Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spill It: Part 2

The last time I did this was FOUR years ago. I have been meaning to do it again and actually was refusing to clean out my purse until I completed this, because I wanted a real representation of my the ENTIRE contents of my purse on a normal basis. Sure, it's cleaned up now that I've gone through it all, but I give it 2 days before it gets to be like this again. More purse = more stuff. But smaller purse = less space to hold shoes, bottled waters, and my lunch as I need during the work week. So oh well. I'm in camp big (but not too big) purse.

This is my purse.


It is my first and only expensive (ish) purse purchase, and I've carried it daily for almost a year now with tons of use left. Only one small spot on it right at the top there. If I ever really spent any time on it I bet I could get it out. But time...ha!

This is the contents of it as of 2 hours ago: 


And here it is broken down into 2 sections so you can get a closer look/be even more nosy. (no shame! I'm totally nosy too!)


A. My wallet. Very rarely gets used these days, but does still contain my checkbook and cards that get used less often.

B. My little wristlet 31 wallet. This sucker gets used way more often. At work everything is within walking distance, so usually just throw this on my wrist and go. Is supposed to contain all cash, my work badge, and cards used most often, however....

C. All cash does not always make it in the little wristlet...

D. ...and neither does my work badge most of the time OR my most used credit card. Whoops. It just likes to swim around freely in my purse sometimes so I can panic each time I go to buy something while I dig around for it in my suitcase of a purse.

E. Glasses. Normally a pair stays in my car and a pair stays at home, but I rode with someone else today so I tossed them in too. No, no case needed. These are scratch proof. (and that's sarcasm.)

F. Prescription sunglasses. I've had these puppies for 7 or 8 years. They aren't the most stylish. Hell, they aren't even my right prescription anymore and there is no need worrying about any more scratches on these. They were just floating around in my purse too, but usually stay in my car.

G. Kindle. Again, usually not in there, but due to today's events it was.

H. Um. Today's event paperwork.

I. A list of things I want to do while in Chicago this summer.

J. Random coupons, receipts, and deposited checks.


K. Headphones. Looks like one earbud is missing. RARELY use these.

L. This starts Charley's collection of things in my purse. These are her sunglasses from Disney World that we did not pay for. Don't ask.

M. An extra pair of undies for Charley in case of Poopmageddon 2.0.

N. Headbands Charley wore out of the house Rambo style that she gave up on and had me carry in my purse instead.

O. CRAYOLA crayons, for use when we are out to eat and the restaurant gives us crappy crayons instead. Ugh. Crayola only, people.

P.  Protein bar.

Q. Let's skip this one. EDITED: Okay, let's not skip this one. Too many people are getting the wrong idea. They ARE Preggie Pops and I have absolutely no reason to have them at this moment.

R. Gum. I don't even chew gum but once a month or so. It's true.

S. Lip glosses, hey! there's my other eyeliner, concealer from Mary Kay that's about 10 years old and I don't use because I'm sure it's way past it's shelf life.

T. Hand sanitizers. 2 smell good, 1 stinks

U. Lotion, tampon, paperclip?, fingernail clippers

V. 2 pens

W. Various meds. Advil, cold meds, cough suppressants, Emergen-C in case of emergency

X. Earrings that didn't make it throughout the whole day when I last wore them. 3.5 pairs

The end! I showed you mine now you show me yours. Do it.


Elizabeth said...

Um, Q is VERY interesting. :)

Heather said...

That's a lot of stuff in one purse! Cute bag, too, by the way. I miss the days of carrying a bag solely (or almost solely) for my own benefit. My (very giant) diaper bag is full of diapers, extra clothes, crayons, dolls, ointments, blah, blah, blah ... oh, and a wallet.

k said...

That polka dot bag is CUTE. I love it.

Mama Tully said...

Thanks for commenting on my post earlier - I replied and wanted your opinion on the pyrex I was thinking of getting. I didn't want to leave a comment re pyrex on your last post though - didn't seem appropriate ;)