Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I Still


Regarding my 3 year old, I still...

....use those worthless baby washcloths.

...use hooded towels that don't reach down to her feet, so we dry feet and bottoms of her legs first before putting the hood on.

...check on her nightly before I go to bed myself by going in her room, resituating her covers, giving her a kiss on the forehead, and staring at her for a borderline-creepy amount of time.

...have her nap in a pack n' play at my sister's house during the week. I mean, she still likes it, so who am I to suggest anything else?! Maybe we'll put the second mattress at the top for the bassinet and then Charley and Laney can have Pack n' Play bunk beds.

...use kiddie silverware and plates.

...use a baby gate - it traps her in her room at night as she falls asleep. We remove it before we go to bed. (Actually - I started typing this months ago and just this past weekend we moved the baby gate to the basement. She doesn't get out of bed anymore like she used to so the need was no longer there.)

...must be sure that her beloved "owlies" (lovey blankets) travel back and forth from my sister's house to mine each day or bedtime would be pretty difficult. We have forgotten a couple of times and considered starting to ditch them, but decided against and went to pick them up. She doesn't seem as attached to them as she used to be so maybe she'll cut this one out on her own.

...love that she fits the length of my arm to snuggle in the bed on the weekends. Although, only her trunk fits now versus her entire body before, but it still makes for easy snuggling.

...help her get dressed in the mornings. Although all outfit choices must be approved by Ms. Picky herself, I still do help her get into them even though I know she can do most of them herself. I have a feeling this will change very, very soon when Laney is here. I also think it is my own fault for always being in a rush in the mornings to get ready to go - I can do it faster so I just help.


...rock her from time to time. Although lately (KNOCKING ON WOOD!) she hasn't had any night terrors, she did have a couple of bad ones just a month or 2 ago where rocking her back to sleep was my last resort and it totally worked. Sure, the glider is in Laney's room but my bigger baby still needs me sometimes too so Laney can share.

...brush her teeth for her. Is that normal? Sometimes I'll let her do either the morning OR the night herself, but I feel like at least one of those times she needs a good brushing and I don't think she does well enough herself yet.

...cut up some of her food for her - like pancakes and pizza. Makes it easier and less messy.

...think of her as a baby. A BABY that is 3 and a half. It just doesn't seem right; like we've counted incorrectly or skipped a year somewhere.

...cannot wait to get to her every afternoon. It is by far the best part of my day.



diana bowers said...

We let Aidan brush his teeth first, then we brush.

Pick up is the best part of the day!

Great blog.

Nicole Tully said...

They are only little once, I still do many of the things you listed too :) And I fully intend on checking on each of my babies while they sleep until they are no longer living under my roof!

Heather said...

In the parent portion of Tory's preschool class, one of the things they've taught over and over is that kids ebb and flow with their ability to do things like brushing teeth, dressing, feeding self, etc. When they're learning something especially emotionally or physically difficult, they'll slip back in another area they'd previously mastered. I always find that so interesting. I still do so many of the same things for Tory, too. Brush teeth, help her dress, etc. though she's showing more independence in these areas every day. If only I could convince her to wipe her own bum after using the bathroom ...