Friday, January 17, 2014

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

I am stealing this prompt idea as well from elsewhere in the Blogosphere. Not my idea, but I like it and am using it. Thanks Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow creator!

  • I worked. John worked. Charley went to my sister's. It was a fairly normal day.
  • My sister had errands to run yesterday afternoon so took Charley to my parent's for the second half of the day. While Charley was there, she managed to go to the bathroom by herself and do her business on the big potty while my mom ran around the house looking for her. She didn't think to look ON THE POTTY, so when she found her and saw what she had done she was shocked. Charley is not potty trained, nor did we think she could get up on the regular potty (and stay up there) without a potty ring. Guess she proved us wrong! 
  • Afterwards my mom had to fight with her to put a diaper back on her. She said diapers were for babies. [Please see 'tomorrow' for the continuation of the potty talk.]
  • When I got to my parent's house to pick up Charley I noticed sidewalks were chalked and other outside toys around. When I got inside, my mom was thawing out underneath a blanket because they went outside to play for a bit and that 'bit' turned in to a couple of hours because Charley just didn't want to come in even though it was freezing. Seems Charley was extra difficult for my mom yesterday and tried to freeze her to death!
  • For dinner last night we ended up getting takeout from Salsarita's. So so so good. 
  • After we bathed the munchkin and put her to bed, John and I continued our Dexter obsession. We're up to the last two episodes of season 6 and have really enjoyed it ALL except for a couple of episodes this season that were a little out there. 

  • I worked. John left super early this morning to go snowboarding for the day with his friend. He'll be back late tonight. 
 I stole this picture from his friend because the post needed a picture and well, the majority of the post is about potty training and that topic should remain pictureless.
  • I will probably go eat dinner with my parent's tonight. John's not home to cook, so what's a girl to do?!
  • I have big plans to go to Costco tonight with my sister. 
  • I also think I might watch a movie after Charley goes to bed. 

  • First thing tomorrow morning, we are starting the 3 day potty training method. Charley is obviously ready, but we haven't had three consecutive days to lock ourselves in the house and get it over with so we've had to put it off until now. I'm off on Monday for MLK day, so I think we can finally make this happen.
  • So, yeah. Potty training. 
  • That will be about it.
  • Yay! This sounds fun!
  • I need to make a list of extra things for us to do together since I'm not supposed to leave her side all weekend. Ideas?
  • This is gonna be a blast, right!?


Laura Diniwilk said...

But I thought you hate movies, Lacey Ihatemovies Lastname ;)

Lucy potty trained herself in a weekend, so I'm sure Charley can do it! And then you get to be an asshole like me and gloat about it. (The first potty training experience was not so easy, so I figure I earned my right to brag).

Mama Tully said...

Good luck! I loooooath potty training. My second potty trained herself, which you would think would make me hate it less, but my experience with my oldest was so long and torturous, I'm scared for life. Anywhoooo, it sounds like your daughter is super ready so I'm sure she will do great! And if not, just know that you are in good company :)

april said...

Pee is the yellow brick road to my eventual demise.

Kara Keenan said...

If Charley is already motivated and wants to use the toilet, you are sitting pretty. When a kid WANTS to do it, and seems to have the skills, it's so easy. Forcing a kid who's just not ready is a nightmare.

Jamie Smith said...

Good luck!

k said...

Take-out is my very favorite.

Shannon H said...

Yay for potty training. We did it with Ethan and I was surprised by how well it worked. It was super frustrating the first day but its definitely worth it in the end. Good luck!!