Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Charley Speaks


More of the funny conversations we have had lately. 

Randomly she'll say: 
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
In the car one day:
Me: Want to go to the store and pick up something new for you?
Charley: Yes! What is it?!
Me: A new bed for you to sleep on at the beach!
Charley: NO! Don't want a bed. I want a bike.
After picking her up from my sister's, she sometimes will call me by my sister's name:
Charley: But why, Christy?
Me: I'm not Christy
Charley: No, you're monkey.
While playing outside a couple of days ago:
[Charley takes her chair off of the porch, brings it down into the yard, dramatically plops down in it and sighs.]
Charley: Ahhh. It's such a nice day. I don't want to go to work.

And some of my favorite mispronunciations that I don't want to forget when she inevitably corrects them:
Wawa - water; see also wawa can (watering can), wawamelon (watermelon)
Gaga - Gamma (my mom is Gamma to all the other grandkids, but we're really hoping Gaga sticks with Charley) 
 Shoshcloth - washcloth
 Plulo - Pluto
Cancakes - pancakes

But her very most favorite thing to say all day is MAMA, which she says about 8734567345646 times a day, approximately. In succession. Repeatedly. Over & over. But, I kind of love it. ;)


Katie Clark said...

I love it :) This age is so much fun, with their little personalities budding! Dawson has a few words he still doesn't say quite right and they just melt my heart.. I dread the day he says them correctly!

Katie @ Being Dawson's Mom

Heather said...

No surprise so much of what Charley says reminds me of my Tory Girl. Specifically the word "mama" all day, every day. It's a bit of a running joke when we go back to Nebraska to visit my family because Tory repeats "mom, mom, mom" obsessively and I sort of tune her out sometimes because I hear it all the time. My mom or sister will say, "Heather! Answer her!" so that Tory finally stops chanting that word.

We seriously need to get these girls together to meet!