Monday, October 20, 2014

The Great Clean Out

My mom was (and still is) a stickler for keeping things clean and organized. Once a year she would reorganize everything in the house and she would call these annual feats THE GREAT CLEAN OUT. Yesterday I found myself doing the same thing - and I was oddly excited about it. We're a lot alike, she and I.

The plan was to take advantage of the morning because I usually feel better in the mornings than the rest of the day. (Yes, still not 100% over here. Puked up a BAGEL yesterday morning! A bagel! The epitome of safe pregnancy carby eating!) Charley's room was out of control both just clutter-y wise and organization wise. I knew that before we could even think about doing anything to the spare room for the future nursery that we would a) have to get her toys out of there as she's currently using it as a playroom and b) get her room organized. So we'll call this great clean out 'Nesting: Part I'.

I set foot in her room with the sole purpose of just cleaning it up. And maybe finding a couple of reorganization solutions. It turned into a full day where I hired (with hugs) my handy husband to rebuild her entire closet. Well, not the entire thing. Just 75% of it.

This was her closet before:


There are also shelves on the left side as well that we built to take advantage of the nooks on either side of the closet. The stuff on top of the shelf is all clothing and shoes in larger sizes and all that we hang up at this age are coats and jackets. However, we have a coat closet so as soon as I can pare down (or move into my own closet) some of my own many coats or jackets, we can move hers in there and would no longer need the hanging space. And while I love the IKEA Expedit, shelving all the way across would make the space more functional because getting to those bottom floor shelves is pretty difficult and the Expedit unit can be used either in the nursery or in the basement one day. So, shelves all the way across he built. (We plan on rebuilding the closet to include hanging space again whenever she gets older.)


Which left me with these few things to organize and fit back in there.


But that would have been too easy and wouldn't follow the rules for THE GREAT CLEAN OUT. Basically, during the great clean out you go through it all. The junk box, every game to inspect for any/all missing pieces, sift through Legos to make sure a rogue Lincoln Log hasn't joined the Lego party, etc. YOU GO THROUGH IT ALL. So that's what I did.

(I will admit I'm not as great as my mom. As she did her GREAT CLEAN OUT she would have the vacuum with the hose attachments on it next to her so she could vacuum out the boxes and baskets and shelves as she went. I....did not do any of this. I hope she doesn't think I'm a failure.)

We are missing one Buzz card from Toy Story Yahtzee and 4 sticks from Kerplunk; both of which games were acquired second hand so there is a chance we never had these pieces. If found, please send ASAP.

Once all that is done and everything is in exactly the box it should be in, you empty the baskets and other storage solutions to make sure everything is being used optimally. And then you place it all back in there. And also, go ahead and pull everything from the playroom too to make sure it will all have a place when that room is ready to be used for someone else in the near future. It fits! (minus a giant doll house and a Dora house - those we will deal with later.)

Watch out for dangling purple sparkly spiders.
It really didn't take as long as I thought and even though my mom always did this while we were at school so we wouldn't protest about her throwing away our favorite happy meal toy or whatever, I was able to get it done with Charley home and even with her help from time to time. She was fine with tossing/donating/saving for a sibling a bunch of stuff out of the junk box or toys she no longer cared for. Although I would be shocked if she had hoarder tendencies as both John and I are tossers and not savers.

I kept all of her books on the Expedit shelving thing that is now housed in the spare bedroom/future nursery. I need to come up with a better solution for book storage and I haven't done that yet. Charley still has a lot of "baby" board books which we will put in the nursery, but to be honest she still likes reading a lot of those so I hesitate to take those from her. (and lets be real: tiny board books are really short and I consider that a huge win when she chooses those to read at night!)

And sure, her closet would look better with uniform baskets and cubes and all, but ehhh. It's a kid's closet that has doors that close. I just don't see the point in wasting the money. Things are labeled and organized and she can still get to most of her favorite things herself. And being able to see it all has her playing with things she forgot she had when it was tucked into the nook shelving we had before. Yay!

I plan on continuing THE GREAT CLEAN OUT (is anyone else saying those words similar to how THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ is said on The Wizard of Oz or just me?) with the other rooms of the house. Because THE GREAT CLEAN OUT doesn't stop at one room. Well, I say that. We'll see how my energy is looking and we'll go from there. I'm on a organization high so I need to keep it up or I'm going to lose my momentum. Or maybe I'll hire my mom (with hugs) to come do the rest. I'm sure she won't mind. I mean, she made me like this! She's going to have to make up for my shortcomings! It's only fair!


diana bowers said...

I can hear you now..."Hey John, can you um, come to Charley's room. I have a teeny tiny project I need you to look at doing today." Lol
Her closet looks great. I need to do this. I know there are blocks in the legos, legos in the Lincoln logs, and Lincoln logs with the trains. Maybe I'll be inspired.

Nicole Tully said...

Wow, her closet is so HUGE and awesome! Nice job on the shelves. I'm big on hanging my kid's clothes (wish I wasn't, makes an already daunting laundry task just that much more work! But I hang. I can't help it.). BUT I totally see the benefit of having an abundance of shelving space in a kid's room rather than hanging space.
Also, cleaning and purging feels soooooo good!!! I seriously need to do this in the kid's playroom. But it's so hard b/c most of the stuff I want to purge of is baby toys, but we keep having more babies. And I feel bad tossing gifts and whatnot. But with the holidays coming I just have no idea where we would put any more toys. Serioulsy, OUT of room. So we MUST purge before my MIL goes crazy at toysrus once again :/

k said...

I LOVE a good clean out. Like it feels better than...other things that also feel nice.

And Charley's line-up of strollers made me smile. Little girls.

P.S. RIP, bagel.