Sunday, February 15, 2015

Weekend by the Numbers

Donuts eaten: 4. Make that 5.

Dishwasher loaded: Twice

TV shows watched by me: 0

TV shows watched by Charley: Too many

Rolls of toilet paper used due to Kleenex outage and 3 snotty people living here: 3

Stores visited: 3

Dollars spent at those stores: $58.86

Miles driven: 26.4

Valentines given: 1, to Charley. I was a total Valentine failure this year.

Valentines received: each of us got Valentines from my sister and my parents, so 6 in total.

Average high temperature this weekend: 57

Average low temperature this weekend: 27 (I swear it felt much more like the low than it did the high!)

Minutes I spent outside: 2 - to walk to and from the mailbox once

Minutes Charley (and John) spent outside: 45 or so, and they came back in freezing.

Games played: 1 (Kerplunk)

Items purged and sold: 4

Dollars made by said purging and selling: $45 (with promises of more $ to come tomorrow)

Pictures taken: 64


Of those pictures, pictures that were of things to sell: 42

Hours slept by me: 19.5

Naps taken by any family member: 0

Projects completed: 3

Projects worked on: 6

Flowers made: 20


Loads of laundry done by me: 0, but I did help fold/put away a couple

Loads of laundry done by John: 4

Text messages received: 30

Text messages sent: 9

Prenatal vitamins taken: Shoot! None. Let me go do that now.

Meals from take-out: 1. Just the donuts for breakfast this morning.

Meals I cooked/prepared/reheated: 3.

Books read: 3. All to Charley

Family members seen: 4 (Parents of course, brother Colt, brother-in-law Danny)

Minutes spent thinking about these: 20, which was about 15 minutes too long.


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Heather said...

It sounds like you guys were a bit under the weather this weekend. Hope you all feel better soon! Can't wait to see the neat mobile you're making for Laney Girl - those roses are gorgeous! :)