Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review

Hey! Guess what a pregnant lady does on New Year's Eve? If you guessed "lets her kid stay up late watching Netflix, eating chips and sausage dip and blogging" you are correct! Let's make this year's post count a solid 50.

So, in lieu of the usual year-in-review survey I've completed in the past I'm going to do a quick bulleted-type list review. With pictures - of course - always with pictures. This will be difficult for me to keep my wordiness in check. You people know I'm wordy. Okay, so 2014. Here goes.

1/16/14 - Pregnant!

1/18/14 - Not pregnant. Chemical pregnancy.

1/18/14 - 1/20/14 - My child is potty trained in three days! Yah!

2/14/14 - You'd think I'd say something about Valentine's Day. But no. Decorated my foyer.


2/15/14 - Pregnant again!


3/20/14 - Confirmed miscarriage. This makes #4.

3/28/14 - Camping at Dreher Island for the weekend.

4/10/14 - Interview for a new job much closer to home!

4/12/14 - Leave for Daytona for a week's vacation.

4/14/14 - Turn 32 years old and celebrate with my family at the beach.


4/24/14 - Charleston, SC for a few days.

4/27/14 - Family pictures


5/6/14 - First ever broken bone - my baby toe!


5/15/14 - Second interview for new job. And yes, I squeezed that broken toe into heels and hobbled my way into the interview.

5/25/14 - Hosted a fun little Memorial Day cookout at our house.

5/29/14 - I got the job! And with its acceptance, we officially put any efforts in trying for baby #2 on hold.

6/13/14 - Last day at my old job. I was there for 7 years. Don't miss the commute but do miss a lot of the people.

6/14/14 - Take off with John, Charley and my parents for a 10 day trip to Chicago and Michigan.


6/21/14 - Attend our only wedding of the year which was the reason for the trip in Petoskey, MI. It was for my old coworker Katie whom I hadn't seen in a few years! (Sure, that post is about a different coworker but Katie and I were in cahoots for all of that so it's appropriate to link that up!)

6/24/14 - Start my new job.

7/4/14 - Spend the day at the lake, but it's just not the same as it used to be. Come home early and take Charley to fireworks instead.


8/15/14 - Still NOT trying to get pregnant while at a new job and all. So naturally:


8/16/14 - Camping at Foothills Family Campground.


8/28/14 - Charley starts preschool.


8/29/14 - Camping at Dan Nicholas Park for Labor Day weekend.

9/4/14 - Charley turns 3!


9/6/14 - Charley's birthday party & the cake I'll never be able to top.


9/11/14 - Finally good news at an ultrasound. Baby measured perfectly and is healthy.

9/19/14 - Hilton Head Island for the weekend.

10/11/14 - Camping in Myrtle Beach, SC for a long weekend.


10/31/14 - Halloween!


11/2/14 - It's a girl!

11/25/14 - Anatomy scan & she's a HEALTHY girl. Hallelujah.

12/8/14 - John turns 33.

December - holiday stuff. Craft shows, parades, craft day, Christmas parties, Polar Express, Christmas, etc.


12/31/14 - It's 11:30 p.m. I didn't think I'd make it this late. Charley's asleep, John's asleep and I'm blogging. It's been a good year even though there were some really obvious low points. Hoping for an even better 2015!


Nicole Tully said...

A roller coaster of a year, ending on a high note! That family photo at the beach is so beautiful. Here's to an amazing 2015 for you and your whole family!

Heather said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry you dealt with so many miscarriages in 2014. Here's hoping 2015 brings you nothing but joy with Laney Beth! And, on a superficial note, your hair looked AMAZING in your April family pictures. Love!!