Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dreher Island State Park


About a month ago, I decided it was time to kick off the 2014 camping season. The weather was (very slowly) starting to warm up and I want to get some good use out of our camper this year. So John and I found a free weekend, and I found somewhere new to go check out. 

I found this article which listed the 5 best South Carolina State Parks. We are North Carolina residents, but we are so far south in the state that typically the SC parks are closer to us than NC ones. I mapped out each of the 5 parks the article recommended, cross checked them for availability and settled on Dreher Island State Park which was an hour and 45 minutes south of us. None of us had ever even heard of the park nor had anyone else I mentioned it to. 

When we got within a few days of the trip I started checking the weather and it really wasn't looking good. It started out at 50% chance of rain and thunderstorms with possible severe thunderstorms and as it got closer to the weekend it was only looking worse. We debated cancelling the trip altogether but realized that at that point we wouldn't get any money back. So we decided to just go anyways. My parents were coming with us and we'd make the best of it. I went ahead and ordered Charley a new game in case we were stuck inside the camper all weekend and just hoped for the best.

We left Friday after work and went through some showers on the way. Our goal was to get there before the sun set and we just barely made that. Just enough time to set up camp, run out and get some dinner and call it a night. Charley had a really hard time going to sleep that night and turned her light in her bunk bed on and off, and on. And off. And on, and off a million times before John unscrewed the light bulb and she finally relented and went to sleep. So far the trip wasn't exactly the best time we'd ever had.

The next morning we woke up and it was drizzling just the littlest bit and there was a cool fog over the lake.


We made our typical camping breakfast of bacon and pancakes and the rain cleared up. We took this opportunity to go explore the rest of the park since we were pretty sure the afternoon was going to be rainy again.


There were three playgrounds in the park but none within walking distance so we drove to this one (and took towels) so Charley could get some energy out. They had the BEST SWINGS which we all enjoyed too.



We then headed back to the campsite and splashed in the water, did some fishing and fed the ducks. And that major thunderstorm or rainstorm we were supposed to get..NEVER CAME. & to think we were thisclose to cancelling the whole trip because of the meteorologist's predictions. The weather was absolutely PERFECT.


& let's be real. We also included a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Doc McStuffins in our day.


There were also some trails to hike, but again, none within walking distance. The article that suggested this campground suggested staying in section A of the campground so that's what we did. After visiting myself though, I think we would have had a better time in section B. There was a playground in walking distance and trails. To get there from our section, you had to walk on a main road to cross a bridge that didn't have sidewalks. Um, no thanks. I have an irrational 2.5 year old with me that doesn't care to stay in her lane.

So the next morning we opted to just make our way back home instead of sticking around until checkout time. We had a good little getaway (which was very much needed) and we figured stopping for a good breakfast sounded more appealing than hanging around for a little longer.


It was a good choice. Cracker Barrel never disappoints in the quality of food (DELISH!) or the number of plates (seriously, why so many plates?) & we were home in time to clean the camper out and get ourselves ready for the week. 

April is VERY busy with vacations & such so expect more of these photo-dump type posts soon. Those of you with whom I'm Facebook friends will especially love that. As if I don't force enough pictures down your throat over there. I can't help it. Have you seen Charley's curls?



NatalieKay said...

Charley has THE BEST curls! And dimples. Keep on posting pics. All day, every day.

april said...

how fun! we keep talking about camping but then it doesn't happen. I'm getting the camping stuff down this week to see about doing some backyard camping though.

This is my favorite SC campground, followed closely by this one. I love Givhan's Ferry though - you can swim in the river or raft down it for awhile, and it's lovely. And there's an itty bitty hole in the wall BBQ joint that has my very favorite BBQ ever. Edisto Island has lovely beaches and is only about 1/2 hour from Charleston so you can go there for the day if you feel like it.

Laura Diniwilk said...

Um, I didn't give Charley permission to look like a 5 year old (the one with the tablet - OMG!!)

k said...

Charley just looks so OLD and BIG.

Heather said...

I love this! It reminds me so much of our time at the lake cabin. Nothing better than being outdoors and enjoying family away from the distraction of real life. Hope you get some good use out of your camper this season. I bet Charley will love it.