Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mr. Life of Lacey

My friend Heather recently did this with her husband and I loved it so much I stole the idea for myself. I wasn't sure if John would participate or how long it'd take him to get back to me if he even was going to do it, but I am impressed. I copy and pasted the questions into an email and 11 minutes later I received the answers. They are short and sweet answers but I'm still just impressed that he did them at all.

So anyways, this is Mr. Life of Lacey, also known as John.


Here are the questions and answers. I'll add my own commentary to a few of them in parentheses and italics because I can't NOT add commentary. It's against my very nature.

Q: What is the name of my blog?
A: Life of Lacey

Q: What do I typically write about?
A: Whatever is on your mind

Q: How would you describe my style? 
A: Open

(No idea what this one means. Maybe he thought the style of my blog? Like I'm open to write about anything?)

Q: Where's my favorite place to shop? 
A: Pottery Barn – but it’s too expensive.

(And I agree. It's definitely my favorite place to window shop.)

Q: What do you know about Pinterest?
A: Nothing

Q: What do you and I like to do together? 
A: Movies (not mine though), yard stuff, camping, going to the beach, anything involving Charley.

(He did watch Frozen with me a couple weeks ago so I guess I do owe it to him to watch one of his movies.)

Q: Am I good at staying on a budget?
A: Sometimes

Q: What do women keep in their purse?
A: Junk

Q: What do I do in my free time? 
A: Facebook

(It seriously is NOT that much. Sheesh.)

Q: And what do you do in your free time? 
A: wash dishes, clean the house, yard work, fix stuff, whatever other project you have in mind (you call it “Tinkering”)

(Oh sureeee. I just sit around with my feet up playing on Facebook and he does all the rest. Poor, poor husband.)

Q: What is your favorite thing about me? 
A: Your Family

Q: Least favorite?
A: Facebook

(eyes are officially rolling now. John really hates Facebook if you couldn't tell.)

Q: What's my favorite accessory? 
A: Not sure…maybe purse??

Q: What's an acceptable amount to spend on a beauty item? 
A: You don’t need beauty items…Natural beauty is the best beauty

Q: What are my hobbies?
A: Facebook, picture taking/editing, craft stuff

(I'd add blogging, decorating and flower gardening to the list but yep he's got the gist of me.)

Q: What's your favorite memory of us together? 
A: Probably not suitable for whatever you’re using this for…

(Ok this one SHOCKED me and I clutched my pearls and wondered what in the world his answer to this was! So I asked him and he told me 'ham and cheese'. Ohhh ok. So his favorite memory of us was from a drunken night really early on in our relationship where I was sitting in the bathroom floor, drunk, asking for a ham and cheese sandwich while he filmed the whole thing. (On a camcorder, because there were no video phones then!) At one point the top piece of bread falls off my sandwich as I'm eating it and I toss it back to him and tell him to 'go feed the ducks'. It was actually really funny, I was just surprised this was his favorite memory of us. When I told him that his response was "I’m not very sentimental. Don't care for mushy stuff, I remember funny stuff." Fair enough.)

Q: What jewelry do I wear every day? 
A: Rings

Q: What's my favorite TV show? 
A: None currently

(True story. Amazing Race finale was Sunday and Survivor finale was last night. I'm TVless for the summer.)

Q: What's your favorite thing about being a dad? 
A: Seeing Charley Happy


Now if you'll excuse me I've got something in my eye... sniff, sniff.


TiffyDun said...

John's answers were definitely short, sweet, and to the point. I loved it, but I looove your whole blog. LOL .

Kayla Rae said...


Meghan said...

Love the Ham & Cheese story! & that last answer was so sweet!

april said...

I also love the Ham & Cheese story. That's hilarious. Great fun! (I don't think my husband would do this at all.)

Heather said...

Ha! Glad you (and John) played along. :) I think it's so funny how short and to the point guys are. It really is exactly the way their minds work.

Nicole Tully said...

Haha! This is so great! Don't you just love their perception of things - he is so useful in his spare time, but you…not so much. LOL! Probably because as mothers we DONT HAVE ANY spare time, haha!
I loved his response to the beauty product question though - good man :)
That ham and cheese story is hysterical. I vote for a clip on the blog, haha ;)
I sent my husband a survey too…9 days ago. Stiiiiilllll waiting on it. Humph.

Shannon H said...

I love that you did this! I don't know if my hubby would do it but I might have to ask him in the future.