Saturday, April 25, 2015


Date: April 25, 2015

Due Date: April 22, 2015

Weight gain: Today the scale said 34 pounds, which is 5 pounds heavier than just 9 days ago. I am going to blame it on the swelling that has all of a sudden shown up, and the "healthy" eating habits of the last few days.

Belly Picture:

40 weeks 3 days with Laney, taken by Charley who was kind enough to take this for me while watching Frozen

40 weeks 3 days with Charley

Photo thoughts: So weird to picture a baby that size^ currently in my belly.

Pregnancy Symptoms/How I'm feeling: Definitely feeling more uncomfortable these days. The swelling is complaint #1, but I'm awfully thankful it waited until 40 weeks to stick around. My hands and feet just hurt to bend. I also have had indigestion this week - one night in particular it was pretty bad after going out to eat Mexican that evening before and basically eating the entire thing of salsa by myself. I was REALLY testing out that spicy food thing apparently. And it definitely does not work, especially if you are used to eating spicy food as a normal part of your diet in the first place!

I am still sensitive too and can't wait for these hormones to level out. Even though I know that will still take some time even after Laney decides to join us. I'm sensitive not pregnant so I know friends and family are tip toeing around me at this point. Sorry!

Cravings: Nothing new. Just had that same old Chick Fil A sandwich for lunch a few minutes ago and it was delicious as ever. For 3 weeks now I've told myself each time I eat that sandwich that it would be the last one pre-Laney. Ha! But this time I did also get a milkshake to go with it and I'm going to call that a craving too to justify it just a tiny bit more. I HAD to have it.

Sleep: Besides the indigestion night a few days ago, I've been sleeping great again! Got a solid 9.5 hours last night which felt great!

What I’m loving/I can't live without: My phone I guess, since I've been spending more time just sitting or laying in the bed. I am so bored of it though, but I guess without it I'd be even more bored. I just know that it will also be my lifesaver in the middle of the night for the next few weeks so definitely can't live without it right now.

What I miss? Cannot wait to have a beer really soon. John was talking about having one tonight around a fire and I was pretty jealous!

What I’m anticipating/Looking forward to: Besides the obvious which WILL happen this week for sure (regardless of the fact that I've basically said this the last few times I've posted this) I absolutely cannot wait to see Charley meet Laney. Last night we sat in her room and talked about babies in general and what they require and need and how she can help me if she'd like, and no matter how much I told her she kept asking me to tell her more more more about babies. She's just the sweetest thing ever and I hope Laney is just as sweet.

What I’m stressing about/worries: Getting Laney here ASAP. I know that a due date is just a guess, but at this point for me personally I'd feel better about her being out than in. I know the placenta will continue to function for at least another week or so, but still. I don't feel that comfortable being overdue. It is basically those first few weeks all over again, although not to that extreme since she will kick me here and there to tell me everything is okay.

Milestones: 40 weeks! Being overdue is definitely not something I was anticipating at all! And the fact that I'm still feeling pretty good comparably speaking is making these "extra" days not all that bad. I mean, of course I'm anxious, but anxious AND miserable would be a lot worse.

Differences between pregnancies: We've been over this. Charley was an early bird and Laney is definitely not. After first tri, I've felt pretty good with both pregnancies.

Highlights of the week: The induction date is set for Wednesday morning the 29th at 7:30 a.m., so setting a definite end date was pretty light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnely. There was no change again this week as far as dilation and all but I was kind of expecting that this time.

Also, yesterday was my last day at work which was pretty exciting. Again, I know I've said it so many times, but I love my job and the people there. Everyone was so excited for me and they are just so flexible and understanding about anything at all. It felt nice leaving yesterday with everyone's well wishes. I'll be going back of course, but just glad that they like me enough to hold my job for me since I'm not going to qualify for FMLA due to me not being there 1 year yet.

Goal for the upcoming week: Bring home a baby. 

Movement: She really likes to move around after I get settled in bed or on the couch for a bit. If I'm out walking around outside with Charley or shopping or something, she's napping I think. And it does seem like the movement is less often overall as I'm sure she's running out of space!

Boy or girl: Girl! Laney Beth

Birthdate prediction: Ha. Wednesday the 29th.

Summary: This for sure is the last time I'll ever be filling out a little pregnancy survey even though I guess I could technically fill out one for 41 weeks on Wednesday morning before induction. Whoa! Laney tried to make her case for a third child one day by taking it so easy on me these last 2 trimesters, but even though I still feel good now, making those monthly payments on the D&Cs remind me often how awful it was to get to this point and how I really don't want to go through any of that again. Sorry, Laney. But I do appreciate the fact that I was just able to run errands with John and Charley and all that walking (something else that definitely didn't work for me!) didn't wipe me out.

I'm just excited to be done with this phase of my life - the uncertainty and pregnancy part - even though I do enjoy pregnancy and will miss parts about it for sure. I'm ready to see my family for what it will be and to envision family vacations and travel and all that comes easier once the pregnancy and infancy stages are done. Not that I won't miss the baby phase - because I love that too - but you know what I mean. Each stage has its own exciting parts and I look forward to each of them.

Since I'm done with work and I only have 64 or so unpublished blog drafts, I'll try to post daily until Laney arrives just to keep you all in the loop. If there seems to be a lull, then you can safely assume the next post will be introducing Miss Laney. Deal? Deal.


Megan said...

Wow! I never would have guessed you would pass your due date! So excited for the next post about her arrival! And I know exactly what you mean about seeing the completion of your family and enjoying life with them, while still being a bit sad about pregnancy being done forever. I feel the same way ;)

Nicole Tully said...

Oh my gosh, if you make it to Wednesday you HAVE to post a 41 week update. NEVER would have thought you'd go this late. I actually thought you'd have her before I had Emilia! Fingers crossed she's on her way today!