Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sixteen Weeks

Sixteen weeks! Stealing this little survey thing from a fellow April '15 Mama to get a snapshot of this pregnancy at this point. I don't have it in me to keep this up weekly, so you can either breathe a sigh of relief or chastise me in the comments for that.

Date: November 6, 2014

Due Date: April 22, 2015

Weight gain: I lost 10 pounds in that awful first trimester, and have gained about 7 of that back. So I'm still down 3 or so.

Belly Shot: 16 weeks is when I started having a bump and not just all over belly pudge with Charley, and it seems to be the same this time. Although looks a bit bigger this time, but I did start out with a bit extra this time too so makes sense.

Charley Bump, Laney Bump

Photo thoughts: In pictures it is definitely a bump because I make sure to hold the top or bottom of my shirt in to highlight the roundness of it. I don't however walk around with my hand like that so I notice many curious glances at my belly both by those that know and strangers that can't tell. Maternity clothes have helped a lot this week in distinguishing a bump versus pudge but it still isn't that pronounced.

Pregnancy Symptoms/How I'm feeling: I still have random nausea which is really annoying. GO. AWAY. Also been getting headaches after lunch but am wondering if I just need to up my water intake a bit more. Ahhh. As if I'm not in the bathroom enough as it is. Which is another symptom - I don't know if it's the way she's sitting versus the way Charley was sitting in there, but I remember thinking I didn't have much of a change in how often I had to pee when I was pregnant with Charley and that definitely is not the case with this baby.

Cravings: I WANT sweets all of the time, but 75% of the time they make me feel icky afterwards. Same with soda. I  WANT it, but it makes me feel bad after I drink it.

Sleep: Sleep is good. Occasionally I will wake up after an intense dream around 4 or so in the morning and it takes me a bit to get back to sleep, but falling asleep initially is no problem. I also don't have to get up to pee at all so plenty of good night's sleeps over here.

What I’m loving/I can't live without: Heating pad. Really helps with some tailbone pain I've had or just back pain at the end of the day.

What I miss? All the fall beers. It really hasn't been too bad with missing those tasty drinks, but when I'm going to hang out with a friend or when John and I went on a date it was hard to come up with something to do that doesn't involve getting a couple of drinks. That sounds awful, doesn't it? Ha!

What I’m anticipating/Looking forward to: I am anxious for my doctor appointment next Thursday. It's just a regular heartbeat check and I'm able to check that at home but I just like going and hearing that everything is still going okay.

What I’m stressing about/worries: Just the usual stuff - something's not right or is going to go wrong.

Milestones: Found out this little baby is a GIRL at our elective ultrasound on Sunday! So excited!

Aha Moment: This baby girl's name is going to be Laney, and my sister realized that my girls are now Laney and Janey (Charley's middle name is Jane, and my sister often calls her Janey). Love it!

Differences between pregnancies: Definitely have felt worse this pregnancy and have had way more worries, but otherwise the belly seems to be growing at about the same rate. Time is definitely going by faster with this pregnancy though!

Highlights of the week: Obviously the big one was finding out this baby is a girl. Also had a great time on Halloween which I promise to write about soon!


Goals for the upcoming week: Organize another area in the house this weekend! Remember to take those darn vitamins every single day! Drink more water!

Movement: Nothing absolute yet. I remember it being later with Charley too, but since I know what it feels like now I'm thinking it will be very soon.

Boy or girl: Girl! Laney Beth

Birthdate prediction: Still pretty early for this one and I'm sure I'm shooting myself in the foot by guessing an early date, but I'm going with April 9th.

Summary: I know I won't keep up with these weekly, but I would like some sort of formal documentation of this pregnancy at each stage. I didn't really do these with Charley either and it's not like I'll need this information for future pregnancies because those will not be happening, but it's good to be able to look back on stuff like this for when friends may ask "when did you have your elective ultrasound?" or "were you still nauseous at 16 weeks?" etc.

Overall though, feeling much more positive as each week passes and am excited to get to the anatomy scan first, and then to actually start working on the nursery! Pinterest was not in existence when I designed Charley's nursery so I can't wait to start there.


Jessica Anderson said...

I am loving Laney! Such an adorable name and that bump is just perfect!

Nicole Tully said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Laney! Always been one of my faves :) You look perfect and that's great that you are still technically down 3 lbs. I hate thinking about the weight gain…not that I care too much, as I always seem to gain around the same amount, but its harder and harder for me to lose it afterwards each time. Oh well…totally worth it in the long run ;)
And yes, nursery designing is my favorite! Pinterest is amazing…but makes me want to go in like forty directions, lol! This time around I have to keep things pretty simple as it's the guest room too though. Can't wait to see what you come up with for Laney's room :)

Navigating the Mothership said...

I hope that the nausea lets up very soon for you - so miserable!

You are looking fabulous and congrats on having another baby girl! Hooray for sisters!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

I vote for weekly updates. But I love that kinda stuff. I am so happy for you but a little sad that we aren't doing it together again.

k said...