Friday, January 16, 2015

Never Ever Have I Ever

If you are unfamiliar, this is part of a drinking game. The goal is to say something that you truly never have done that you think most other people HAVE done, and for anyone that has done that thing, they must take a drink. Even though it has been several years since I've played this game or any other drinking game (sadly!), I could NEVER come up with anything good to say on the spot when I would pull this card. So I started this post probably 8 months ago and it took me that long to come up with this list. Man, there are some really good ones on here that I'd like to go back several years and use! It's Friday (or it will be when this posts) so grab your favorite drink of choice and I'll see you drunkies at the end!


Never Ever Have I Ever....

...hired a moving company.

...shoveled snow.

...painted a room.

...been skydiving.

...bungee jumped.

...been in a tanning bed.

...had anything sent to collections. (Heh, cause, you know the townhouse was in John's name.) (That's not to say I haven't had tons of debt before. I was just really good at making sure to pay those minimums. Ha!)

...had a root canal.

...made a salad.

...been on a cruise.

...worn contacts...though I think my day is coming.

...driven on a toll road.

...gotten a tattoo.

...had a facial.

...been skiing, snowboarding or even snow tubing.

...played in an organized sport. One season of cheerleading in the 4th grade doesn't count.

...waited tables.

...mowed the grass.

...been to a Broadway show.

...been arrested.

...done a cartwheel.

...been in a hot air balloon.

...been parasailing.

...taken a red-eye flight.

...had chicken pox.

...owned a Droid phone.

...owned or used an Apple computer.

...been able to climb the rope in gym class.

...changed a tire - though I think I could if I had to.

...sewn on a button.

...been to Canada.

How are we feeling? Nice and tipsy? Now that I've finally posted this after it took me FOREVER to come up with the list I'm sure I'll come up with 30 other things. I'll save them for another Friday - perhaps one where I can have a drink with you.



diana bowers said...

I would be drunk unless it was mega light beer, then tipsy

Navigating the Mothership said...

I"MMM DRuNkkkkkK.

I have...hired a moving company, shoveled snow, painted a room, been in a tanning bed, had a root canal, made a salad, worn contacts, driven on a toll road, gotten a tattoo, been skiing, played an organized sport, waited tables, mowed the grass, done a cartwheel, been parasailing, taken a red-eye, had chicken pox, own an Apple, sewn on a button and been to Canada.

Whew! Fun post!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

15 for me. I can't believe you've never done a cartwheel as a cheerleader!

Elizabeth Stack said...

I'd only need to drink 11 times! But I have to say, go on a cruise, you will not regret it! ;)

april said...

I am with you on 17 of those items, so I did it wrong but that means I should have drank for all the other ones, right? Too bad I waited until Monday morning to read this!