Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm Buying A Lottery Ticket NEXT Week

It's been a week of bad luck over here. Which means a week of insanely good luck is to follow hence why I'm purchasing a lottery ticket. Next week just has to be better.

Starting over the weekend Charley got a fever. I didn't think too much of it because she was still quite happy and playing as normal, albeit a little less energetic. She needed more rest and actually took her naps and I felt pretty proud of myself for actually getting her to nap on a weekend for all of 2.8 seconds before I realized the reason she was napping was due to her fever. Oh well. Better luck next weekend!

So Monday came around and whaddya know? She's still sick and it's time for both John and I head back to work. For me, Monday was the SECOND busiest day of the month at my work so I really didn't think it was a great idea for me to stay home Monday. But I knew that an unexplained fever on it's third day deserved a doctor visit and I do like taking her to the doctor myself. (If John takes her, it's obviously fine, but you know how men are with relaying information and remembering details. I like to know ALL the details. "Did the doctor say anything about how long her hair was getting?" "Did Charley get a lollipop?" "What color?" ALL THE DETAILS.) So anyways, I decided to take Monday off and if she was still feverish Tuesday John volunteered to take that day. So don't know if work was thrilled with me, but whaddya gonna do, ya know?

So doctor thinks Charley has Hand, Foot, Mouth as she saw 1 blister in her mouth and a possible one developing on her foot. Strep was negative, ears were good. Tells me it last 7ish days and sends us on our way. Ugh. Week is not starting out so well.

Monday evening Charley's fever drops to 99 and she's back to herself. I think it must not have been HFM and tomorrow we'll be back to normal.

1:00 a.m. Tuesday morning Charley cries from her room and I go check on her. Temperature went back up to 103 and I let John know he'll be staying home with her.

Tuesday evening Charley is feeling better again, no more blisters showed up and I really think we are out of the woods now with the sickness. Charley and I are playing and I'm chasing Charley around the house before bed - around the couch specifically - and the couch sticks it's leg out in my way. My toe gets the brunt of the impact and I fall down to survey the damage.


My toe!! It's for sure broken or dislocated or fractured or SOMEthing. Toes aren't supposed to stick out like that I'm sure of it. I get lots of differing opinions from friends, family, and Dr. Google on whether the doctor can do anything so I decide to wait a bit before rushing off to the doctor. John does go buy me some medical tape that evening so I can at least buddy tape it. But, the very next day is THE busiest day of the month at work so I am sure that played a little bit into my decision to wait. What can I say? I'm a good employee.

Thursday comes along and I am leaving for work. I pull up my Waze app to see which route to take into work today. It's usually pretty reliable as far as traffic goes so many times I absentmindedly just take it's advice on which way will get me there the quickest. Today it suggests the normally very trafficy interstate and I follow it's instructions. It predicts me arriving at my destination at 8:02 a.m. Awesome. On time(ish) for a change.

An hour and a half later...

It was predicting an 8:57 a.m. arrival at work. Worst traffic day ever. I cut through business parks, did u-turns, whatever I could do to find a way to work with no traffic. It was hopeless. Finally got to my desk at 9:10 a.m. And had to leave on time because I had to get Charley by 5:00 (I got there at 5:05 - MORE TRAFFIC). Sorry work! 

So since I obviously needed to make up my time to work today (we don't clock in or anything - I just feel guilty about it) I schedule a doctor's appointment for 8:15 this morning for my poor toe. Sorry again, work. Gonna be late again but a valid excuse at least! I don't wanna lose a toe!

Go to the doctor (it's just my primary care doctor) and they x-ray it and show me the x-ray of the break. It's broken all the way across and has sort of set itself back where it needs to go, but not quite enough. It's still sticking out to the side some. So he then refers me to an orthopedic doctor which I'll have to go to next week sometime. (Had I known my primary doctor couldn't do much more than x-ray I would have gone there in the first place.) So yay. Says I might be in pain for MONTHS. Bahhhhhhh.

But my luck seems to be turning around already. Got to work where there were bagels for us, and then a friend happened to be working really close to my building today so I snuck away with her for a quick lunch. Give me another good garage sale day tomorrow and I won't feel like my luck is kicking me while I'm down. Careful, luck. Kick me just right and you may get a broken toe out of the deal.

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Heather said...

Gah! What a rotten week. Sorry, friend. Hoping this turn around for you next week and Charley Bear is feeling better.

So, you're the second person I've heard today mention Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease ... or whatever it's called. How can you tell the difference between this and a regular cold/fever? It seems like my poor Aden is always sick and this week he was really down for the count with a nasty cold and fever. I never even thought to check for blisters though! That's the tell-tale sign?