Sunday, December 21, 2014

Get Your Wallets Out

I meant to do this earlier in the month - you know, in case I sold you on something so well that you decided you may want it for Christmas. But yeah. We know how that goes.

Here are some things that I'm loving lately.

Reusable Napkins


It's been nearly a year since these were delivered to my house (ironically they came on a day I did A Day In The Life post) and I honestly have not bought a single roll of paper towels since. Originally I bought them because I saw my lovely husband repeatedly skipping over the dish towel to grab a paper towel (OR TWO!) to dry his hands with after he washed them and it was making me crazy. I thought if I can just have these in a place close to the sink to eliminate that alone then we'd be doing good. That part was a success as expected.

The part I didn't expect was not having both the choice of a paper towel AND a reusable napkin. Once we ran out of the paper towels we had, we just never saw the need to purchase them again. We were using them for every meal, every spill, every anything and the need was just no longer there. We toss them in our laundry sink (one day I'll buy a separate basket to house them in the laundry room, but sink works for now) when they're ready to be washed and the 3 dozen we bought seems to be just the right amount. They take up such a small amount of space in the washer that it didn't add an additional load in our weekly washing - we just toss them in with towels***. I fold them in fourths and place them in a little square basket I found at Target and it resides right next to the sink.


***The washing instructions included suggested using Woolite on them to keep them as absorbent as possible and we did start out following those instructions. But one weekend we were out of Woolite and laundry must go on so we just tossed them in with towels and our usual Tide and never looked back. If they aren't as absorbent we haven't noticed yet!


So one of my good friends (who also happens to be a fabulous hair stylist!) offered to get me some hair products because I admitted my shampoo of choice was "whatever was on sale". I had fallen off the CVS free stuff wagon because I just wasn't able to keep up any longer and my stash of drug store brand shampoos and conditioners was dwindling, so I thought this would be the time since I was about to start paying for stuff anyways. She knows my hair very well so I just let her buy whatever she thought was best since I had absolutely no clue where to even start. She chose these for me: AG Hair Cosmetics Xtramoist Shampoo and Ultramoist Conditioner. She chose really, really, really well. I'm in love.

Now, seeing as how prior to this I was just a whatever-brand shampoo user, it IS possible that I may have had the same results with any real brand of shampoo but I'm not willing to give these up to give anything else a try right now. My hair has never been as shiny and just all around easy as it is right now. And I know my hair WAS better while pregnant with Charley also, but it wasn't like this. This is like BETTER better. Definitely better.

So naturally, when I left my beloved shampoo and conditioner in the hotel shower last weekend I had to immediately run out and replace them the next day. And yeah, they weren't cheap at Ulta even with a coupon. I paid $26 for both the shampoo and conditioner, but based on the price per ounce I can get them even cheaper on Amazon next time. Worth it though to me to have good hair with no where near as much effort - especially since I've been lazy about curling my hair as much as I did pre-pregnancy.

KMS California Free Shape


While we are talking hair stuff, my same friend also bought me this stuff to try. Another big win in my book.

Remember when I told you I hate showering? And then a ton of you secretly judged me and pinched your nose closed? Hehe. Well, a ton of you didn't and felt the same way as me about showering and using your hair to drive your need to shower. Especially the fellow working ladies and even more-so when dealing with morning showers. Showering + drying + styling hair was such a process that the mornings just cannot accommodate that kind of time commitment.

But then came this stuff and my life changed. Okay, so I'm not showering more often (and all of you just pinched your noses back closed), but I am morning showering more often which I prefer so I don't have to undo the mess that sleeping on wet/damp hair can do. A morning shower and then spraying this stuff all over on my wet hair while I switch tasks and get Charley ready makes drying and styling my hair doable in the mornings. It truly does help your hair dry faster. And it smells good and is a heat protectant too! Win/win/win!

Soma Vanishing Edge Undies

Again - not my most frugal purchase but another one that I promise you is SO SO worth it. Find a good sale, use ebates, and a coupon code or whatever and get these undies. Your butt will thank me.

And sure, it may be weird to share a picture of myself in underwear for the world to see but what good would a product review be without a picture?


Now that we've got that out of the way let me tell you how wonderful they are - SO SO wonderful. They don't move you guys. Like, at all. You put them on and they don't wishy washy under your clothes at all. Not even a millimeter. The edges really do vanish and just sit perfectly flush with your skin and you can't even TRY and make a visible panty line at all. It's VANISHED. Gone. Donezo. The line doesn't exist. These undies have become one with your skin, no matter how round certain parts of you may be. And then up top where you may worry about some squeezing and muffining - nope. None of that either. Another vanishing line.

My favorites are the hipsters or bikinis and I like the microfiber ones quite a bit too. I have bigger hips (obviously they look way bigger than pictured above) and a bigger butt and these are perfection. I didn't discover them on my own - a couple of girls suggested them to a group of us and they have spread like wildfire. We are all converts now. You want these. I promise.

The Wet Brush

This may be the third time you are seeing this recommendation if you run in the same blog circle as myself, but I feel like my own friends and family deserved to know about this brush as well.


The Wet Brush is not going to break the bank and is something I think you can get at a regular store if you still frequent those types of establishments in lieu of online shopping. I personally loved it for myself - it just sort of massages your head as it goes and it feels quite lovely, but the real test was Charley. She HATED HATED HATED getting her hair brushed daily. Now, she doesn't mind at all. Maybe it's the fact that she has her own mini brush, or maybe it's the fact that it is pink, or just maybe she likes the feeling of having her head massaged as well.

I bought the regular sized + mini sized combo pack, but they do sell just the one brush by itself in different colors if that's what you'd prefer. And you know what else - sometimes I use this brush when my hair isn't even wet! GASP! It's just as wonderful then. Quick! This is a good stocking stuffer and Amazon can still make that happen!

SO Riding Boots


If you've seen me in the past 10 weeks or so where I've been wearing maternity jeans (and therefore wearing the ONE pair of maternity jeans I own) I've likely also been wearing these boots because the jeans are skinnies. No you say, I was wearing brown boots instead when I saw you? Oh then yeah, I was still wearing these boots because I own that color too. Oh no? They were tan boots I was wearing. Then yes, those too were these boots because I bought all three colors available when I scored some sale where I got them for $16 and some change each. I figured for that price they were worth a try and if I hated them I could return them, and if I liked them then I could just pick one or two I'd like to keep and return the other(s).

But I loved them! They are comfortable, they aren't tall heels which make me look even more Amazon woman when I wear them, and the calves are SMALL and fit for a change! I've had to resort to slouchy boots in the past because I have skinny chicken legs and boots either looked crazy for the gaps they had all the way around, or they became slouchy boots when they weren't intended to be slouchy boots. So annoying. So anyways, I doubt they will last THAT long since they aren't real leather and were so cheap, but $16 (times three...ahem) is definitely worth it for just one season to me if that's all they end up lasting.

I know as soon as I hit 'publish' I'm going to think of 10 more things that all of you must have, but this is all I can come up with at this moment. I love and hate these types of posts because I inevitably buy something/everything someone suggests but I usually end up loving the stuff too because nothing sells something better to me than a personal review.

What are you loving lately? I'm sure John agrees that I haven't yet spent enough money in December. ;)


Jodi said...

I'll have to try the underwear, I need something for a couple of sweater dresses i own that I can always see lines! I wanted to try the boots, but I actually like the gap around the calf. Since I have really big calves, I always have trouble finding boots that ARE big enough, so I know these wont work, sigh... A good riding boot is hard to come by!

april said...

I don't know if I could sell my husband on reusable towels. We do have several hand towels hanging around in the kitchen and I think we use those more than anything else, but I don't know. Maybe sometime next year I'll work that in.

Heather said...

FINALLY clicking over to comment after reading this post a few weeks ago. Thanks for the recs! I'm going to buy the underwear for sure - especially after I saw some an undercover report on the Today show the other day saying VS employees return used merchandise directly to the store floor (against their company policy, obvs.) Anyway, I'm in the market for something new and different anyway and these fit the bill.

I want to try the reusable dish cloths at the cabin since seem to have such an issue using throw-away things there (paper plates, napkins, paper towels, silverware). Not sure I can get Andi on board though ...