Saturday, May 3, 2014

Garage Sales: Best. Day. Ever.

I know I've shared my garage sale finds with you in the past, but each of those times I ended up sharing the best things I got in an entire season of garage sales. Today though, I got enough awesome stuff in ONE DAY in ONE NEIGHBORHOOD to justify an entire post of it's own. I am still on such a good-deal-finding high which is great on one hand because when you are a garage saler like myself, you'll have good days and bad days - the good days for sure are what make you keep coming back. Therefore on the other hand, it's not such a good thing when we have awesome days like this because you are inevitably let down when the next weekend is not quite as good. But anyways, enough with the chatter - let me show you my stuff!

First, this triptych was only $5.


The hat box was $1


The pillows were $3 each, and the duvet & shams were $10.


Close-up of the duvet: 


The frames were $1 each, and each sprig of leaves was $1 also.


Close-up of the frames:


We all three (me, mom, sister) got some shutters. I have big plans for the yellow one, and I'm sure the brown one will find a nice home also. These were $3 & $2.


Another rusty stool for our eventual basement bar - $10


Set of tables - $10


Wire basket was $5, the Pottery Barn tray was $.50 and the picture $1.


Some holiday decor - Santa was $2 and the ceramic snowman $5


Wood bowl - $.50, white/blue wood box - $2,  wood birchy looking box - $.50


Nest - $.50, frame - $1, and the basket - let me tell you what the lady selling it told me. She said she watched a lady in the Bahamas gather the materials off of the beach and weave that basket right in front of her. So I expected her to tell me the price was higher than I'd want to pay because of the memory attached to it. Nope, she wanted $.50. 


Copper pot - $1 or $2, can't remember


Metallic vases - $1 each


IKEA drawer dividers - $1 for all


Really cute SMALL purse for amusement parks or other little day trips (which I've actually been looking for lately) - $2. White watch was $1 and the tiny frame also $1.


We needed a new ironing board as our old one fit over a door and that doesn't work in this house. This one just needs a new cover so $3 was a great price for me! Those two rolls of wallpaper were free!


Two pairs of shoes for Charley - TOMS and Merrell's - $7 for them both


And finally, remember how badly Charley's wanted a bike lately? Found this one with the training wheels for just $3. She is THRILLED with it. 


There were also a few books for Charley and a couple of cute toys for her too that I didn't take a picture of. I spent over $80 today which is insane for garage sales but I couldn't stop myself! Someone needs to report me to A&E or TLC or something. I don't know if I belong on My Strange Addiction or Hoarders or what.

Add that to all the stuff my mom and my sister got and it was one FULL car this morning. I am a little ashamed to show you this picture as some of you really might seek out help for us.


But the stuff was just too good to pass up! Honest! We made sure Charley had a little hole to breathe out of. She was totally fine. ;)

One more thing: I haven't really done anything with our master bedroom and the only notion of idea I had for the room was a general color scheme of coastal blues or greens. Hadn't narrowed it down at all. But after today's finds I'm ready to start on that room. So many of the things I got I'm using in the master bedroom - and the crazy part is each thing was found at a different garage sale. I couldn't believe how everything I found came together so well. Can't wait to start playing around with it all. 

Are you a garage saler? Have I convinced anyone to give them a try yet or do you all value Saturday morning sleep too much?


SWallen said...

We went this morning too! .... as we do every nice Saturday morning we can. Didn't have as good a day, but I know how you feel!

Denise said...

i work in a thrift store and get a sizable discount so everyday is kinda like a garage sale for me. its great but so so bad at the same time.

Heather said...

This is so not my way of shopping, but I love all the loot you found ... especially the bike for Charley for $3!! Can't wait to see pics of how you incorporate all this into your beautiful home. :)

Mama Tully said...

I LOVE garage sale shopping!!! It is so much more satisfying then just buying stuff online or at a store. Looks like you got some amazing finds - can't wait to see how it all comes together :)

Jess said...

You are amazing!! Alas, I don't have the patience for garage sale-ing on a regular basis...