Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Answers - 2 Truths & 1 Lie

It's been two days and I had all of 10 players. 10 players, how does it feel to be the last 10 people on the planet that like to have fun? We're a dying breed, you fellow fun people.

If you haven't played my little game and want to BEFORE you read the answers, go here.

Also, nobody got all three right, so, I'll keep the million dollar winnings to myself. Sorry about that!

Anyways, here are the answers.



The majority of you thought that the lie was that Tuna was living with us again. And, the majority of you are right! That means that we DID take a cat back to the store after only adopting it for one day and I DID take a cat outside for a walk on a leash (back in 2001) which is just weird. What is up with you weird Lacey of 2001? But, good job lie detectors. You figured me out.

Forgetfulness - High School Edition


You guys were all over the board here. The story about leaving my keys on top of my car in the high school parking lot won out by just one vote, but that is NOT the lie. I really did that. Whoops.

Andddd I really did have to call my dad at work to jump off my car when I was skipping school for some breakfast. But, he wasn't upset because I had told my parents of my plans. There was standardized testing that morning for freshman so the rest of the classes were to stay in their homerooms for the 2 hours or however long it took for the testing to be administered. So, instead of going to homeroom we decided to go for breakfast. 

The story that was 100% fabricated was the marching band story. Yes, I was in band for part of high school, but that was the only truth of the story. But, totally something I would do so I don't blame you that didn't pick this one. 



This one was the most surprising to me. You guys think I'm braver than I am as most of you picked the dog sledding regret story for the lie. Nope. Really happened. Not that it wasn't an amazing experience RIDING on the sled as well, but I am thinking that given the chance I should have taken it. Whoops. My mom and I rode on the sled and let my dad do all the mushing. See, I get my non-bravery honest!

The story in Rome was true as well. Definitely left a smelly surprise in a toilet that I couldn't figure out how to flush. Sorry Romans!

So, the story that was the lie was the one nobody picked about me getting stuck in an airplane bathroom! Again, something that totally WOULD happen to me so it was an easy story to fabricate. Hey, turns out I'm a good liar! What would you think if I told you my name wasn't even Lacey at all?! 

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MillerMama said...

Well played, Cheryl. Well played.