Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Day In The Life: Lazy Weekend Day

You guys, it's a miracle. I'm actually going to participate in the quarterly Day In The Life posts AND meet the deadline. What has come over me?

Anyways, doing these quarterly is probably a tad too often in my book since the majority of our days look exactly the same. So I tend to try to do them when something major has changed. Like, I did one pre-baby, one during maternity leave, one when Charley was a little over one year old and then another this past January which looked an awful lot like the one year old one. And when I considered doing one this quarter I read back through January's and said yep, nothing much has changed except the length of my commute so it would be pretty redundant. Then I realized I've never done a weekend day and boom, this post was born.

Today is Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 and Charley is just about 2 years and 11 months old. We have no plans today since we had to cancel on meeting our friend's new baby tonight due to the dreaded summer cold so this may bore you to tears, but here goes.

The sound of footsteps coming across the house wakes us up and I reach over to look at my phone to see what time it is.


8:06 a.m.! Yah!! I kept Charley out until 10:15 or so last night to see the fireworks at the theme park so I was hoping for a bit of sleeping in and she fulfilled my wish! Also when I glanced at my phone I saw my reminder that I was doing A Day In The Life today so I'd remember to take pictures from the get-go. So I pull Charley up into our bed for a few minutes and take the first picture.


She almost immediately asks to watch a TV show and I get up to start a show for her.

8:50 a.m. Charley asks for breakfast. She usually eats yogurt during the week because it's quick and clean and easy, and we let her have pancakes and the like on the weekends because there is more time to clean up. But when I give her all of her options this morning I'm surprised to hear she wants her regular ol' yogurt for breakfast instead of pancakes. Okay kiddo!


9:00 a.m. Meanwhile John has been making himself an omelet and I'm looking through the fridge and pantry trying to decide on my own breakfast. John eventually suggests I make myself an omelet too and I think that sounds good, only, I don't know how to make one. (I'm totally serious) He begrudgingly gives me a quick omelet making lesson.


9:36 a.m. Charley begs me to hurry up and finish eating because a friend of ours gave her a big bag of Play Doh toys and she can't wait to try them out. I dump them on out the table and let her play. She spends an entire hour playing Play Doh mostly by herself, and I even let her mix the colors if she wants. Ahhh! I start picking up some of the mess around the house that accumulated during the week.


10:30 a.m. I get Charley dressed for the day. John is outside with my dad building a retaining wall to try and help fix a septic issue. 


11:50 a.m. Charley is watching some shows on the iPad and I have finished cleaning the living room anddddd not much else has been cleaned. I've since gotten distracted and started looking for some free art in magazines I can use to fill some frames on my new gallery wall.



12:35 p.m. My play time is up. A couple of visitors join me and wish to help with my project. One of the visitors asks if she can hop on the pages I've ripped out so far. That wouldn't be very helpful at all so I suggest we go outside to use up some of that energy instead. She agrees. (And no, I haven't gotten dressed yet in case you thought you missed that part. I just managed to put on a bra and I'm good to go.) 



12:49 p.m. We head straight to Charley's new playground set.


12:53 p.m. Swinging only lasts a few minutes until we spot a couple of mushrooms in the woods behind the swings. It has rained SO MUCH here this summer so the mushrooms are everywhere. (I know you are thinking I'm going overboard with the minute details at this point...I promise, showing you this mushroom has a point.)


Charley kicks over this mushroom and we decide to go on a mushroom hunt and kick over every mushroom we can find.


1:03 p.m. Once we've kicked over every mushroom we can find at our house, we decided to run to my parent's house to a) find some more mushrooms, b) see if my mom wants to join us and c) get Charley's rain boots we left over here the day before.


1:10 p.m. My mom wasn't feeling well thanks to Charley and I sharing our summer cold with her (sorry Mama- the good news is that it doesn't seem to last very long!) so Charley and I head back outside to splash in some puddles, find more mushrooms to kick over and play in the dirt. 




1:45 p.m. John and my dad have worked up quite the appetite and ask if we want to go out to lunch with them. I tell them sure! I just needed go inside and change Charley out of her now dirty dress and actually put some real clothes on myself for the first time today.

2:10 p.m. We eat lunch at a newer place near us and my dad makes sure to bring my mom home a sandwich since she doesn't feel well. Charley eats almost every bite of her lunch and then gets to cash in a token for a dessert. She chose an ice cream sandwich.


3:14 p.m. We are back home and Charley lays down on the couch to watch a movie (code for Mama wants her to take a nap). I come to the office to upload some pictures and to start typing this post up.


4:20 p.m. Doesn't look like nap is gonna happen today. She's joined me in the office where she has decided she's making a card for John's Aunt Sharon.


4:54 p.m. Card is complete with glue smeared all over it so it needs some time to dry. Ha. She now wants a snack. Our meal times are a bit off today but that's fine since I bet we'll eat a later dinner too. She decides she wants peanut butter and crackers which she likes to make herself so I get her set up with that.


5:44 p.m. Charley wants to head back outside, so outside we go. My dad and John are STILL working on the retaining wall. Looks almost done though.


5:56 p.m. We swing, climb and slide for a while.


6:47 p.m. I finally get a picture of Charley looking into the camera after trying ALL day. And of course it was a happy accident because she refuses to comply!


6:52 p.m. Charley is filthy & thirsty and my dad and John are finished with the retaining wall so it's time to head inside. 


7:05 p.m. None of us are really hungry, so John forces Charley to take a bath, and ushers me off to Lowe's to pick up some spray paint for tomorrow's project.



7:41 p.m. I'm back from Lowe's, Charley is out of the bath and watching a show or two. She also has some watermelon at some point. It looks like we are skipping dinner tonight.


8:15 p.m. I pour myself a Blue Moon (in a Guinness glass). Guess I'm having some dinner after all. ;)


8:48 p.m. Some Daddy/Daughter antics in the kitchen before bedtime...


9:06 p.m. John reads Charley one last book (I go first and read her 3 books because I'm a sucker, then he comes in and reads one more) and it's nighty night for Charley.


9:19 p.m. I'm on the computer typing this up while John waits for me to finish up so we can watch a couple episodes of The Killing. It's been a good day. Lazy and yet productive, which is pretty typical of one of our weekend days. Okay - I'm off to watch an episode full of mystery and ugly sweaters! Hope I didn't bore you to tears! Night!


diana bowers said...

You let her mix play doh!

Those mushrooms are huge, and some are colorful.

Charley is so pretty, glad you caught her looking at the camera

Anna Hargett said...

Ah, my kids would be in heaven at the play doh table! I have such a love/hate relationship with the stuff. Love: it entertains them forever. Hate: it all ends up as brownish blobs and I find tiny, hardened pieces all over my house somehow. Loved your beautifully ordinary day!
~Anna (fellow North Carolinian)

k said...

I LOVE reading these posts. It seems like you had a really good day. : )

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

Sounds like an awesome day to me. And, you let her mix the colours - best mother ever! I love her polka dot top. I'm kind of a fan of do whatever you want lazy days. We have them a lot. No shame!

JEN said...

So interesting! Your little girl is a cutie!

Navigating the Mothership said...

I enjoy your dinner entree selection ;)

Glad you did this! Looks like a good weekend day with a nice mix of getting projects done and also relaxing.

Nicole Tully said...

Such a fun day! My favorite pictures of the day are of C and her sweet curls (oh my she is SO ADORABLE!) and that blue moon, mmmmm! Now i need to have one!
Thanks for sharing your day. And I can't wait to see the final results from that gallery wall - so much suspense building up around that one, haha!

Jo said...

Love Charley's polka dot top and her curls! Also, can't believe she was up until 9 without a nap. My 4 year old would have crashed before that ... or would have been a total crabby pants. Very cool that you live close enough to your parents to walk.