Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dexter & Walt & Jesse

(If you are still watching Dexter or Breaking Bad, maybe don't read this one. I don't want to spoil anything for you.)


I'm a late bloomer. Nearly 16 if we are really talking about late blooming but I tend to take my late blooming and apply it to other areas as well. In this instance, I decided to wait 7 years before I even attempted to see what all the fuss was about a certain someone known as Dexter. And my fling with Dexter only lasted a few months, where you non-late-bloomers had 7 YEARS with him. I'm a little jealous of how long he was in your lives, because he was in and out of my life in an instant. So when this came across my newsfeed yesterday I felt a PANG OF SADNESS over missing him in my life. OVER A TV CHARACTER. A SERIAL KILLER CHARACTER. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME?

Can you even handle that smirk?

I used to be exclusive with reality TV shows. Not really the trashy ones, but the ones that you guys were all into 15 years ago and have moved on from. I'm still stuck on those. Amazing Race, Survivor, anddd that's about it. But now that HGTV isn't an option for us since we no longer have cable, we have officially switched over to watching dramas and series that our friends and families have talked about for YEARS. YEARS I confidently (and snottily) told them I only liked reality TV and none of that fake laugh track sitcom stuff. I was wrong. So wrong. There is another category of TV shows with no laugh tracks and I've been missing it. But thanks to Netflix, we are catching up with the times. First my love Dexter, and now Walt & Jesse in Breaking Bad.

When I mentioned way back here that we were watching Dexter I had several comments that people wanted to hear what I thought of the show once it ended. (Most of my blog comments come from sharing posts on Facebook - before you go back to that post and promptly call me a liar) Well I guess I'll finally do that.

John and I saw the ending very differently. John was pissed. I mean, so angry that for a few days afterwards he would tell me that he was just feeling MAD and the only reason he could come up with for his angry mood was because of Dexter. I, however, had to laugh at him because while I WAS surprised, I wasn't angry with Dexter. How could I be? He'd been through so much and had ruined anyone that had been in his life so far. So the ending made sense to me. I was sad about it mainly due to Harrison, but not angry. I had a really hard time with his (lack of) parenting though throughout the show. I know I must have said it a hundred times while we were watching it. "What about Harrison, Dexter? Who is watching your kid?" while he was out taking care of his issue. I guess that was the parent in me talking. But overall I still love him and hope he's content with his new found logging career. (You see? I really think Dexter is out there logging somewhere. I am unable to separate these TV dramas from my other TV love - reality TV. I KNOW Jeff Probst is really on an island somewhere when the show is off the air, so I have a hard time letting myself believe that Dexter is all just a story.)

And now we are coming up on the end of Breaking Bad too. We only have 6 or 7 episodes left and I have a feeling that I'm going to miss Jesse as well. Not to the same extent of missing Dexter, but I'll still miss him. I have felt big-sister protective over Jesse and the way Walt has manipulated him for some time, and now that we are towards the end of the series and Walt has become the antagonist, I feel even worse for Jesse. Don't spoil the very ending for me, but can Jesse please come out of all of this okay? Goodness. Poor little guy. Poor little meth-making, pot-smoking, murdering guy. I feel so bad for him.

So. What's next for us? It needs to a) be on Netflix and b) preferably be something we can watch from beginning to end. I am not into this wait-a-week-for-the-next-episode nonsense.


diana bowers said...

I liked Orange is the New Black but I think only one season is out.

The Beane's said...

I am right there with ya girl! I did see the end of Breaking Bad though... Can't wait to hear your thought ;)
I agree Orange is the new Black is really good, and The Following, but now I'm in the same boat... what's next??? Let me know if you find something.

Erin said...

We finished Breaking Bad last month and I still miss it!! I totally miss Jesse. :)

We're loving Friday Night Lights now!

Jodi said...

I give a huge vote for Friday Night Lights. I didn't think I would be a huge fan of it but I was - devoured each episode and was so sad when it was over!

Denise said...

I am netflix obsessed. My boyfriend and I cancelled cable once we hopped on the netflix train.

Anyway, we have watched Mad Men, however there are seasons missing from it. Vampire Diaries (okay mainly me, but he got into it too!) Freaks and Geeks, we are in the middle of Greys Anatomy (seasons missing) and Friday Night Lights (love both) (all of it on there). Oh, oh Lost as well!

We have yet to watch Dexter or Breaking Bad, so we are blooming even later than you!