Thursday, January 22, 2015

Unfinished Business

I thought about updating this post from last May on what house projects we've accomplished in the last 8 months and then almost laughed myself off of my chair. Of the 73 potential house projects I outlined, we've completed 10 of those things. A mere 14%. Pathetic.

We have done some house things around here lately though, but nothing it seems like nothing is finished. We 1, take forever to do stuff (ahem - house projects are spendy!), and 2, jump around so much that things sit halfway finished for a while. I'm sick of waiting for everything to be finished. Here are some works-in-progress.

Last August I started on a gallery wall and shared with you here my rough start. I got so many good suggestions from y'all and ultimately decided to repaint just a few of those frames in a mint green. I did that almost immediately.

Then, I started rounding up stuff to go in the frames. I don't really love family pictures as decor, so my plan was to come up with a ton of other stuff to frame a la Young House Love. (sniff, sniff. Miss those guys so much.) First I printed a couple of pictures of our trip to Venice, and found a card from our wedding that I really liked, and gathered a map we used in Paris and framed all those up. I framed around the doorbell and added a key to a frame that I didn't have glass for. I also even printed a couple of things with WORDS, which is so unlike me as you know. I just thought those might be nice to break it up a bit. Then I pulled some stuff out of magazines and books we just use for decor and had filled maybe 20% of all the frames on the wall. And then those empty frames sat. And sat. And sat. For five long months.

A couple weekends ago I'd had enough. SOMEthing would look better than nothing, and I was really hating the couple of WORDY prints so I trashed those. Finally, I went to mPix, went through all of our pictures and printed a picture for every frame. Why do I bother trying to take good pictures if I'm never going to display them? But I set this rule for myself that I was only displaying pictures I took - nothing from a photographer we had paid (although one from a pro did make the cut after all). I do like to make things difficult.


Anyways, even though the idea of pictures instead of art is growing on me a little bit, the wall just looks 10x better with just anything in the frames. (And you all collectively say DUH LACEY). I'll replace pictures as we go with either more pictures or art I find that I like and one day it will be just as I pictured it when I started it last August.


This next project actually WAS on the list from last May. What really got the ball rolling on this one was from a comment my brother made at Charley's birthday party, though.

So, my brother hasn't been over all that many times (usually we see each other at my parent's house instead) and while we were hanging out in the eat-in kitchen area he asked, "what is that room?" pointing to the opened french doors coming off of the eat-in kitchen area. I get why he asked it because it was already something I had wanted to change since I'd put it on my list of changes back in May. Our Master Bedroom was through those french doors and it was just wide open into the main entertaining area of the house for anyone to see. It's not that there was anything to hide, but, usually you don't see someone's master bedroom when you are at a child's birthday party, you know? I don't mind the layout at all, but the french doors didn't lend themselves to much privacy.

So after that we started working on replacing the doors with a pocket door. And by we, I me John of course. That's not really in my range of know-how.

It also took some time, but finally it was mostly done and it is so much better. I believe John said the wall needs one more round of patching and repainting, and the molding and actual door haven't been painted at all so it still needs that too. And then, of course, the plate collage looks pretty goofy now that the wall is so much larger so I need to reconfigure that as well.

Yay for unfinished project #2!

It slides all the way in - I just pulled it out a little for effect. Effective?

Okay I don't have an official before picture of this one, so we'll use this:


Our well is in our front yard and the well installing people provide you with this very lovely fake rock to cover up the actual well components. That is the fake rock in the background up there. You have no idea why I'd want to replace that, now do you? Looks totally real.

Anyways, so I wanted an actual well house instead. My dad happened upon some leftover siding in a pile of discounted lumber one day and the siding matched our house exactly so he snagged it for us. I knew that I wanted to use that to cover the well house I was envisioning.

Not long after that, my dad - and then John (don't ask) built the well house and replaced the rock. I love it so much! All it needs is a pulley so it looks like an old functioning well would look and a couple of hanging baskets on either side of the pulley. I'm hoping to find something like that this spring.


I especially loved hanging lights on it as well at Christmas.



Hey! This next one might actually be a FINISHED project! I just can't say the same for the flower beds alongside it.

So, last Memorial Day weekend we had friends over at our house, many for the first time. This gave us the fire we needed under us to get some things done prior to their arrival. You may be thinking we spent the day making sure the kitchen was clean and the floors were vacuumed, but no. Instead, we went to a building materials place that sold stone so we could finally make a walkway to our front door.

We asked the guys working there what type of stone we would need to create stepping stones for a walkway and he pointed us in the right direction - or so we thought. From those we chose our favorite stones, purchased them, and then went home to lay them all out. Once we got them laid out we dubbed the sidewalk "THE SIDEWALK OF DEATH". The stones were not flat at all like you'd expect from stepping stones. They were all slanted and were ALL tripping hazards. I am going to say that there was probably a 90% chance of you tripping on one of these jagged stones and busting your butt had you tried to walk on that pathway. But then, it was time for the party so there was no undoing it just yet. We just had to make sure all guests did not actually use THE WALKWAY OF DEATH in fear of a lawsuit that night.

The next day (or maybe next weekend, can't remember) John picked up every last stone and packed them back up to return them. Turns out the guy told us wrong and sold us the stones you'd use on your home instead of the ones you'd use for a walkway. Idiots. The new guy then showed him the correct type of stone we'd need and he purchased that. He then laid the sidewalk back out again, leveled them properly and then we had an official completed project. It's a miracle and our UPS man thanks us.



Ahhhhhhh the spare bedroom. It started as this mess...


...which slowly evolved into a playroom for Charley.


& now the room finally will have a purpose as Laney's nursery. Although far from finished, I'm really loving it so far.

I took both of these pictures with my phone while it was dark out, so the color isn't accurate, but I'll take better pictures later when the room really starts coming together.


The walls are a peachy pink, and I plan to do some gold accents too. Not totally decided on other accent colors, but I bet they will go with the colors I used in creating the letters above the crib. Besides modge podging and hanging those letters, John painting, and Charley and I sorting the books by color and then size - that's about all we've done in here. But I have lots of stolen ideas and I'm hoping my trip to IKEA tomorrow can help some more of those come to life. You know I will blow up all social media outlets with every step along the way too. I can't help it - decorating nurseries or kid's rooms are my absolute favorite!


I also had big plans back in May about refinishing the dining room table we got at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and refinishing the chairs as well. I never really could make up my mind HOW I wanted those all refinished, but was leaning mostly towards distressed and white. SHOCKER.

Well, that refinishing never happened. And then one day this popped up on a local Facebook swap page. Table, 6 chairs and a china cabinet for $250 already in a distressed white finish.

I didn't bother cleaning up the craft supplies prior to taking the picture. REAL LIFE.

I obviously still have tons of work to do in this room including paint on the walls, choosing a new fabric for those chairs, styling that china cabinet, and likely even replacing (or maybe just changing the color) on that chandelier but it's a ton better than it was with the old table and chairs that all needed refinishing. Speaking of that old table and chairs - they are all in my basement now and I'd be happy to sell them to whomever may want them!

So yeah - still a long way to go in this room but much better than it was before! I'd say we are 15% there. If we consider the starting point 8 months ago, take the completion percentage now which I estimate to be 15%, this room should be finished in a mere 45 more months. So I'll report back on this in October 2018! Moving right along aren't we?


And sadly, that's about it as far as the more major house changes go. Sad, yes? Besides the obvious (nursery), where oh where should we start and halfway finish a project next?!


april said...

I'd say you have a great start to the house projects - they look great!

Nicole Tully said...

LOVE the gallery wall! Also, your hardwood floors are lovely :) And awesome score on the dining room set! I love seeing house updates :)

k said...

Girl, you are hauling CAN! And it all looks amazing. I love it.

Heather said...

You and John have such a knack for design. :) It all looks great! I know we differ on ideas for the gallery wall (I very much have family photos as decor in our house), but I love how yours features a mix of special things (the wedding card, etc.) and those few mint frames look fab.