Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Almost three full years ago I took one of my last 'official' lunches while working at my old job. It was just prior to Charley being born because after she was born I gave up taking my lunch hour at work in lieu of leaving an hour earlier to get back to my Charley girl sooner. It was a must with my old commute and I continued working through lunch and eating at my desk until I left the company last month.

At the new job I am working regular hours again which means I get a lunch hour again. The first two weeks of working at the new job I was running off every single day to get lunch, yes, but to also run errands! Shop a bit at Target! Pick up some fresh bread at the bakery that closes at 5 and therefore we could never make it there before! Drop off things at Goodwill! Make any phone calls that need to be made! Stop by the post office! My errand list was endless and I treasured every single minute of that hour. I never realized how much I had needed that time to get things done without a certain munchkin in tow.

One day during lunch I stopped in Goodwill and found these boxes from Target. Originally $24.99, Target clearanced to $17 something, then now at Goodwill for some odd reason for $5.99 which the cashier only rang up for $4.99. Whoop whoop!

And then, one day I ventured home for lunch and my excitement only grew. I did the dishes! I paid some bills! I touched up my make-up! Used my own bathroom! Played on Facebook or blogged without making it blatantly obvious that "it's ok! I'm on lunch!" You know how awesome it is to be in your own home alone? Totally awesome.

I can have a dessert after lunch from my very own pantry. No need to scrummage through my purse for change for the ol' vending machine. And yes, this is 2 mini bags of each a Valentine's and Easter M&Ms.

Basically, I've spent my lunch hours very productively over the last month or so that I've been working at the new job. I've enjoyed it so much and am so thankful to have found a place close to home that I can do this at without losing too much time from Charley. I am actually getting to her a tad bit later in the afternoons by leaving at 5 instead of 4, but I feel so much more accomplished these days.

Today for lunch I ventured over to Marshall's because I really need a few home decor items to fill some shelving and things at home. A HomeGoods is opening up in the next month or so in the same shopping center, so maybe I would have had more luck at a store like that but, you guys. I STRUGGLED so much shopping for home decor. I picked things up, I put them down. (please read that last sentence in the muscle man's voice from the commercial.) I checked and double checked prices. I strolled the clearance aisle a few times. But in the end I bought nothing. I left feeling really defeated and realized that I don't think I've EVER set out to shop for home decor like that. 95% of what I have came from garage sales or resale type shops. The other 5% I've picked up while shopping for something else if that makes sense. I feel like I am a decent home decorator and felt so defeated that I left there with NOTHING and couldn't figure out a use for anything in the store. I guess I just prefer to shop at garage sales where my selection is way more limited, the stuff is so cheap that it won't matter if I never find a home for it and end up donating, and I don't have as many choices. Choices make me anxious apparently.

As I was walking out of the door empty handed I got a text message on my phone. It was from one of my credit card companies and said that I needed to call this number immediately to discuss a possible fraudulent charge. Since I was on lunch, by myself and had the time, I chose to call back immediately. The phone number given was linked in the text message so I was able to click on the number and make the call.

The person answers and after the usual mumbo jumbo welcome says "credit card number please?" I'm no genius but isn't giving out your full credit card number over the phone, to a number I dialed through a text message link exactly what you should be warning me NOT to do, especially if you are the FRAUD DEPARTMENT? I laugh at this obvious phishing scheme that I almost got caught up in (heh...calling a number from the text message that was just randomly sent to me. You almost got me, buddy!) and tell him absolutely not, I would NOT give him my credit card number. He is obviously confused and says okkkkkkk, and I basically hang up on him, laughing, knowing I am way smarter than him.

So then I get out said credit card and dial the number on the back of the card to report this obvious phishing scheme and upon only entering my last four digits of my card number, which matched up to the phone number from which I was dialing I was immediately transferred to the fraud department where yes, I did in fact have a fraudulent charge that tried to come through that they blocked and he verified that yes, that text message was legit. Whoops, sorry first dude!

But am I just crazy or is that nuts? With so many other ways to verify me (which the second guy did) is it ever really necessary to give out my whole credit card number over the phone EVEN IF IT IS TO THE SO CALLED FRAUD DEPARTMENT? I suggest a rewriting of some of your fraud prevention techniques, gentleman. Step 1) Advise customers never to give out their full credit card number over the phone. And so on.

And after I made that phone call I had time to sit and reflect and laugh about it to myself. Time. I can't believe all this time.

Lunches are awesome, y'all.


Jessica said...

I miss lunches. A LOT.

Erica said...

I am so jealous.

diana bowers said...

I I have lunch envy!
You get an hour AND you can run errands or go home.

Nicole Tully said...

Haha! Yes, time. Sounds AMAZING! I don't even bother eating lunch (or breakfast, for that matter) most days because by the time I'm done feeding all the kids, I don't have the energy to feed myself. And if I do, I basically have to hide because the kids will literally swarm me for bites. I always think how glorious it would be to just scoot out during a lunch break to like get my eyebrows done or something!
Don't get me wrong, I treasure my time with the kids and am so grateful that I get to stay home with them. But the grass is always greener, right?! ;)
And, yes, I totally agree, that whole cc thing sounded a little backwards. But at least they did a god job of catching the fraud!

Megan Prosser said...

I am super jealous of your lunchtime freedom! Love your blog and am a new reader!

k said...

I used to HAUL ASS on my lunches. Nail appointments! Errands! Squeeze in a quicky doctor's visit! Grocery shopping! Lunch at home!

Work lunch hours are the stuff of dreams.