Friday, January 30, 2015

This And That

It is the weirdest thing. For the first time in years, there is more than one song I actually enjoy and turn the volume UP on the radio when they come on the pop radio station. The morning show I listen to is on a pop radio station so I hear at least the top 5 songs at the moment each morning and I cannot believe that there are a few that are tolerable to me right now.

The songs I am currently enjoying are:

Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars
Take Me To Church by Hozier
I'm Not The Only One by Sam Smith

I'm either getting cooler, orrr yeah no. That's probably not it. It's just coincidence they are all popular right now. I obviously like male singers, and a male ballad is even better.


Have any of you ever done or ever considered the IKEA childcare place? I've never even considered it because strangers scare me but Charley INSISTED Sunday after seeing the kids playing through the window. So, I made her stay with me for the first half and told her if she still wanted to play when we got downstairs I'd allow it hoping she would change her mind. Spoiler alert: she didn't.

So I signed her in and she walked right in and never looked back. I stuck around for a few minutes to see if she would run back to me and want to leave but she didn't at all. It was only for an hour, so I went on and shopped but I couldn't focus because I was staring at the pager just KNOWING I'd get paged any minute. I of course forgot my list in the car and my brain was stuck on worrying about my baby so I did a poor job of making the most of the IKEA trip. And then about 10-15 minutes earlier than I was due I went back and got her and she came bouncing back to me safe and happy. Whew! And then I got us both IKEA ice cream cones because it was warranted. Her for being a far braver child than I ever was, and me for letting go just the tiniest bit even though if you studied my brain for those 45 minutes it may tell you a different story.


Charley: Laney likes to swim!
Me: She sure does!
Charley: But, isn't she getting her dress wet?

You know what is awesome about new job? When I leave at 5 o'clock on the dot and there are hardly any cars left in the parking lot. Old job: When I left on time I felt like I was taking a walk of shame out of the door. How dare she leave on time?!


Twice this week I've checked my Timehop app to see what happened on this day 1 year ago, 2 years ago, etc etc, and found spelling errors from my posts in the past. Now, grammatically I know I screw stuff up on here often because I prefer to type in a more conversational tone instead of making sure I don't end my sentences in a preposition, for example. But spelling is a different story. I don't do misspellings. I'm hoping that I noticed both errors shortly after posting and went back and edited them and that Timehop just didn't pick up the corrected entry because otherwise those spelling errors will live on in my internet history for the rest of time.  FOREVER. And now that I'm reposting the picture of one of the errors here so it really will live on forever. I'm ashamed of myself.



Charley got a haircut last Sunday and it is the CUTEST thing I've ever seen. I wanted to shorten it up some because her hair is pretty fine and it was getting stringy looking the longer it got. The lady blow dried it after she cut it which made it straight and Charley instantly aged 3 years when we walked out of there. 

The next night after her bath her curls had returned. When Charley later saw herself in the mirror she told me that she didn't think her hair looked pretty and asked me to blow dry it for her. It only took seconds to straighten it back out again with the blow dryer so she's gone all week looking like a Kindergartner. Cute as can be, but mahhhhhh bayyyyyyybeeeeeeee. :(



Happy weekend!

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Nicole Tully said...

Her haircut is ADORABLE! I looooove little bob cuts on girls. I can occasionally talk Lilah into getting her haircut like that, but every time I wish I had gone just a little bit shorter. And good for her for braving the childcare center at Ikea - my kids would be quite hit or miss about me leaving them probably. I bet my oldest would be fine, but the younger two wouldn't have it, even though they'd have each other. That's why I don't even attempt the gym even though we have a membership - not worth the drama at daycare drop off! Or at least that's what I tell myself, ha! ;)