Sunday, May 18, 2014


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Riding the Vortex in  1998 - Dad, Mom, my brother Colt & me.

It's always so fun to repeat things from your own childhood with your children. Carowinds is definitely one of those things for me. Carowinds is an amusement park that I live really close to. Growing up we always had a season pass and would definitely get our money's worth out of them. It's so easy to go spend a few hours at an amusement park when you live so close. When my  brother and I were pre-teens/teenagers, my parents would drop us off for the day and we'd spend all day riding roller coasters over and over and over. (Of course once I finally started riding them - I think I was at least 12 or 13 when I finally got over my fear of them and started loving them.)

Me and my brother  riding the Hurler - 1995, and hahaaha at the poor man riding behind us!
So naturally, once Charley grew to be over 36" tall and was tall enough for enough rides to make it worth it we purchased season passes for our own family since we still live in the same area. She's actually free until she's 3 years old so even better!

We went for our inaugural visit as a family last weekend for just a couple hours to see how Charley would do. She went a couple of times last year with my sister but didn't get to do too much other than the carousel, a couple other little boring rides, and the pool. We went just a couple hours before closing and just did all we could do in those two hours. She's only tall enough for 12 rides in the entire park and even with the lines being short that evening we weren't even able to ride them all. Which is good - I'm glad she'll get to do different things next time we go!

Long story short - she loved it so much. There were a couple little melt downs - like on this boat ride where the mean ol' ride attendant said to keep your hands inside the boat and Charley didn't understand why she couldn't touch the water.


But the rest of the evening was all smiles, even when she didn't get the horsey of her choice.






It just makes me all mushy inside when I am starting to see some of my fond childhood memories come back to life before my eyes.


Well, let's just say we're getting there at least. That roller coaster may have started with her arms in the air, but by the end she was definitely tucked as far as she could go into her daddy's arms.


We've got time though, baby. We'll get you loving roller coasters in no time. 


Rachael said...

I grew up living only about a half hour from a big amusement park, but I got to go only once a year when it was my dad's company day. We would all get so excited when we knew that day was coming up. Mom and Dad would get tickets for our aunts, uncles and cousins too. So many good times were had. We haven't taken our kids to a real amusement park yet. I guess Magic Kingdom in June will be the first time. Seeing little Charley having so much fun makes me look forward to watching my kids have a good time.

diana bowers said...

I love the old black and white photos...then seeing the crisp, colorful photos of Charley!