Monday, January 5, 2015

Charley Lately

Today on the Timehop app on my phone it showed that I shared Charley's 4 month update on this day (a day late) 3 years ago (!!!) and I immediately had to do the math real quick to see which month update I'd be doing today if I was obnoxious enough to have kept those monthly bear updates up this long. 40 months. 40! That's a lot of months!

But it did inspire me to do a Charley update! She's got a lot of personality so there is a lot to share.


I made her do a quick bear picture for old time's sake. I bribed her by allowing her to stay up another 20 minutes for one more show. Worth it, I think. And oh my goodness did you click back to see that little 4 month picture I linked up there^^? So tiny and bald!

Charley is VERY independent (funny - I said the same thing about her in her FOUR MONTH update.) and has very strong opinions which she makes known. She is most opinionated about what she wears. As of now, we have a drawer full of pants that Charley will not wear. She will only wear dresses and leggings 99% of the time. Of course I could force her to wear pants and I considered doing the thing where you give two choices of outfits from which she could choose in the morning, but I know it would be no use since she knows where her dresses are in her dresser. She would simply say "neither" and go pick out which dress she would wear that day instead. It's not worth the fight for me. Maybe Laney will get some use one day out of the pants Charley isn't wearing. 

The plaid nightgown she is wearing in the picture above was also her first nightgown and as of now her only nightgown. She's not as strict on the pajama front in only wearing gowns as opposed to pajamas with pants, but I think it's because she only owns that one gown so she understands that sometimes that gown is dirty and needs to be washed. I am on the lookout for more nightgowns for her though. Just not those polyester character ones that are EVERYWHERE and end up pilling in 2 washes. Where in the world can I just buy some 100% cotton nightgowns? It's a mystery I tell you.

To kind of go along with the clothing thing, she also is pretty particular about her hair and the way it is styled or which hairbow she wears. Pigtails are never welcomed ("just one pony, Mama") and a regular pony tail is only every so often. But one day I got the genius idea to show her a couple of YouTube videos of kid hairstyles and she really liked one that she calls "the diamond" so we've done that one a few times.


She really loves taking a bath and even though we don't do daily baths here, lately she's wanted to at least play in the bath daily. So we still only wash every other day or so, but she will get in and play for a good 45 minutes each night if we have the time. And she got these little practice soap things from her preschool teachers at Christmas so on "non-washing" nights she does her own washing using those.


She always throws the mean ol' crab and shark toys out of the tub. They aren't nice enough to play with all of the others. She's really into being nice and making sure the characters in whatever cartoon she's watching are also nice. If she's scrolling through Netflix and comes across a show she's not seen before she always asks me if everyone in it is going to be nice before she chooses it. And if they aren't being nice, she's done watching that show. "They weren't nice Mama."

To offset some of the clothes/hair sassiness, Charley really is pretty sensitive (she gets that from her Mama) and pretty sweet too. She's a major Mama's girl and is always snuggled up next to me at home. I have no complaints about that, of course. She's also pretty cautious and doesn't seem like she'll be the first one jumping off the bridge, for example. If she doesn't want to do it I don't think she will, even if every one of her friends have already jumped off the bridge. That trait she got straight from her Daddy. He's always marched to the beat of his own drum in a very good way.

This particular morning she said "I don't want syrup with my pancakes. It will drip on me and make my pajamas dirty."

She's still not that great at sharing. That'll come, right? I try to encourage it but it's still not second-nature for her to share. Laney should help with that I'm thinking.

She can't take her shirt/dress off either. How does one teach that?

She can say her ABCs, but rarely does she identify a letter. Or numbers for that matter. I do think she recognizes numbers more often than letters, but it's not something she shows off. I remember when she was learning her ABCs she would say ABCXY as the entire song for the longest time, no matter how many times we tried to teach it to her. And then one day, she sang the whole darn thing. It's like she won't present her knowledge until she's got it all mastered. I'm not real concerned about any of this - we don't spend a ton of time dedicated to this unless it comes up during play. She's got lots of years to learn these things. For now we just play and have fun.

She loves to paint - without a smock or apron. She's surprisingly neat about it so I don't fight the smock/apron fight too often. She spends a lot of time at her desk doing artsy things.

She's really into Rapunzel and some of the other Disney Princesses, and still a big fan of Minnie Mouse. Ponies are another favorite as well.


She goes to bed pretty easily and 95% of the time stays in her bed the entire night. Occasionally (although not very often lately) she will come in our room in the middle of the night and ask one of us to put her back in bed. Guess she just missed us. Ha. But we praise her every morning that she doesn't wake in the middle of the night so I think she understands that and tries to keep it to a minimum. And a couple of times she has gone to the bathroom by herself in the middle of the night too. "Mama, I didn't flush last night because you and Daddy were sleeping and I didn't want to wake you." And yes, I melted into a puddle when she said that.

Night terrors. Any other toddlers/pre-schoolers have these? We are 99% sure it only happens on days she's overtired because she didn't nap or stayed up too late. It's the only thing that has been consistent since we've been trying to pay more attention to what may be causing them. She usually has a handful a month. About an hour after she's gone to sleep, she'll wake up crying pretty hard. We always run in and pick her up and hold her tight because teeth chattering and shaking usually accompany them. She'll talk a little, but it's just nonsense jibberish or unfinished thoughts. From what I've read, she's not really awake during these and they just occur during the transition from one phase of sleep to another. I hate that she has them though. I plan to talk to her doctor about them next time we are in but would be curious on any other's experience with them too.

We used to have meltdowns and fights every night when it came to brushing her teeth. She stalled and refused to open her mouth and dilly dallied around until I got frustrated and was trying to pry her mouth open with the darn toothbrush. Okay maybe not that extreme, but it was so frustrating every evening and almost always ended in tears. Then, one day I got the genius idea to show her one of my cavities that had been filled with the silver filling instead of the enamel colored. I went on to explain how if you don't do a good job brushing that you get cavities and they hurt and blah blah blah. I kid you not - that was a good month ago and the whole teeth brushing thing is like night and day from how it was. That terrified her to the point where if we let her have candy during the day she's asking if she needs to go and brush her teeth right afterwards so she won't get a cavity. Yay for scare tactics and clean teeth!

All those words to say - she's still a really good kid. And an abnormal one. Sometimes I feel bad talking about how easy she is - I know this isn't the norm. I can't claim that I don't take her easiness/agreeableness for granted because it's all I've known. But Laney may put an end to all of that - we'll just have to wait and see. I just want to make sure that I am not coming across like I think I personally had anything to do with that. She just IS easy and I know this.


So that's my kid at 40 months. I'll check back in somewhere around the 46 month mark. And in that update I'll get to tell how Charley is at being a big sister. Eep!


Heather said...

Oh my goodness, you know I have a lot to comment about this post! I just drafted a 3 1/4 years post about Tory today (to publish later this week) so I almost choked when you said you would've been obnoxious still writing these updates. I re-read your words twice and then realized you were writing an update too, so I'm not completely crazy.

Anyhoo ... our girls are so the same it's scary. They've got to meet someday. They've just got to! First, Tory also refuses to wear anything other than leggings and dresses. Everyday it's "can I wear a beautiful dress?" She also has an entire drawer full of jeans and pants she refuses to wear. Maybe it's a three-year-old thing? I don't fight it either. Not worth it. I have found cotton nightgown pajamas at Carters (usually on sale because apparently people don't buy these much?) that aren't ridiculously charactered up.

Tory is also very specific about her hairstyles and only wants "one pony" too. :) Today I did pigtails without asking and she frankly said, "But I like one, Mom."

And the night terrors thing -- oh, yes. We deal with that, too. Although, Tory's the worst sleeper in the history of children so I'm not sure you want to take my wisdom for anything. Alas, I have noticed Tory often wakes screaming in the night if she's got to use the potty. I literally have to peal her hysterical body out of bed and make her sit on the toilet until she goes the bathroom. When her bladder's empty, she'll go right back to sleep. Weird. Though, one time recently she freaked out back-peddling out her bed because she said there was someone trying to get her up by her pillow. It's very worrisome as a parent and jarring. Hope that stage passes quickly.

TiffyDun said...

I love it. She's awesome.

diana bowers said...

Oh, the cavity idea was smart!
I love Charley's sass and her sweetness. I can't help but think of her fake cry video when you needed to go to the grocery store. She'd a smart girl.

Lacey said...

I had to go edit that first paragraph about the updates being obnoxious! Ha! I totally just meant the monthly bear ones - I LOVE reading the quarterly (in your case) or occasional (in my case haha) updates about our girls! I just can't imagine still doing a month one. It'd be like: "40 month update: exactly the same as 39 months. She grew an 1/8 of an inch and added the word 'unfortunately' to her vocabulary." Haha

Rachael said...

Love the update! I too have been blessed with pretty easy kiddos as babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. I know I am just lucky and did nothing to make them that way. My little bub is just a little older than Charley and he can take his shirt off but he can't put one on.

I have a theory about why there are no cotton nightgowns. I wonder if because nightgowns are loose fitting, by law they have to be made with flame retardant materials/chemicals? The only cotton PJs I see at all are the ones that are meant to fit snugly.. I think. I bet a cotton nightgown would be a simple thing to make, though, if you're into sewing.

Kara Keenan said...

Land's End does nightgowns for kids, and they probably have the best selection available, and no characters that I could see.

My youngest wore only dresses for YEARS. She'd wear a fabulous gold "party dress" to preschool at least once a week, with some type of leggings and a pair of cowboy boots. But there were other dresses in the rotation too. It was only when she went to school with a uniform code that dresses fell to the wayside.

Nicole Tully said...

She sounds soooo much like my 3 year old! Very particular about her hairstyles, but NO ponys here, only braids, and french braids are best. Would love to just do a quick easy pony, especially with the crazy mane on my childs head! And very specific taste in clothes - only dresses and only nightgowns. And they must be looooong dresses and nightgowns. I buy her a size 5 so that they are long enough for her tastes, ha! Carters used to have a ton of cotton nightgowns and thats where most of ours are from, but they have slim pickings these days it seems.