Saturday, October 25, 2014


I officially am petitioning to have October renamed as Festivober. The amount of festivals squeezed into one month is outrageous. And exhausting. And fun.

This year we only managed 4 festivals in Festivober, but that's because we spent one weekend of October at the beach. We easily could have made it to 6 this year had it not been for that pesky trip. Can't believe I picked the ocean and perfect weather over hayrides, tons of people and pumpkins. I'm obviously not thinking right.

Anyways, so the first festival we went to this year was our second annual trip to the Anne Springs Close Greenway Fall Frolic - because anything with a name that long HAS to be fun. And well, it was fun last year so I figured it'd be fun again. Spoiler alert: it was.

And since it was the second annual, comparison pictures to last year are a must. MUST. It's in the rule book. [Rule 14.a. Any activity visited for consecutive years, photographed in a similar nature, and shared on any type of social media must include side by side comparisons with prior year(s).]

I even took the rule one step further when I saw the same dress (in a different color) Charley wore to last year's festival in her current size at a consignment sale - I went ahead and purchased that dress for her to wear to this year's festival for the ultimate in consistency.


We even kept the helmet crooked year over year to ensure consistency.


Much safer now that she can see over the steering wheel.

250228 copy

Hmm, this last one is odd. Those pumpkins are the exact same size. 

So that was festival number 1 in Festivober. We knew that one was a favorite so we did it early in the month so the crowds wouldn't be as bad. We then took the next weekend off for that beach trip I mentioned. If I was really serious about Festivober I would've found a festival AT the beach, but oh well. We have to leave ourselves a cushion to improve upon next year.

The next festival we also visited last year and is my wallet's favorite one. It's just a little one at a shopping center near me and everything is FREE. Well, 99% of it is. So naturally, more crowded but it really isn't that bad. We still were able to do everything we wanted to do except a couple things that we protested based on the wait time alone. (face painting and balloon animals.) 

Here's a list of the free stuff though: free pumpkin and free stickers with which to decorate your pumpkin, free cupcake and free icing with which to decorate your own cupcake, a free child's pizza they are able to make themselves, from Home Depot - a free apron and kit with which to make and paint a toolbox, free bounce houses, free horse and carriage rides, free samples from various restaurants (cider, cookies, cheese sticks, chicken wings, etc) free games, free massages, free, free, free, free, free! Awesome, yes? 

Only non-awesome part is that last year the only picture I took was of the face painting and this year we did NO FACE PAINTING. No consistency here except for the fact that I only really took ONE picture this year too. 


Festival 3 was a last minute change-up. Originally the plan was to go to the Hot Air Balloon Fest we normally go to each year but at the last minute due to some family members with the sickies and others (me) not wanting to make the long drive to the festival, Charley and I decided we would just do the Fall Festival at the local theme park Carowinds instead. We have season passes to this park so this one was also in the low end of the $$$ spectrum. 

Everything was free here too. Free pumpkin, free petting zoo, free Halloween show, free balloon, $3.49 lollipop. Ok, so not everything.


Festival 4 was today. We met some friends at the Carolina Renaissance Festival in our best Renaissance garbs. 

Just kidding - we just kind of did our best people-watching-but-not-quite-staring at those people. So, um, fascinating that so many people take this festival so serious. We were really there for the turkey legs and the beer (well, not ALL of us) and the entertainment for the kids. Well - just our kid I guess because the other two were still pretty tiny. Next year though! Next year they'll be big enough to fit into a Renaissance costume and we will all get into it!

And my camera was on the wrong setting for about 75% of the time we were there. Darn exposure. Photoshop helped some of them but many were not in focus. BOO HOO. 

But some were pretty good!

John does not actually have blue hair, and I actually do not have the energy to color correct.

I know there are still 6 days left of this month and therefore plenty of more time for festivalling, but I'm going to go ahead and call it. We still have a costume to make and a pumpkin to carve so that should successfully finish out our Halloweeny month.

Oh, and if I get around to it perhaps I'll change my header to an October header before the end of the month too. I can't have 55 months of monthly-header-changing consistency and ruin because of some busy festivalling and beaching. I need to get my priorities in order, that's for sure.


diana bowers said...

Set the ball higher! I'm sure the costume will be made just in time

Heather said...

Love the pics! The pumpkin comparison is my favorite. :)

Nicole Tully said...

Oh my goodness, what a difference a year makes, huh?! Went from baby to little girl BIG TIME over this year. Adorable pictures! And I totally agree that October should be changed to festivober - crazy how many festivals/fairs we've attended!