Sunday, April 26, 2015

Loved By So Many

Charley is one lucky little girl in that she is very much loved by so many. She gets to spend a lot of time with many different family members since John and I both work and constantly need help juggling schedules, so she has developed such special and strong bonds with many people. Not that children with stay at home parents don't develop these bonds, but in our case that is WHY Charley has these strong bonds with so many. Here are a few little things that have happened lately to prove by how many and by how much this sweet little girl is loved.


A few weeks ago we celebrated my twin nieces' eleventh birthday. Charley LOVES her big cousins who she affectionately calls LoriLindsay (all one word) so she was very excited about their birthday party with our family.

Charley really likes to help at any and all birthday celebrations with the gift opening or blowing out candles as any kid likes to do. I don't force the issue because other family members may actually want to do those things themselves, so I usually take their cue and if they ask her then I'll let her help. Especially with other kids - they quite like to open their own gifts, you know?!

So when it came time for LoriLindsay to open their presents, they told Charley she could help. So Charley plopped herself right in between them both to be in the center of the action. Both girls had a present in their lap as they were getting ready to open gifts and Charley asked for one of her own. Through some misunderstanding of the toddler and all, we thought she was asking for a gift of HER OWN, like, one that she could take home herself afterwards so we told her no and - oh man. The broken-hearted look on her face got us ALL. I had to laugh to keep my hormonal self from crying. She was devastated, until we realized she just wanted to hold one of THEIR presents in assisting them. She even said through a shaky voice and tears "I'm not going to take it home. I just want to help them." or something along those lines. Man. Want to see 8 adults all crippled at the sound of a toddler? You should've been there. Ha.

So a couple of days later my sister Christy and her husband Chris were at Wal-Mart and Christy said to Chris "I wonder if I should get a little something for Charley?" and Chris replied "I think so! Did you see that look on her face at the birthday party?!"

She's spoiled. And loved. And she definitely loves them back too!



My nephew Seth is just 15 years old. He adores Charley though just as she loves him. I remember how he couldn't wait to hold her when she was just a newborn - what 12 year old boy gets so excited to hold a tiny baby, you know?


So anyways, my sister Christy is his mom, and she is the sister that keeps Charley for me every day so she gets to see Seth an awful lot. Christy said something to Seth about being excited to hold Laney soon and Seth's response was something like this:
But we just got through toddler phase! Now we're going to have to start all over with Laney!
That cracks me up. I for sure have thought that myself how Charley is at such an easy phase of her life already and now we will be starting completely over, but I'm her Mama. Seth is just a very loving big cousin who obviously feels some responsibility in helping to raise my kids too and I love that!



Charley probably says the words 'pink and sparkly' on a daily basis, probably a few times daily. So when out running errands with my sister a few days ago Charley came upon the perfect pink and sparkly item. Christy was trying to spend her Extra Care Bucks from CVS and little miss convinced her to choose this as a way to spend those bucks.

Again, she's spoiled. But she's oh-so-sweet about it!


And of course there are plenty of other stories with several other family members. Charley is a very loved little girl and that just makes my heart so happy to share her with them all. I often hear people complain about family members using the phrase "my [child's name]" and getting irritated that someone else is claiming their child. I will continue to be happy to share my child with any family member that loves her. She IS theirs too. They are part of our village and I will forever be grateful for all of their help and love.

Anddddddd cue the watery eyes. These watery eyes brought to you by pregnancy hormones - not post-partum ones or even in labor ones. I'll keep trying to post once a day until Laney comes - so let me go ahead and work on tomorrow's post since the most action that's going on in there today is a case of the hiccups.

I can only hope (and I'm sure she will be unless our family and friends all of a sudden turn into a bunch of meanies) that Laney will be just as loved as Charley. If only Laney knew that so she'd come out already and see for herself!

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Hena Tayeb said...

aww.. that is so sweet. we often miss not having any family near by and thus the boys growing up with all their cousins so far away. Charley is very lucky