Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween 2014

As Charley gets older and has more opinions, this DIY costume thing we have going on is definitely going to be more difficult. This year, I just crossed my fingers she wouldn't choose to be a Disney Princess or any other character and I asked her what she wanted to be. Her answer: a pink hippo! Yay! It was original and I liked it! I brainstormed about how to make the costume for a couple of weeks and then started to buy a few things for it including a pink sweatsuit one size too big that I would stuff to make her nice and plump like a hippo. I couldn't wait!

To steer clear of any meltdowns, I occasionally would ask Charley once again what she wanted to be for Halloween, and about 2 weeks out from Halloween her answer suddenly changed to a pink kitty cat. I asked a couple times a day for several days to be sure she had changed her mind and it seemed she had. Sure, the cat would be easier but it's not as original nor is it as fun in my opinion. But, that's what the girl wanted so that's what we did.

Charley's favorite color is pink, obviously, but her second favorite color is black so I took creative liberty and decided she would have some black stripes on her pink costume also. A few days before Halloween I started putting it together.


I bought a long sleeved pink shirt and some pink pants from Old Navy for about $10 I think. And, even though they were really cheap, I didn't want to waste 2 perfectly good pieces of clothing so I brainstormed on how I could stripe up her clothing without ruining the shirt and pants. My solution: double sided tape and black felt.


It wasn't perfect by any means. Some of the stripes stuck up at the ends because the tape wasn't placed all the way to the end. And once I applied the stripes, it reminded me more of a tiger's stripes (or even Tigger's stripes) than a cat's stripes, but it was good enough and Charley was thrilled about it which is all that matters anyways. 

Charley went back and forth on whether she wanted her whole face painted pink or not but a) I could never find the creamy face paint that covers a face well in pink and b) she ultimately decided against having her whole face pink and opted for just a pink nose and black whiskers. Easy enough!


We made her collar with a piece of ribbon and a toy coin we got from the Renaissance Festival a couple weeks ago, added a bell, and double sided taped that one together too. The ears we already owned and we did make some paws out of some fuzzy pink fabric adhered to a pair of mittens with the fingertips cut off, but in the end we actually forgot to put those on before heading out to trick or treat. It was definitely the most simple costume we've done yet!


But it wasn't my favorite. I think Raggedy Ann is still my favorite and the peacock a close second! But she still enjoyed herself and still loaded up on candy so I'd call it a win!

My nieces were Little Red Riding Hood and Little Red Riding Hood's Sick Granny - their entire costumes (minus the cape) from Goodwill! It was a cheap Halloween for all!

And then when we got home, we ripped the stripes and tape off of the shirt and pants and tossed them into the washer! Cheapest costume ever - paid a few dollars for the face paint, maybe $1 on black felt, $2 or $3 on the pink fuzzy fabric we used on her paws and tail, and everything else we already owned or planned to keep! Pretty awesome!


Can't wait to see what she comes up with next year. I'm still pulling for the pink hippo, but something tells me her mind will change a million times between now and then!


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Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

haha, too bad she changed her mind from the hippo - that would have been pretty cute all plumped up. I like the pink kitty though, and I love the peacock from years past! Good use of double sided tape.