Monday, December 1, 2014

Santa and Laney and Charley and Thanksgiving and Scandal

Remember the days that each blog post was about one single subject and there were thought out pictures and links and even drawings to go along with it? Yeah, those days were fun. Now you just get a list of things and short commentary that all would have been their own post if only they'd occurred a few years ago and if we're lucky I can toss in a picture or two. Forgive me?


Santa - we visited. It was good. Paid a few more dollars for a different mall Santa this year because a) I don't trust myself to take a great picture at a free Santa (see Charley's first Santa pic), b) it seems other mall Santa never smiles and c) I needed to go to a store at this different mall this year which really, was the only reason at all but I like justification and I feel justified now.


And then I made a collage because I don't want you getting the idea that I've completely lost all my blogging gusto.

PicMonkey Collage


Hey remember that anatomy scan I had last week? No? Oh that's right - every blog I've written about my insecurities and anxieties about that appointment are still in draft mode because I never finished them. Anyways, I was nervous. I felt like this was the last thing holding me back from feeling good about this pregnancy and moving forward like this was really happening. We knew it was a girl from the elective ultrasound, but I really needed to see that Laney was healthy. And guess what? Everything looked great as far as they could tell! I feel so much better it's unreal. 

She's still a girl, too.


I reach the halfway point on Wednesday! Yay!


Charley makes me laugh so much. I know, I know. Everyone thinks their kid is funny and 99% of the time when you try and tell someone else the funny thing they did you just get a sympathy laugh, but hear me out and give me all the sympathy laughs in the end.

I posted this first bit on Facebook. This happened as we were walking out of a store to the car.

Me: We need to go to Costco.
Charley: What's that place? We have to take an airplane to get there?
Me: (after thinking it over for a second to connect the dots in her head) Hahahahaa no no, that was Chicago!

And then I told her she was so funny and I wanted to write that down real quick so I didn't forget it. Then we got in the car and drove to our next destination.

Several minutes later we get to our next destination. I usually turn around in my seat and unbuckle Charley, and then get out and open her door to get her out. Easier for me since she's in the middle seat still.

So I open the door and she does this cute thing with her hands in the air saying "help, help! Please rescue the tiny princess! She needs your help!" And I giggle and tell her she makes me laugh.

To which she replies: "Mama, do you need to take a minute and write that one down too?"


Thanksgiving was good except we were missing 44% of the usual guests. 44%! That part is kind of sad. There were just a measly 10 of us which I realize sounds crazy but I'm just used to having a big immediate family! 10 people is like deafening silence when you are used to the volume of 18! (That part is totally not true - I get overwhelmed by the volume of 18 so 10 was way more my style. I'll allow the other 8 to return if they can keep their voices low for me and my old lady ears.) We'll do better at Christmas - I'm sure of it!

Our ride to Thanksgiving. Charley in a princess dress and crown, carrying Minnie Mouse and riding to Thanksgiving on a golf cart in my dad's lap. I like my life.


Scandal - I finally started watching it. I think I'm about halfway through season 2. Really good and really scandalous, but sometimes the more political parts lose my interest and I find myself perusing my phone and not paying attention. But then! Scandalous part! Attention grabbed again.


I've decorated every square inch of my house for Christmas. Less is definitely not more when it comes to Christmas decorations in my opinion. I'll show you sometime. Maybe a whole post dedicated to the topic. It'll be just like old times.


That'll get you semi-updated with me. Maybe I'll do another one of those pregnancy week updates since this week is the big 20 weeker one, and get around to showing you some house projects and Christmas decor soon too. I've got big plans. And approximately 2 hours of unscheduled time this weekend. It's totally going to work out.


Heather said...

This is totally me, too. I have a running list of 20 things to blog about (seriously) on my iPhone and no time to write about any of it. Princess problem, obvs. Your bullet point blog post is definitely more timely than my method.

I think Charley-isms are hilarious, so keep on posting! I can hear her saying those adorable things ... even though I've never actually met her in person. :)

And, yay! for a healthy baby Laney!! I am so happy you're feeling good about this pregnancy and hope you enjoy every minute of the last 20ish weeks.

diana bowers said...

Haha, do you want yo write that down? Too smart, Charley!

Laura Diniwilk said...

YAY healthy Laney! I love the Charley-isms, they all remind me of things my own kids have said (Adriana once connected Amazone (a Chuck E Cheese-like place) to Arizona). But all of the internet babies are the most unique and special and hilarious kids ever, and I refuse to believe any differently :)

Nicole Tully said...

Wow, GREAT picture of C with Santa! She is so beautiful :) I've never done the whole santa pics thing at the mall with my kids (just seems like torture for all of us!) but seeing your comparison makes me wish I had!
Congrats on a great ultrasound! So so happy for you :) Such a relief. I hope you are able to enjoy this second half (!!!) of pregnancy a bit more now.
And I vote for a post on a 20 week update and house details!!!

k said...

Healthy Halfway Baby! Woohoo!