Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Recap


It's a strange time of year for an accountant. December comes and is crazy busy and then Christmas comes and is chaotic and fun, and naturally you expect the lull to follow while your life quiets down and you get settled back into normalcy. But no. For an accountant year-end (if your fiscal year-end is 12/31 of course) doesn't let the craziness stop - it just shifts from home/family craziness to work craziness. I'm looking forward to February/March when everything settles down again!

But Christmas! It was a blast. Charley is such a joy and age 3 was so much fun just as I expected. I bought her way too much and I had so much fun doing it too. I love to give gifts, especially ones that I come up with myself and just know the recipient will love so it is very natural to me to spoil my kid at any gift-giving holiday. John isn't as thrilled about that little trait of mine but I secretly think he likes it too. Charley really is a good kid so I truly like spoiling her a couple times a year. Anyways....


For Christmas this year Santa's biggest gift to Charley was this Peg Perego Power Wheels type vehicle. We had to have one that had a motor brake because of all of the hills around here so we went with this brand instead of Fisher Price, and once we found out Laney was a girl I was fine going gender specific for the 2-seater vehicle.


Charley can drive it down to my parent's house which is especially cool since we don't have a ton of  flat land for her otherwise. She loves it, but definitely needs to work on looking where she's going. She tends to get distracted and starts to run off of the driveway into the woods. Ha!

The one thing Charley asked Santa for was this set Costco sold that was the My First Disney Princess Toddler Rapunzel ("Tootunzel" according to Charley) doll like this one, but the one at Costco included the horse. She threw a massive tantrum in Costco when she saw that and talked about it ever since. So naturally since she was so well behaved in Costco that day I ran back in and purchased it while my dad sat with her in the car claiming I was just running in to go to the bathroom. Heh. And Costco - you sure do make hiding things like this difficult with your no bags and all.


She was pretty excited to get it but I surprisingly I don't think that's her favorite gift at all! She definitely plays with it but not as much as I expected after hearing about it for 4 weeks straight!

One big hit came from my best friends. They gave Charley the Li'l Woodzeez Happy Camper and she (and her big cousins) loves that thing! It is so cute too. I was shocked at how detailed it was and how the little drawers all open and there is storage everywhere in the camper just like in a real camper. Highly recommend! I contemplated getting Charley some of that stuff for Christmas and then didn't because I had already bought so much so that was such a nice surprise for her! She loves little figurines and tiny pieces like that (Littlest Pet Shop also a favorite) so that was such a good gift for her!

Other favorites were the personalized Minnie Mouse fleece blanket, this set of princess crowns because you can never have enough, and these are much sturdier than the dollar spot variety, this set of Disney princess "Barbies" that came with extra clothes (that she doesn't know how to change herself yet), and this Minnie Polka Dot Yacht set I got her thinking it was a bath toy but it says on the box that it's not meant for water. Whoops. She also got a LeapPad which I think will be a huge hit as soon as she gets the hang of it. She doesn't have a ton of patience so she only practices in little spurts before getting annoyed. Ha! But yes, she was definitely spoiled. 

MY favorite gift she got were the two Nancy Tillman books Santa brought. I had been living under a rock I guess and didn't own any of them nor had I read any of them and now I want them all. I just wish Charley would choose them more often as the book she wants me to read her at night. I try to weasel my choice in as much as possible though. 

John and I don't really exchange gifts although I did get him a coat this year just because it was a good price and I liked it. He likes it too, but had he not liked it I would have no problem handing over the receipt. 

So Christmas morning Charley woke up around 7 and walked straight into our bedroom just like she does any other non-work/school/Aunt Christy day. I was worried that she may see the Christmas tree and all her stuff in front of it before coming to get us because she has to walk through that room to get to ours, but she must have forgot it was Christmas so I still got to see her face when we finally did venture out to the living room. My parents also came up from their house to see her open her gifts so that was nice too.

After opening all of the Santa stuff, Charley played with her new things while I started cooking a few things for the brunch at my parent's house that morning. When it was time to head to my parent's house, Charley got in her new car and drove on over. How awesome is that?


It was the usual delicious brunch (my favorite meal of the year!) and we followed that up with the chaos of 16 (actually only 14 this year - brother and nephew stayed home sick) people exchanging gifts with each other. I love our Christmases.


That party died down around 2, and we were back home by 2:01 or so. All that holiday travel made Charley exhausted and we got her down for a rare nap at home that afternoon.


Basically, it was wonderful. I feel so very blessed by my own little family and what we are able to do for Christmases, but especially by how close I am (in physical distance and in closeness) to my larger family and how holidays are such a relaxed time for us. For now, I will dream about what next year will be like with my big 4 year old and hopefully 8 month old too!

And with this post I posted on this blog a total of 49 times this year. That's my worst year ever! Hope that next year I'll have more time to write because this is something I genuinely enjoy doing. And I'm sure that time will be of the plenty in 2015. ;)

Happy New Year, bloggy friends! 


diana bowers said...

How did her power wheel do going up the hill to your house?
and 49 posts, I think you tripled what I blogged, though I had so many I wanted to do.

Nicole Tully said...

That power wheels is AWESOME! Good thinking getting a two seater - we now have 3 power wheels and can't park one of our real cars in the garage thanks to the kid's cars, haha! If only they made a minivan power wheels!
And I can see where you get your decorators eye from - your parents home is lovely :) I'm insanely jealous that you like 2 minutes away from them!

Heather said...

What a lovely little Christmas with your family -- immediate and extended! Sounds like Charley had a great year. We have the Minnie Polka Dot Yacht too, and it's one of Tory's favorite toys. Actually, this Christmas she also got a Minnie RV (similar to the one Charley received) and together those are some of her favorite toys. Jealous of the power wheels Jeep! Tory and Aden need one of those for sure ... maybe next year. :)