Monday, July 28, 2014

When She Grows Up

If I had to guess what Charley might be when she grows up based on how she is at age 2.75, these would be my best guesses. It might be fun to come back and revise this list periodically as she grows up.


One of Charley's favorite things to play is "birthday party". She knows where I store all of the party supplies and often takes out the crepe paper, balloons and paper straws to set up for a birthday party. Crepe paper is wrapped around shelves and decor and sometimes she'll request a piece of tape to hold it all together, balloons are blown up and tossed around, and there are paper straws filling every vase and container in her reach in the house. She's definitely going to be a party planner one day.


(I told this story on Facebook so ignore it if you have already heard it.) Charley and I are getting ready to go out to meet a friend of mine for dinner. We are in my closet and Charley asks if I'd wear something different than what I had on. To humor her (and to maybe get a chuckle over what she chooses instead) I tell her okay, what should I wear instead? She chooses a black sundress and since I had no reason to not wear it I put it on at her request. After I had it on Charley told me that it was "perfectly classic" and I have absolutely no idea where she got that. She's definitely going to be a fashion designer one day.



Charley walks around on her tip toes a lot. The pediatrician told us to keep an eye on it to make sure it's not ALL of the time, and it's not, so mainly she does it when she's feeling dainty and prancey. She's for sure going to be a ballerina.

We go for golf cart rides (go fast!), I push her on the swing (push me faster!), or we ride in the car (catch that car up there Mama!). She's definitely going to be a race car driver some day.



Every single day as we leave my sister's house, Charley picks me a handful of flowers from a plant that my sister is soon getting rid of anyways and therefore allows the flowers to be picked. She bundles them up nicely and hands them to me every day. It's likely just a stall tactic to keep from being buckled up in the car, but she may have a deep rooted love of plants and flowers just like her Gaga. She's got it in her to be a florist one day.

Upside down. She often wants to be carried upside down, wants to hang upside down, goes down slides head first and hangs off the couch upside down. I'm really thinking she may be a bat or a possum when she grows up.



Things she probably won't be when she grows up:
Hairdresser - girlfriend doesn't care if hair is hanging in her face or all tangled up. 
Dentist or Dental Hygienist - She doesn't care to care for her teeth so why would she want to take care of other's? 
A Librarian - Although she loves books, being quiet isn't really her thing. 
A model - one actually has to be still and look at the camera to be one of those.

Things I want her to be when she grows up:


Heather said...

I love this. LOVE. It makes me want to reach through the computer and squeeze Charley so tightly. :)

It makes me wonder what Tory will be when she grows up some day? Aren't their imaginations and the things they pick up on at this age just amazing?

Erica said...

What a great post.

Jodi said...

This is super cute, especially the last part :) My husband and I often discuss what we think the kids will be when they grow up too. It's fun to think if aspects of their personalities will change or if something they do right now will lend itself to a career!

Elizabeth Stack said...

I think you underestimate her ability to tackle the catwalk. In those shoes she may just be a great runway model someday ;)

MillerMama said...

This is so cute. A fashionista party planning possum ballerina sounds just right ;-)