Monday, March 30, 2015

Top 10 Reasons Why I Got Crappy Sleep Last Night

Back in the old days where I could stay up late enough to watch a late show (and before they put all the best parts on YouTube the next day), I used to really enjoy watching David Letterman and his top 10 list. So I made one myself and it only took me all night to come up with this list.

And so, imagine I'm reading from my little blue note cards as I give you: The Top 10 Reasons Why I Got Crappy Sleep Last Night.

10. Our cat Reese. He always sleeps at my feet probably because I'm less likely to kick him off than John, but John's side was vacant last night and yet he still tried to sleep wherever I wanted to put my feet. MOVE CAT.

9. I actually had to get up and pee once. ::ducks to avoid daggers thrown at me from every other pregnant woman ever::

8. While laying awake in the 3-4 o'clock hours somewhere, I decided to catch up on Facebook, Instagram and Timehop. Newsflash: they didn't lull me back to sleep.

7. Hot. So, so, hot and the switch to turn on the ceiling fan is so, so far away so I'll just stick one leg out of the covers and hope that helps.

6. Cold! So cold! Pulled my one leg back under the covers and screwed up all the covers in the process. Super hard to fix them with this giant belly in my way.

5. Frozen pizza for dinner = Indigestion. No worries - Tums were on the nightstand.

4. I came down with Charley's cold overnight. So breathing was already tough with Laney hanging out by my lungs, and this just made it worse.

3. John was out of town last night. I always wish for more space when he's in the bed with me, and then when he's gone I can't sleep as well.

2. Because when I finally fell asleep and got my deepest sleep of the night, my alarm to wake up went off 45 minutes later.

1. And finally, because I was mentally writing this post as I lay awake from any of these other 9 reasons. Couldn't turn the brain OFF.


Heather said...

The end of pregnancy sleep is the worst. At least when you're getting up with a newborn you're so tired you collapse into a deep sleep the second your head hits the pillow.

I've had a pesky cold for 2 weeks now and Aden's been waking up several times the last few nights so, yeah, I feel ya today. Ugh.

diana bowers said...

I shoukd have played a word at 1 am so you catch up on WWF between 3 and 4, too. :/