Monday, June 30, 2014


The current state of our house is 10 times better than it was Saturday morning, but is still pretty horrific. It's especially messy right now because of how our trip ended last week and we have been running ever since. We got back from Chicago at 6:30 p.m. Monday evening. I started a new job the very next morning and John went back to work as well. So I spent the evening doing the laundry essentials that HAD to be done lest one of us be without undergarments or another of us be without clean(ish) loveys and picked out my first day outfit, ironed, etc. Then Tuesday morning we were off to the races.

We worked all week and most evenings one or both of us had something going on. So when Saturday morning rolled around you would have thought that we would be up early and productive. But no. We were exhausted. John did get outside to do some of the work he wanted to do in the yard, and I did do laundry but it wasn't a very productive day. We were still just too tired. We then went out with friends that night and had Charley stay at my parent's.

So SUNDAY morning rolled around and John was feeling the effects of the night before. Thankfully I wasn't and after a late waking at 10:00 (!!!) I was feeling really productive. But not just clean-up productive, but reorganize, redecorate, re-functionalize productive on top of clean-up productive. So I may have spent way too much time in one room by doing all of those things instead of just cleaning, but the end result is so much more rewarding this way.

I started in the kitchen because every single square inch of the counters was covered in something. Once I got that done I moved on to the office where I found myself wanting to restyle the bookshelves to make them more functional. They serve as a big piece of storage as well as a big piece of the aesthetics in there so it's always a balance of looks versus functionality. I know I have to give up aesthetics more than I'd like for storage and that's okay with me.

I was pretty pleased with my end results. The desks were cleaned off, the floor was picked up and the bookshelves were just a tad refreshed and way more functional. Yay!

image image

Charley was playing SO well by herself all day too and it was just a great day all around. After I left the clean, organized office I walked from room to room to determine where I wanted to spend my efforts next.
I then saw the results of Charley playing so well by herself that day...


Good grief child! I was JUST in there playing with her maybe a half hour prior to this. HOW does this happen? I'm not ready to move into the stage where my child has a messy room yet! No! 

So yeah. The state of this house while Charley is home is definitely a one step forward, one step back situation. You stay at home moms are nodding your head in agreement with me right now I know. Sheesh. Kids are messy!


diana bowers said...

Everything I read after "10 am" was a blur. I read the words but in my mind, kept going back to "what does 10 am feel like?!"

Also, remember Aidan and the books....only takes seconds, lol

Erica said...

I will take any mess from a child playing happily and quietly. But yes, all I do is pick up. All day. Every day.

Heather said...

The laundry accumulated after vacation is no joke. I deal with this every Monday morning after cabin weekends. I can't even imagine rolling into a new job the day after you returned. You must've been a nervous wreck!

Also sleeping in until 10am - WHAT! I can't even imagine ...

Laura Diniwilk said...

Haha the 10 am was also what I got fixated on. That sounds DIVINE. I am pretty sure my kids just follow me around undoing whatever I am doing. It all feels very pointless.