Monday, November 3, 2014

Quick Takes

The song 'Bang Bang' by Jessie J. (took me over a month to figure out ANY lyrics to the song so I could Google it and include it here) is the worst song ever made. I listen to a morning show that is on the pop radio station so I get to pretend to stay hip and up to date with all the new pop songs. And this one is AWFUL. Monotone, lady rapping, screaming, screeching. HATE it. It's the only song I can ever remember having to turn the radio all the way down when it comes on.


Charley is cracking me up lately. I don't know if these things will translate well to written form or to people that don't know her personally but I'm sharing anyways. It's not even that funny and it for sure wouldn't be funny if an adult said them, but hearing her use phrases I've not heard her use before and in the appropriate context makes me laugh so hard. It's like she's a little person or something!

So, Charley and I ran to the Dollar Tree to get a few things I needed to finish decorating for Halloween a couple weeks ago. As we were pulling out of the driveway Charley asked where John was since she knew he was outside somewhere but didn't see him. I told her he was in the backyard near her playground set and her follow up question was "Is he working on it??!" I told her no, he was working on the irrigation system and her response was "Oh! You scared me for a minute!" And I died laughing. See, not even that funny but a little wee person using that phrase just amuses me.

Then, while in the Dollar Tree I couldn't find the clothespins within the area I knew they should be. I said out loud "I just don't see them anywhere!" and started to walk away. With Charley following behind me and also helping to look for the missing clothespins she shakes her head and says "strange, strange, strange". Again, I laughed. I wonder at what age will it no longer amuse me that she uses phrases appropriately and in context? I guess when I come to terms with the fact that she really is a little person and not a baby, maybe?


At yard sales one weekend I found an accent chair that I LOVED for $35. It was a minty green color, in great shape and just so happens to help with my mint green accent thing I have going on in my living room. I get it home and get John to bring it in for me's just not right. I need help.

So, our couch is not really 100% my style but it is functional for our room and it was the right price and that's done. It is IKEA, and therefore a bit more modern of a look than I'd normally go for, but since it's a floating couch in a room that didn't offer very many functional configurations it really works well. The lower back keeps the room nice and open which was totally a happy accident. I do normally prefer higher-backed couches so the fact that we ended up with this one and it works well in the room was just by chance.

Anyways, so the chair is not lower-backed like the couch. The seat is higher than the couch and even though it's not directly next to the couch, I think it looks a bit off. First thought was to change the legs. I could even buy the exact legs that are on the couch, but I'm worried that the chair will look funny with short legs and a tall back like that. What are we thinking? Leave it? Put it elsewhere in the house? Another suggestion?


And now that I've taken the pictures to accompany this and have looked at it for a couple of weeks I don't think it's THAT bad. But maybe you'll have some good suggestions anyways.


Can I eat you up Charley?
No, I'm not very tasty.


I've shared on Facebook and on Instagram so I've probably covered most of my bases, but I know there are some exclusive blog people too so I need to share here too. Sorry for those of you that will now see this for the third time! My social networking people are spread across many outlets; I can't help it!

We went to have an elective ultrasound yesterday at 15 weeks 4 days because we aren't very patient people. Also, the anxiety with this pregnancy is only lessened by ultrasounds and this was one to bridge the gap from that last one at 8 weeks and the next one that won't be until 21 weeks or so since we declined the NT scan.

So anyways, I'll post the video of Charley sharing the news but for those of us that can't just watch videos at any time of the day I'll put the cliff's notes transcript right here: IT'S A GIRL!


Still relating to pregnancy, I have been playing hide the bump at work thus far because I wasn't ready for everyone to know because I still am not completely convinced this baby is happening - likely due to my history. I like to go around pretending all is good because I don't want to remember this pregnancy as one that I didn't get as excited about as I did with Charley's or whatever, but that sinking feeling is still there. So, if less people knew at work, the less I would have to put on my fake excited face. (Granted, it isn't ALL fake by any means, but sometimes I just have a hard time accepting congratulations and all.)

Anyways, I guess I am embracing the bump today.

Excuse the bedhead - hadn't gotten around to that yet this morning.

Well, I'll be sure to embrace it as soon as I take this coat off. 


Yesterday I gave myself a 20 minute break in cleaning up our disaster of a house (I am only about 3 months behind on laundry and everything else it seems) to play on the computer for a bit. I really wanted to finally update my header to the current month since I missed October so I played around with that and created a new one. Whew. I wouldn't be missing TWO months in a row - no way.

Last night as we were laying in bed John visited my blog to see if there were any updates and said "Oh! You made a new header!" which reminded me to look at it on mobile to see how I liked it. 

I pull it up and could have smacked myself. That should definitely say NOVEMBER not OCTOBER you idiot. And of course I created it in Photoshop and didn't save the Photoshop version of it (only the jpeg) so I'll have to recreate the whole darn thing. Idiot!

(And I'll stick a picture of it here in case you are reading in a reader or if you read this at a later date...)


That's all I've got I think. I still have some house updates to share and of course Halloween to share, but those will have to be another day. Happy Monday!


april said...

What about just taking the legs off the chair and painting them black/dark brown-black so they match the couch in color? Then they won't stand out so much for you and the height will still be proper.

And congratulations on your girl! I have been on and off twitter so I honestly can't remember if I saw it, and so many people having babies. .. you know how it is. But exciting! Sisters!

Jodi said...

I actually really like the chair. I don't think the height matters at all, we have an accent chair in our family room and I'm not even sure if the height of that and the couch are the same at all. I didn't think about painting the legs like April said, but after I read that, I agree. The legs seem maybe a little too light and maybe that's what throwing off the whole scheme. But, again I didn't think of that until I read what April said, so I would have probably left them.

diana bowers said...

I think the chair works well! I'll give a definite answer on Saturday.
Hah, the banner, blame it on the pregnancy brain?

Nicole Tully said...

Haha! I think it is soooo funny when little kids use grownup like phrases. And it's even more hysterical when it's your own child saying something that you totally know you say all the time without much thought.
I love the chair - great find! In the photos it looks perfect in your living room. I definitely wouldn't change the legs - that one of the most beautiful parts of those kind of chairs.
ADORABLE bump! I'm sorry that you still carry a sinking feeling for this pregnancy. Totally understandable, but still stinks. That's sort of how I feel about ultrasounds. After all of the scares we've had in the past, it just sort of sucks all of the excitement out of them now. My blood pressure sky rockets and my palms get sweaty just thinking about tomorrow. I'm going to a mess walking in there, i know it.
SO happy for you that your elective ultrasound went well though and that you are having another girl! It's going to be SO so so AWESOME for you and your girls :)
Oh and I fixed the link for the tshirts in my post (thanks for the heads up!), but if you want to look them up, they are tunic t-shirts by Liz Lange :)

The Mrs./The Mom said...

I think Charley's response to her Dad's location is hilarious! Kids say the darnedest things!

k said...

Your baby belly! I love it!

Jessica said...

Sisters! How exiting!