Monday, May 26, 2014

One Year Houseiversary

We've been in our new house for one year now and on one hand I think we've gotten a lot done, but on the other hand we've completely neglected a few areas. You would think we would have had time at some point during the last year. But oh well. I don't like to rush into things apparently.

So I thought I'd do a quick bulleted list type run down on each area at this point. Might be fun to update this annually and see what plans get accomplished versus what plans get scrapped. This is what I've done and what I'm planning to do at the 1 year point.

(Two things I'll apologize for: 1, the crappy quality picture. I need a wider angle lens for my camera so instead I just used my phone, and 2, that I obviously made no effort to take before/after pictures from the same angle. You'll get the general idea though.)


Obviously a slightly different angle - the tree didn't split into two over the course of a year.
Recently Updated8


  • Added shrubbery we scored for free on Craigslist.
  • Planted grass.
  • Installed irrigation system in the front and then the back.
  • Added a few flower beds around the house. 
  • Built the deck.
  • Added Charley's play area underneath the deck.
  • Created a garden.
  • Added a stepping stone sidewalk. (not pictured because it got done in the middle of typing up this post/taking pictures)
To do:
  • Move Charley's play area to the bottom of the yard next to the garden.
  • Build a lower deck with swings. Just trust me - I want some swings.
  • Build Charley a play house.
  • Clean up the woods/natural area by the road.
  • Build an arbor around the garage doors.
  • Make some sort of wall to hide the garbage can.
  • Add some more flower/shrubbery beds around the house.
  • Refinish our current patio table and furnish the rest of the deck.
  • On the front porch, replace the church pew with a few more rocking chairs and repaint them all.
  • Finally decide on a paint color for the front door.
  • And maybe one day, replace the whole front door/sidelights with something more attractive. 


  • Painted the walls.
  • Bought a light fixture to replace the boob light.
  • Added Charley's desk.
  • Started the travel collage.
To do:
  • Find an office chair since the one from Craigslist never panned out.
  • Finish travel collage and fix a few of the items already in it (map, mat on framed picture of Paris, etc).
  • Restyle the bookshelves.
Dining Room


  • Found a table and mismatched chairs. 
  • Refinished a thrifted chandelier for the room.
  • Started a collection of pieces for the china cabinet display.
To do:
  • Decide on a wall color/paint the walls.
  • Find window treatments.
  • Build a buffet.
  • Make silverware art piece for over the buffet.
  • Make a backboard for China hutch and style the dishes inside.
  • Refinish table and all chairs.
  • Find and purchase a rug.



  • Painted.
  • Added shelving to the pantry.
  • Replaced and moved the light fixture over the table.
  • Added plate collage.
To Do:
  • New counter tops.
  • Back splash of some sort.
  • Possible cabinet refinishing.
  • Get some bar stools already.
  • Replace the builder's basic sink/faucet.
  • Decorate.
  • Maybe build an enclosure for the fridge - it sticks out a bit since it's not a counter depth fridge.
  • Wallpaper or paint the pantry walls.
  • Replace the spaceship looking light fixture with recessed lighting, and add pendant lights over bar.
Living Room

Recently Updated6

  • Faux fireplace installed and decorated.
  • Shelving system designed, built and decorated.
  • Furniture, curtains and rugs purchased.
  • Made a floor lamp.
To Do:
  • Find an accent chair or something for the corner by the window.
Charley's Room


  • Painted, decorated, and hung curtains.
  • Found a big girl bed and purchased mattress.
  • Added shelving in the closet and purchased bins and baskets for organization.
  • Purchased some will-work-for-now bedding.
  • Replaced the boob light with her nursery's light fixture from the last house.
  • Added blinds.

To Do: 
  • Refinish the headboard.
  • Find bedding that coordinates a little more.
Spare Bedroom


  • Added shelving in the closet.
  • Got rid of, used or stored the decor that used to clutter up this room.
To Do: 
  • Paint.
  • And the rest is a mystery. Maybe a nursery one day, or if that doesn't happen then make it a more permanent play room for Charley.
Charley/Guest Bathroom


  • Nada.
To Do:
  • Add shelving in the closet.
  • Paint.
  • Decorate. (won't be kid decorated because 1) I'm not really a fan of that and 2) it doubles as a guest bath.)
  • Do something with the mirror - either frame it in or replace it.
  • Replace faucet and Hollywood light fixture.
  • Replace towel bar with hooks.
  • Window treatment of some sort.
  • Replace the linoleum with tile.
Master Bedroom


  • Put shelving in the closet.
  • Added blinds to windows.

To Do:
  • Paint.
  • Decorate and find/purchase curtains.
  • Find a chaise or accent chair for the corner.
  • Refinish our nightstands or get/make new ones.
  • Change out the lamps & get new lampshades.
  • Get new sheets and pillows to match the "new" duvet.
  • Attach the mantel surround to the wall and decorate it.
  • Paint the dresser and mirrors (which are still in primer) something other than white and replace the hardware.
  • Replace the french doors with pocket doors.
  • Replace the door to the bathroom with a pocket door.
Master Bathroom

Obviously these two angles are from opposite ends of the room, but either way you can tell nothing has been done.

  • Not a darn thing.
To Do:
  • Replace the linoleum with tile.
  • And this MAY never happen, but I would really love if it did - switch the placement of the toilet and the shower. We have a shower stall and a whole room for the toilet. It really should be the other way around and I hate I never thought of that until the house was built and we were living in it.
  • Paint.
  • Decorate.
  • Update the giant builder's basic mirror by framing it in or replacing it. 
  • Maybe finally hang the full-length mirror on the wall instead of letting it lean against the wall.
  • Replace faucets and Hollywood light fixtures.
  • Replace towel bars.
  • And in the meantime in case we never switch the placement of the toilet and shower, add some chunky shelving over the toilet and decorate the tiny room.
Laundry Room


  • Added cabinets, shelf and drying rack over the washer and dryer.
To Do:
  • Get one of those fancy fold-up ironing boards or figure out some other solution for where to put our ironing board.
  • Build or buy a counter top over washer and dryer.
  • Paint. Something fun in here. Stripes or something. Maybe wainscoting.
  • Replace linoleum floor with tile.


Recently Updated7

  • Added flooring in the gym.
To Do:
  • Walls, floors, lights, etc.
  • Add a bathroom to the roughed-in plumbing.
  • HVAC and all that jazz.
  • Organize our crap down there. Shelving or something would help.
  • Build a bar.
  • Figure out what to do with the rest of the space.
  • On the stairs coming out of the basement, add (removable) wallpaper to the stair risers.
  • Stain the treads and paint the handrail.
So yeah. We are basically done with this house, right? Heh. Heh. Looks a little daunting all listed out like this. Any ideas, suggestions, remarks or otherwise? Please share!


diana bowers said...

Impressed with the stuff gone from the spare bedroom!
Y'all have done a lot in a year!
I want to see more of the dining room.

k said...

Oh! I loved seeing all the comparisons!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

Love the house update! It looks deceiving from the front- but I love the front of the house. Keep us updated- I'd love to see your progress.