Tuesday, March 24, 2015

36 Weeks

Date: March 24, 2015

Due Date: April 22, 2015

Weight gain: 24 pounds, plus the 10 I lost and regained for a grand total of 34. I gained 42 total with Charley so will probably gain less overall this time yet I look bigger in the belly at least. I was pretty swollen with Charley so maybe the difference was the extra water weight? Who knows.

Belly Shot:

Laney Bump - one day shy of 36 weeks.
Charley bump one day shy of 36 weeks - and I showed this to a friend last week who thought I was wearing a super short dress. I assure you those are just sleep shorts. Ha! 

Photo thoughts: I definitely look bigger this time around, which should be expected I suppose. Belly just seems much more round in all directions.

Pregnancy Symptoms/How I'm feeling: I still feel pretty good, surprisingly. Which makes me think that a) labor is still a long way away and b) that this is just the universe saying it is sorry for the path it put me on to get to this point. Thanks, universe, I appreciate it!

Actual symptoms are back pain, some occasional swelling - but no where near like I had with Charley, and shortness of breath - likely because she is sitting so high up in my lungs. That's really not too bad, huh?

Cravings: Chocolate chip muffins, chocolate anything actually, and for actual food - a Chick-Fil-A Chargrilled Club with no lettuce or tomato with colby jack cheese, waffle fries with honey roasted barbecue sauce and a Dr. Pepper. I don't want to know how many of those I've eaten this pregnancy.

Sleep: Still loving my pregnancy pillow and really give it tons of credit for the good sleep I'm still getting. Sleep definitely isn't as solid as pre-pregnancy as I wake up a little while maneuvering myself from one side to the other or wake up some when I have indigestion, but I don't think I have the right to complain about this department at all.

What I’m loving/I can't live without: Heating pad, I guess? I love sitting back against that in the evenings. Oh and the support belt is a huge help too.

What I miss? Being able to go anywhere without people wanting to talk to me about the pregnancy. Ha. Here were three conversations I had in three consecutive days this week:

Saturday at a fast food restaurant: "You look so cute! Your belly is so tiny!" (Okay, so I truly didn't mind this conversation at all. I want to clone this woman and put one of her everywhere I go!)

Sunday at a baby shower: "When are you due? (me: one month from today) "Oh yeah I was going to say because you are really big."

Monday at work: "Whoa! I had to do a double take! I didn't even know you were pregnant!" (I didn't mind this conversation at all either - especially since I see that salesman pretty often!)

What I’m anticipating/Looking forward to: Doing some last fun things with Charley as a family of 3. Easter egg hunts, going to the local theme park, dying eggs, etc.

And my sisters and mom are throwing me a little "sprinkle" on Saturday which should be fun!

And! John's work is throwing a full blown shower next Tuesday which I'm excited about. They gave us one for Charley too and it was really nice, so I was surprised when they wanted to do another one. I threw together a registry super quick-like!

What I’m stressing about/worries: Just getting my work done before I go into labor. I hate to leave things open for someone else to finish up not knowing where I left off or anything. But, since I can't predict when it will happen and it is impossible to just have everything done every single day before I leave, I just need to let go of that worry a little bit. This is a "me" problem because I know my boss would not care and would get whatever taken care of.

Also, the whole budget while I'm out of work. I have absolutely NO IDEA when or how much I'll get paid while out because it is very complicated. I remember having some of this with Charley too, but my old employer had a more straightforward plan so even though I didn't know down to the penny what I'd bring home, I knew roughly what it would be and when it would be. Using short term disability and then just relying on working from home if/when/as I can is a total crap-shoot as far as budgeting purposes. I don't know if I will feel up to it, or WHEN I'll feel up to it or anything, so therefore I know nothing about if or when I'll get paid and that makes my budget really scary! 

Milestones: Just about full-term, which is just insane. And when choosing the Charley bump picture to compare to, there was just ONE MORE after that one. This really just is not sinking in for me.

Differences between pregnancies: Not a whole lot. I feel similar in the way I'm carrying and she seems to move similarly too, even maybe a little less than Charley did.

Highlights of the week: Much like what I'm looking forward to in the next weeks, the things I most enjoyed of the past week (or month) are just all of the things, big and small, that we have done with Charley. Whether it was just watching her drive around in her car outside, taking a little trip to the library, hiding/finding Easter eggs with her or just snuggling with her, she is such a joy and we have so much fun together. I feel the need to maximize all fun with her because I know I personally won't be able to do as much when Laney gets here - at least for a few weeks - so it is probably more for me than it is for her, but she is for sure reaping the benefits.


Goals for the upcoming week: Want to make some busy bags for Charley to do while I'm out on maternity leave so need to get those together. Also, would LOVE to come up with just a few freezer meals or at least some grocery lists to keep our house more stocked with food. I remember with Charley that we just do not keep enough food in our house for someone to be there full-time. I think it was mainly snack stuff we just didn't keep on hand enough because we truly don't eat out much at all for any meals (well, okay, except for that Chick-Fil-A addiction I've developed).

Movement: Still a good bit when I lay down at night or sit still in front of the TV in the evenings or something. Not much when I'm out and about.

Boy or girl: Girl! Laney Beth

Birthdate prediction: I am jinxing this, I know, but I still feel like she's going to be a couple weeks early just because Charley was. That puts me at April 8th-ish.

Summary: Since I really only manage to do these monthly this very well could be the LAST pregnancy update. Insanity. Tomorrow starts weekly appointments. 29 days until my due date. Charley was 13 days early, so if Laney follows suit that 29 days may just be 16 days! Whattt!? We are basically ready though. I even put the swing together last night and it is now sitting in my living room. Everything has been washed and her drawers are crammed full (seriously - the amount of 0-3 month stuff we have is insane) and the blankets are washed and stacked high in her closet (that's another area of WAY EXCESSIVENESS.) I even packed a hospital bag this weekend instead of waiting around and doing it after my water had broken like last time. All of this preparedness can only mean that she will be late though, right?

I am feeling pretty emotional about Charley's last days of only child-dom winding down but am excited to see her as a big sister. I think she will be an awesome big sister - most likely a pretty bossy one - but awesome nonetheless.

And now - we wait for Laney!


Megan said...

Wow, it's getting close!!! I am so excited for you guys. Charley is going to be a great sister, I can tell :)

diana bowers said...

Blogger ate my first comment!
But I can't believe you're so close. 29 days seems crazy! If you make it to 38 weeks, I thi k you need another blog post. Don't make me twist your arm.

Also, the next time I see you, Laney will be here!! (Because it sounds like some pretty busy weekends ahead for you.)

Nicole Tully said...

You look perfect! (BTW,I totally thought you were wearing a minidress in the second picture too, lol). So fun that you have a couple showers to look forward too. Around here people only do showers for first babies. I love that in other areas of the country people celebrate every baby - so fun! I love baby showers :)
I didn't realize that Charlie was so early. I wonder when Laney will arrive! I know so many people who went super early with one and then were overdue with the next. Or vice versa. I've had my mind set that I'd end up having a March baby this time and now I'm definitely second guessing myself as March is coming to a close and I just DO NOT feel like baby is coming any time soon :/

Heather said...

Eek! I can't believe she'll be here so soon! You really do look fabulous, Lacey. You have a perfectly round bump. :) In the picture of you holding a sleeping Charley you don't even look pregnant!!

So hard to say when she'll arrive. As you know, my babies both need eviction notices to get the heck out so I'm of no help in reference! Always good to be and feel prepared though, and then you'll be ready no matter what.

I know you're nervous about Charley not being an only child anymore, but she really will be a wonderful big sister and she's going to love Baby Laney so much. Just wait until you see the two of them together! Seeing Tory and Aden's relationship unfold is the sweetest gift. Can't wait for you to experience that too! (Oh, and you know Tory is a Miss Bossypants just like you said Charley will be too ... that's also what makes them awesome big sisters!) :)