope he didn't tell his wife what he sold them for!

Same guy also had that green wallet that I thought was cute, and again, for just $1 I bought it to try it out.

Which brings me to $19. Um. And I'm at a complete loss on what I spent my other dollar on. I'm sure it was something equally fantastic! It was one of the few times I came home from garage sales, plopped all the stuff down on the counter and was able to put it all away in a new home right then. The flowers in the vases, the dress on Charley, the candlestick in our bedroom, and on and on. Nothing went to the basement except those shoes which went into a bigger-sized-Charley-stuff tote I keep down there.

But not bad for $20 and a few hours having fun with my mom and sister! Depending on the weather (not looking good) and little Miss Laney's impending arrival (also, not looking good) I'd love to take my overdue pregnant self out again to garage sales in the morning. The look of panic when you tell strangers you were due a few days ago is almost making up for having to talk to strangers in the first place. Like I might just pop right there in their driveway and soak their collection of koozies and outdated clothing. Don't worry - if that happens, I'll pay you your $.75 before running off to finally have this baby!


diana bowers said...

1. I can't bring myself to ever buy used shoes even for play.
2. Please invite me over when there's vodka in that pitcher.
3. Hella good deal on the 31 stuff.
4. Hmm,I seemed to have missed the 40 week post. ;)

Rachael said...

What a haul for $20. You have the best luck at yard sales! I might have better luck myself if I would actually drag my butt out of bed on any given Saturday morning and get myself to one. But for now it's going to be overpriced stuff from TJ Maxx and Wayfair for me.

Years ago I had a friend who was big into yardsaling and got me to go along with her when we were both about due to have our babies. I think people were eager to give us good deals because we made them a little nervous, hee hee. I'll take it.:)