Monday, August 18, 2014

Foothills Family Campground

We went camping this past weekend in my parent's new camper. (Sidenote: We do have our own camper but when John can't go with us, we can't take our camper because me trying to back a camper into a campsite would be disastrous.) Way back in 2008 I mentioned that my parents had slowly upgraded campers as the years went on and they recently upgraded once again. The last one was getting older and the cost of upkeep was slowly ticking upwards while the value downwards and it was just time. They may or may not have purchased and then returned two different campers in the quest to land on the one they now have so it definitely wasn't an easy decision for them. We have a very large family so trying to balance the number of beds versus sheer size of the thing is a huge consideration.

A consideration they took very seriously. Look how TINY this thing is. We were practically sleeping on top of one another. 
It's definitely a bonus when said huge consideration comes with a fireplace, because, well, of course it needs a fireplace. What would camping be without the flip of a switch fireplace to turn on and off anyways? (Just kidding - that was just a bonus of the model they chose. They by no means went out searching for a camper with a fireplace. We prefer the old fashioned campfire while camping. Plus, it's hard to squeeze your marshmallow into an enclosed gas fireplace.)


Honestly though, it is really nice and if we have no problem squeezing five into a hotel room for one vacation, it certainly wasn't an issue getting 9 of us in here. Even if one of those 9 slept in a closet.

Speaking of camping (and here we go on a tangent) - you know what a pet peeve of mine is? When people say "that's not camping!" Well I disagree because there isn't an in-between word that exists in the English language that would suffice. Sure, it most definitely is not roughing it with a tent which really isn't our style, but it's also not checking in to a hotel and being stuck in a hotel room either. It's similar to cabinning (if that was a word), except with a CAMPER in a CAMPGROUND and therefore it is CAMPING. If you are the type that likes to be inside on a vacation with access to fancy beds and bathrooms, then hotelling is for you. If you are the type that likes spending your time outside on vacation then staying in a campground is for you. Whether you do that in a tent or camper, if you spend the majority of your time outside, getting dirty and having fun, to me that is camping even if for no other reason than the lack of a word to distinguish the two extremes. Case closed.


We tried out another new campground based on distance alone. We didn't want to go too far for just a weekend and we found this place, Foothills Family Campground, through Googling and that was that. It took us about an hour and a half to get there. I have a list of places people have suggested to me so this would have been a good time to pull that list out and pick something from it. But no - that would have been too easy.

The campground had a pool and a playground which we definitely took advantage of. The rest of the time, we sat around outside playing games and cooking outside and just enjoying each other's company.



The owners of the campground live on site too and were so very nice. Both evenings they hosted a hayride (minus the hay - even better!) around the campground and would stop and pick up anyone along the way that wanted to hop on. And then Saturday night they came around themselves and invited everyone to Bingo that evening. 10 games at just $0.25 each was such a fun, inexpensive way to spend our Saturday night. I think I'm even going to have my own Bingo/game night with our friends it was so much fun.

So um, I originally intended this post to be a list of quick little short stories - none of which were long enough or interesting enough to be it's own post. Here I am 700 words later on the FIRST item. So let me change the title, throw a couple more pictures in here and call this a post.



We came back home filthy, tired, and excited for the next trip. It's beginning to be the season that our camper gets the most use and I couldn't be more excited!

What do you prefer? Hotelling? Cabinning? Or camping? In all honesty, I think tenters should change the name of what they do to tenting and then we could drop the whole 'that's not camping' argument all together.


Jessica said...

HOTEL. Though maybe not if I'm traveling with kids. I'm definitely an inside person, though.

diana bowers said...

Camping preferably with a camper, esp if kids are involved.

Nicole Tully said...

Ummm that camper is AMAZING! And HUGE! Sounds like it was such a fun time. Love the sleepy ride home pic :)

april said...

I would usually say "tent camping" verses "RVing" but I think both are great fun. When we were in Colorado we stayed in a camper and it was very comfortable although much smaller than that one. That's gorgeous! It looks like you had a great time.

Mama Bub said...

I am a hotel person, FOR SURE, although when I was younger we used to take yearly trips to San Diego and stay with a ton of friends in an RV park and those are some my best childhood memories.

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

holy camper! with fireplace! nuts! um yeah hotel all the way though. I'm so not an outdoors girl. But I might change my mind if my husband's idea of camping wasn't super duper rustic. A camper sounds like a much better way to go about. Toilet paper makes everything better.

k said...

I am totally a hotel person.

Also, I think your parent's camper is nicer than my house. That bad boy is SWANK.