Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Genetics: Part II

Hey remember that time that Charley was only 4 months old and I was trying to figure out who she looked like? (The results: inconclusive) Let's do that again.

First up, Charley. In case you forgot what she looked like. Who am I kidding? This just gives me a chance to share more pictures of her. Favorite pastime, and all that.


And now us.

This is John around 2 or 2.5.


I'm not really seeing it John, sorry. Maybe your eyes. Well, the shape. Not the color. Yes, I'll give you eye shape.

And then me at the same ages.

scan0212scan0007 (2)

Here's us all side-by-side, if you need it:


I'm giving this round to me. What say you, internet? I'm generally not very good at being able to tell who a kid looks like, but I am seeing it a tiny bit more with Charley. Is she a mini-John, a mini-me, a nice mix, or was there a mix-up at the hospital?


Jodi said...

Oh wow, she is definitely all you! So adorable! My dad just gave me a ton of pictures the other day from when I was little and it was so fun looking through them all. I definitely am 0 for 2 on the kids looking like me, really, really holding out for #3!!!

diana bowers said...

I'm going with a nice mix of John and you.

Jessica said...

I think she looks like John does now. She does have your hair, though.

Mama Tully said...

I think she is ALL you now! Looking back at the baby pictures I would have said more your husband, or maybe a mix, but you two look like twinsies to me now :)

k said...


I think Charley seems to favor you.

Dylan's mom said...

This is tough! I think she's a mix of both of you, but got your sass ;)

Heather said...

Definitely a lot of Lacey in Miss Charley, but I see some John, too. It'll be fun to check back in another year to see how much she changes and favors each one of you.

Laura Diniwilk said...

I definitely think she looks more like you but I wouldn't go so far as to say she's a mini-Lacey. Charley just looks like herself! You guys are ALL adorable though, so you have that in common.