Friday, February 14, 2014

Here's the Skinny on my Foyer

I've always wanted a foyer. Wanted a place to decorate with tables and coat hooks and umbrella stands, the works. So of course I was really excited we chose a floor plan with a proper foyer and couldn't wait to decorate it. So we get into the house and immediately I am thinking that I want to find reclaimed wood out of which we can make some grand tables for either side of the foyer. I hold off decorating at all until I find the wood for the tables I envision in my mind. Keep in mind that most of my foyer decorating dreams were done when I wasn't actually at home. So.

One day I decide I need to measure out the nooks which will contain these dream tables of mine. And when I actually stand there and look at the space in which I have to work in, I'm a little less enthused about my dream tables.


Those grand tables I was envisioning were going to have to be a whopping 9" wide. If I did find an awesome piece of reclaimed wood, I could almost guarantee it would be wider than this, and then I'd have to chop up an awesome piece of reclaimed wood. I'm liking that idea less and less. 

So then I think I am going to find a cheap thrifted foyer table and chop it in half down the middle to make two SKINNY foyer tables. One half-table on one side, and the other half on the other. But the length of the table can only be 35 or so inches and I'm just not finding anything I want. So I wait some more. 

Finally a few weeks ago John and I took a day date to Home Depot and just wander the aisles. While there, I decide a piece of wood and two stair balusters (only $4 each) as legs would be exactly what I was looking for and I could paint them any color I wanted.  Sold. We bought the stair balusters and paint that day. The rest of the wood we'd need we already had in scrap piles at home.

John assembled the tables and attached them to the wall. Some 2x4s as the inset piece, the stair balusters as legs, and a 1x9 as the table top with the edges rounded with a router. He then attached them to the freshly painted white walls at 35" tall, which is what I'd read as a standard foyer table height. Only, I hated them. The skinny little tables had SUCH chicken legs. I tried to live with it and think of creative ways to fill the space underneath but I just wasn't loving them. So my sweet husband ripped them out of the freshly painted walls, lowered them by 5", patched and repainted the walls and attached them once again. & then he painted them. He's kind of great, right?


So anyways, after all that was done I was giddy with excitement. The decor room was dwindled down to just a few things and this would empty it even more. After some playing around, this is what I ended up with. Keep in mind that I do plan on painting the plant stand underneath the table on the left, and also both window frames on the walls. (Remember the reddish one from here?) But I couldn't wait that long to share it with you. (If you are my friend on Instagram you've already seen this since I shared it about .02 seconds after I was finished. I'm a little impatient.)

That tiny blue cup underneath the table on the right doesn't actually belong there unless you ask the short blond that lives here.

003 006

I really, really, really, really love them. And here are a few of my favorite details.

A few mismatched $1 vases from yard sales, a couple of Goodwill books, and some tissue paper flowers Charley and I made yesterday.
I took apart the set of engineer's floor plans we had from the house build, rolled up each page, tied them with twine and stuck them in these baskets. I didn't want to frame them to display them, but wanted to use them somehow in our home. This is kind of perfect.
This was so plain to me before the twine, and I don't know why I love it so much now. But I do.

And for those of you interested (hi Laura!), the only decor that is not from Goodwill or yard sales or was given to me free are those wicker balls in the white vase, and the tall grass thing that was from the IKEA as-is section. 

The only thing that could be more welcoming is a giant WELCOME banner hanging in the entryway. But, we all know how I feel about words on decor. So, this is going to have to be welcoming enough. I feel skinny and welcome already. Okay. Maybe not skinny. But definitely welcome.


Jessica said...

I absolutely love it. I am SO not a decorator. I'm happy to have finished a gallery photo wall five years after we moved in!

Mama Tully said...

AhhhMAZING! You make it seem so simple :) You have a great eye for decor. I feel like it tales me a LOT of trial and error before things look the way I'd like them to.

k said...

Everything looks so snazzy! I LOVE IT.